The World at War in the New Year

These are no ordinary times.

They’re more fraught with danger to the lives, rights and well-being of the great majority worldwide than any other time in modern memory.

It’s because of US imperial rampaging, its war on Russia by hot and other means, what’s likely ahead against China, its weeks of orchestrated and directed violence against Iran, its overall war on humanity at home and worldwide.

Vladimir Putin addressed the reality of our times in his yearend address to the nation, saying the following:

Year 2022 “was a year of difficult but necessary decisions, of important steps towards Russia’s full sovereignty and a powerful consolidation of our society.”

“It was a year that put many things in their place, and drew a clear line between courage and heroism, on the one hand, and betrayal and cowardice on the other, showed us that there is nothing stronger than love for our near and dear, loyalty to our friends and comrades-in-arms, and devotion to our Fatherland.”

“(F)ateful events (laid) the foundation for our common future, our true independence” — Russia’s freedom from hegemonic US control.

“This is what we are fighting for today, protecting our people in our historical territories (and) new regions of the Russian Federation.”

For time immemorial, US-dominated Western regimes pretended to prioritize peace while waging forever wars on invented enemies.

They pretended to respect Russia’s sovereignty, according to the rule of law.

They toppled Ukraine’s legitimate government, replacing it with Nazi-infested tyrannical rule to wage forever war on Russia.

The empire of lies controls dominant Ukrainian Nazis — orchestrating and directing their “military and terrorist actions against peaceful civilians in Donbass.”

The US-dominated West “lied to us about peace while preparing for aggression.”

“Today, they no longer hesitate to openly admit it and to cynically use Ukraine and its people as a means to weaken and divide Russia.”

“We have never allowed anyone to do this, and we will not allow it now.”

“Russian servicemen, militiamen and volunteers are now fighting for their homeland, for truth and justice, for reliable guarantees of peace and Russia’s security.”

“They are all our heroes, and they are shouldering the heaviest burden right now.”

“Our entire vast country is proud of your fortitude, endurance and courage.”

“Millions of people are with you in their hearts and souls, and will be raising a toast to you at their New Year’s table.”

Putin also extended heartfelt thanks to those involved in aiding Russia’s liberating SMO, including:

“Drivers and railway workers who deliver supplies to the front.”

“Doctors, paramedics, and nurses who are fighting for soldiers’ lives and nursing wounded civilians.”

“Workers and engineers at our military and other plants who are working today with great dedication.”

“Builders who are erecting civilian facilities and defensive fortifications, and helping to restore the destroyed cities and villages in Donbass and Novorossiya (new Russia).”

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes falsely expected unparalleled sanctions war on Russia to crush its economy.

“This did not happen,” Putin stressed.

It’s “because together we created a reliable margin of safety.”

“We have been taking steps and measures towards strengthening our sovereignty in a vitally important field, in the economy.”

“Our struggle for our country, for our interests and for our future undoubtedly serves as an inspiring example for other states in their quest for a just multipolar world order.”

Widespread homeland support for Russia’s liberating SMO is contributing to it triumph ahead over the US-created, Nazi-infested Ukraine monster in the fullness of time.

Putin pledged to do whatever it takes “to help the families of our fallen comrades raise their children, give them a good education, and get a profession.”

In stark contrast to duplicitous US/Western officials, Putin says what he means and means what he says.

I’m a US veteran from the 1950s.

I’ve seen firsthand how the US Veterans Administration mistreats the nation’s service personnel who’ve returned to private life.

The VA was the first US federal agency to mandate health-destroying kill shots.

In more normal times, third world healthcare at best is provided for vets in need.

If seriously ill, VA hospitalization risks becoming a death sentence — in the USA of I don’t care.

Emotional pain affecting many vets drives record numbers to suicide.

Preventable warning signs are ignored. 

They include depression, withdrawal, lethargy, loss of appetite, weight, and sleep, as well as PTSD and other behavioral abnormalities, recurring suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and despair.

The empire of lies and forever wars consumes its own, including hundreds of thousands of combat vets, unwanted and dumped when no longer needed.

According to independent studies, nearly half of Afghan and Iraq vets have emotional and/or physical combat injuries — what’s not properly addressed by the nation of lies.

And the human toll is largely ignored.

At the VA, I witnessed firsthand how emotionally and/or physically harmed vets are mistreated by neglect.

Putin’s outreach of help to returning Russian military personnel and families that lost loved ones is genuine.

Nothing comparable exists in the US, likely nowhere in the debauched West.

The start of a new year should be special, what’s worlds apart different at the worst of times with the world at war, what’s highly likely to more greatly worsen throughout the new year as US/NATO war on humanity continues with no end of it in prospect.


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  1. Mr Putin is an honest honorable rare politician. Complete opposite of western politicians.
    Mr lendman is absolutely correct on the US government mistreatment of veterans. I have personally known quite a few and can honestly concur with this article.


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