We’ve Been Lied to, Scammed and Betrayed

The two most cutting-edge issues of our time include US/Western perpetual war on Russia — what risks WW III perhaps already begun — and all things flu/covid, especially health-destroying kill shots designed for this purpose.

At yearend, noted UK-based, truth-telling scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, commented on the deteriorated state of Britain’s long ago model national health system, what no longer exists, what may be duplicated throughout the West ahead, saying:

At a time of labor strikes for long denied social justice, “there are no ambulances, no GPs, no hospitals, and possibly no Royal Mail to bring you a get well card.”

As in the US and throughout the West, UK health professionals administered “millions of toxic jabs that cause heart attacks” and other major illnesses.

Looking ahead in the new year, Coleman said the following:

“I know exactly what’s going to happen because ever since early 2020, when the lies first started and (regimes) around the world began singing the same words to the same gloomy dirge, the conspirators have been following a ruthless and evil program of deceit, deception and fear.”

In May 2020, Coleman warned about a US/Western “population control plan.”

He called kill shots and all else flu/covid related “the greatest hoax in history.”

He warned that food, fuel and fertilizer shortages were “deliberately created (as) part of (a US/Western) genocidal master plan.”

“Feeble-minded masses” are easy marks to deceive about almost anything by the power of MSM-proliferated mass-deception repeated ad nauseam.

“Digitalization, compulsory (mass-jabbing) and a global social credit program are part of the plan to control everything we do.”

“The enemy will keep the fear levels as high as they can with starvation, economic collapse, wars and endless threats of new diseases.”

And, of course, they’ll keep pushing health-destroying kill shots by falsely claiming what’s harmful is beneficial — the Big Lie repeated endlessly by their Pharma-controlled anti-public health agencies and MSM co-conspirators.

Looking ahead, “you won’t be able to do anything if you haven’t had all their compulsory (health-destroying) jabs.”

And if digital currencies replace cash, financial freedom no longer will exist.

At the discretion of ruling regimes under this draconian system, access to your own money can be denied.

According to the WEF mortal enemy of fundamental freedoms, “you’ll own nothing and be happy (sic).”

Everything important ongoing was planned long in advance, nothing accidental.

It’s all about benefitting money, power and privileged interests at the expense of the great majority.

It’s true about war-making, kill shots, all else flu/covid related and other important issues.

And ruling US/Western regimes will keep doing whatever it takes to replace what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms with draconian social control — for our own good, we’ll be told.

The WEF’s Great Reset is all about establishing ruler-serf societies worldwide.

It’s about ruthlessly exploiting the great majority to benefit the privileged few.

It’s a dystopian nightmare wrapped in deceptive equitable socioeconomic mumbo-jumbo rubbish.

It’s a brave new world that’s unsafe and unfit to live in if dark forces achieve their aims.

Looking ahead in the new year, is US/NATO nuclear war on Russia where things are heading in a futile hail Mary attempt to maintain the war-making alliance’s eroding hegemony?

Will protracted economic depression begin in the new year by design?

Will deepening poverty become the new normal throughout the US/West?

Will their ruling regimes enforce full-blown tyranny?

Will truth-telling on vital issues be criminalized?

Will their MSM co-conspirators support the worst of all possible worlds — featuring perpetual war on humanity at home and worldwide, including mass-extermination by kill shots?

Hard times getting harder at a time of US/NATO war on Russia arrived in 2022.

Will the year ahead and what follows exceed the worst of what already happened?

I spent most of my formal working life in small family business.

Will Great Reset tyranny eliminate independent enterprises in favor of predatory corporate dominance?

Without the public awakening to the reality that US/Western regimes are mortal enemies of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, as well as free and open societies, we’re all doom to the tyranny of their ill intentions.

I yield the last word to Dr. Vernon Coleman, an eminent truth-telling man of honor and integrity at a time of US/Western war on humanity with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, saying:

“They want compliance” for social control.

“Let’s give them (a bellyful of) defiance” instead!


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  1. Yes I agree, I think the West had/has designs on all of Russia’s natural resources and probably felt that the people in the East would happily accept being ruled by the West. The West has turned into a nightmare, a mere shadow of it’s former self.
    Please listen to the video on this link, of a discussion with Andrew Bridgen MP, you will then realise how feeble our leaders are:


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