Everything Except What Should be Featured

While not certain, it’s highly likely that one or more kill shots caused Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin, to collapse on the field from cardiac arrest and endure a near-death experience.

Not according to MSM fake news.

In their reports on what happened, the elephant in the room is ignored.

Coverup and denial is featured instead.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT featured Hamlin’s improving condition with no mention of what likely caused his collapse.

Instead the Times brushed it off as a “freakish accident (sic).”

There’s nothing “freakish” about kill shots working as planned.

Countless times during NFL games, blows to the chest from collisions occur on one play after another without ever before causing a player to collapse from cardiac arrest.

Linked to Pharma, Harvard Medical School’s sports cardiologist, Dr. Aaron Baggish, is part of coverup and denial about what likely caused Hamlin’s collapse, falsely attributing it to “a blow to the chest (sic).”

He’s not alone. Countless other medical community members with Pharma ties are involved in diverting public attention from reality about kill shots.

And suggesting that a heart abnormality may have caused Hamlin’s collapse ignored the thorough battery of tests they’re put through for medical clearance to play, including EKGs and stress tests for their heart.

According to one team physician, their medical exam is likely the most thorough they ever before experienced.

Head of the NFL’s Physician Society, Dr. Matt Matava, explained the following:

“We break down the medical evaluation into two distinct segments: internal medical examinations and orthopedic examinations.” 

“During the internal medical exam, players are evaluated by team internists for cardiovascular, kidney, liver and pulmonary health.”

“Part of this examination includes a battery of tests—such as blood work, EKGs and, for certain players, stress tests for their heart—in order to determine if there are any internal issues that might affect the player’s ability to participate in the NFL.”

“If a player has a history of problems, such as high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, diabetes or asthma, those conditions will be noted.”

“We also make note of their current condition and any treatments they are receiving.”

“Then, we make recommendations to the team regarding that player’s ability to play at the NFL level with these medical issues.”

“If a player is healthy, the evaluating internist will compile a general health report which is shared with the other teams.”

“Once the medical evaluations are complete, each player is given an internal medicine grade that can be somewhat unique for each team.” 

“This grade then gets factored into their overall medical grade.”

“This is given to the team’s general manager and head coach to be used when they make draft decisions.”

If a heart or other serious medical condition is found, what can risk significant harm to a player, he may be denied medical clearance to play.

And this from WaPo’s kill shot supporting medical fraudster, Leana Wen:

Instead of responsibly calling for their ban, she focused instead on having “automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) readily accessible in all sports facilities.”

What happened to Hamlin wasn’t from commotio cordis, as Wen falsely suggested.

One or more kill shots nearly took his life, and while his physical condition significantly improved, he remains in critical condition and not free from a relapse.

In its latest edition, the WSJ diverted attention from what most likely caused his collapse by citing commotio cordis.

The same goes for NFL Players Association officials, on Thursday saying:

It’s the “presumptive working diagnosis (sic).”

If blunt force trauma harming the heart’s electrical system caused Hamlin’s collapse, it would likely be a commonplace occurrence. 

And it would suggest perhaps that the game is too violent to be played.

It goes on and so do health-destroying kill shots.

At the same time, the reality of Hamlin’s near-death experience in a league of near-100% jabbed players should be a wakeup call about their risk to life and well-being.

It should be enough to arouse mass-resistance against them throughout the league and in societies worldwide.

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  1. “Doctor comes from the Latin word for “teacher” and originally referred to a small group of theologians who had approval from the Church to speak on religious matters. Eventually the term saw greater use referring to qualified academic and medical professionals.” — https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/the-history-of-doctor

    Our doctors don’t do much teaching at all. Monopoly Mafia Medicine is all about profits and control. Medical slavery is heavily matrixed to debt slavery.

    “First, Do no harm” can’t stand on its head much longer.


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