Whistling Past the Graveyard While Nazi-Infested Ukraine Burns

Mega-kleptocrat, unindicted war criminal, Nazi-supporting tyrant Zelensky, a US-installed puppet who’s worlds apart from leadership as it should be reveals his delusional state of mind in public remarks.

His New Year’s eve address to the nation was the latest example of his detachment from reality.

What he called “temporarily occupied land” is sovereign Russian territory with zero chance of returning to Nazified control.

US-controlled Ukraine, not Russia, is a “terrorist state.”

Its war criminals won’t go unpunished.

And claiming that regime air defenses will “become the most powerful in Europe” ignored that the best in the West can’t match Russia’s superior system.

Nor can anything in the West match its super-weapons, including the superiority of its high-precision hypersonic munitions, what cannot be intercepted and destroyed by Western air defense systems.

And this Zelensky perversion of reality, saying:

“Russia is only driving itself deeper into a dead end (sic).”

“They have fewer and fewer missiles (sic).”

How many dozens of times has this fake news been claimed by US/Western regimes and Ukrainian Nazis?

How often has reality refuted their fake claims?

And the delusional buffoon in Kiev lost it entirely by falsely claiming that regime troops are heading for “victory (sic).”

And calling the situation in Donbass “difficult” ignored how Russian forces are obliterating Ukrainian troops in and around strategically important Artemovsk, as well as along other frontline positions.

The same goes for saying:

“We will celebrate our holidays (sic).”

“We will smile and be happy (sic).”

“We will not wait for a miracle. We create it ourselves (sic).”

Ignoring his delusional state and reality on the ground in its latest fake news edition, the NYT said the following:

The US-installed puppet “rallied his fellow citizens behind the army, using the electric moment before midnight to give the speech a special significance (sic).”

“Interspersed in his recorded speech was video footage of carnage wrought by” Ukrainian Nazis, what’s falsely blamed on Russian forces.

No “defeat of (its) army” occurred anywhere at any time since its liberating SMO began, no “successful counterattacks” by the regime’s greatly degraded military.

Times fake news pretended otherwise.

Russian forces continue to degrade and destroy the regime’s power grid, railway lines, communication systems and most arms supplied by the US/West.

The Times and other MSM provide propaganda services for the Nazi-infested regime and nominal head of the snake in Kiev.

The shelf life of his hyperventilating rants moves closer to being overtaken by reality on the ground.

There’s no ambiguity about the outcome of Russia’s liberating SMO.

In the new year, demilitarization and deNazification of the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster will likely be accomplished.

Puppet Zelensky most likely will either be deposed or dumped by the empire of lies when no longer useful.

Ukrainians most likely are increasingly unconvinced by his hyperventilating rants.

They’re worlds apart from reality on the ground, especially for millions who fled cross-border for safety and hundreds of thousands of families who lost or had loved ones disabled for a lost cause.

By letting the empire of lies use Ukraine as a platform for perpetual war on Russia, the former nation-state no longer exists.

Nor will it return to its pre-2022 form.

And the prospect of Kiev turning defeat into triumph ahead is virtually zero.

Pretending otherwise by the US-installed puppet shows his detachment from reality.

It’ll hit home like a sledgehammer when neither he or his US/Western paymasters can no longer deny what’s too obvious to conceal any more.


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