An Act of Desperation

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday:

“The Kiev regime delivered a strike firing six projectiles from the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launcher on a Russian unit near Makeyevka in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).”

Two were intercepted, four others struck their intended target, a “temporary deployment point.”

“The attack…left 63 Russian service members killed.”

While technically an act of war as part of what’s ongoing, the incident is an example of desperation in the West and Kiev.

The US-installed regime and its military are being overwhelmingly battered and beaten.

So anything goes tactics are prioritized, including repeated regime strikes on Russian residential areas and what happened on Monday.

The incident is also an example of why nothing Ukrainian Nazis claim can be taken at face value.

According to its MSM press agent-regurgitated fake news, 400 Russian soldiers were killed, another 300 wounded (sic).

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT misreported the following, saying:

A regime “attack with US-made (HIMARS) may have left hundreds of casualties (sic),” adding:

The incident “exposed Moscow’s military failings (sic).”

And this WSJ perversion of reality, falsely claiming that the US-installed puppet regime looks forward in the new year to “Russia’s defeat (sic).”

And this Journal rubbish:

The regime “is improving its ability to intercept (nonexistent) Iranian drones,” what the Islamic Republic is not supplying to Russia.

Ignored by MSM is that regime troops aren’t trained to operate US-supplied HIMARS used in Monday’s attack.

So Pentagon and/or CIA elements operate them. They select targets to be struck.

Monday’s attack on Russia’s facility in Makeyevka was made-in-the-USA, part of war by the empire of lies on the Russian Federation.

The incident achieved nothing strategic on the ground, just grist for anti-Russia propaganda by the regime, its US/Western paymasters and MSM press agents.

The course of Russia’s SMO remains unchanged.

The same reality applies to its trumphant outcome ahead.

At the same time, the collective West, Ukrainian Nazis and MSM co-conspirators remain largely silent about devastating Russian high-precision hypersonic, artillery and other strikes on regime troops, military and other strategic targets.

Russia’s SMO is proceeding as planned.

Monday’s incident changed nothing on the ground.

Hyperventilating otherwise by the collective West, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents turned reality on its head and trampled on it.

Analyst Larry Johnson made the following observation.

He believes that “January will be a turning point in the war in terms of Western support for Ukraine if there is harsh winter weather and worsening economic conditions,” adding:

It’ll “increase domestic political pressure on NATO (regimes) to take care of business at home.”

Separately, what puppet Zelensky calls “every day successes” whistles past the graveyard as the territory called Ukraine burns.

And Russia’s lower house State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Leonid Slutsky, noted the following on Monday:

“With Ukraine being completely governed from the outside, any such negotiations will not be worth a thing,” adding:

“The goals of the special military operation will be attained.”

“The (phony) slogans of ‘freedom and democracy’ behind which the Kiev regime has been concealing its neo-Nazi essence will not help it, for it is doomed” to fail, its house of cards to collapse.

And this Republic report, saying:

Hegemon USA’s “relentless arms supply, and financial and military support for Ukraine might prove to be a problem with respect to its clout in Asia.” 

According to the Pentagon’s reinvention of reality:

China poses the most consequential and systemic challenge to the empire of lies (sic). 

Russia is an acute threat (sic).

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO poses an unparalleled threat to everyone worldwide, an indisputable fact.

Its only “threats” are invented, not real.

And the reality of its decline and eventual fall shows that the enemy it hyperventilates about is itself.


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  1. Europeans claiming US getting rich over their suffering– Telegram channel is blocked: UkraineHumanRightsAbuses/18077
    2) Telegram channel is blocked blocked: UkraineHumanRightsAbuses/18082

    In Ukraine the law about organ transplantation signed by Zelensky is a scandal superseded by the press, but the common Ukrainians don’t keep silent.

    – It’s a good way of European integration, now it’s clear where all the bodies of Ukrainan soldiers will go… Americans will drop weapons over here. Ukraine will pay with human organs. What else can they pay with?


  2. … s a pity Stephen, the Ukri bastards have been killing russian soldiers big time in recent weeks, thanks to american intelligence and cooperation in general …..Unless Russia s still got something up its sleeve, defeat is near ….I am afraid ….I really am


  3. With this Ukrainian conflict USA puppet masters have have blatantly shown their evil demonic psychological insanity.


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