Reality Check Update on Ukraine

In stark contrast to refusal by Ukrainian Nazi’s to observe Vladimir Putin’s Orthodox Christian ceasefire — as ordered by the empire of lies — Russian forces complied.

When it ended past midnight Sat., Russia’s unstoppable slaying of the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster resumed.

In further retaliation against the killing of 89 Russian military personnel in Makeyevka by US-supplied and operated HIMARS on New Year’s night, Russia’s military intelligence discovered the location of regime troops in a Kramatorsk, Donetsk dormitory.

Housing over 700, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

“As a result of a massive missile attack on these temporary housing areas of the Ukrainian military’s units, more than 600 (regime) servicemen were killed,” adding:

Targeting the dormitory on Sunday was a “retaliation operation (in response to) a criminal attack” by regime Nazis against Russian forces a week ago.

Separately according to Kiev regime official, Pavel Kirilenko:

“Seven missile strikes were carried out on Kramatorsk and two (others) on Konstantinovka.” 

Industrial facilities were damaged in both areas.

Explosions from Russian high-precision strikes also occurred in Zaporozhye and Kharkov.

On Sunday, First Deputy Head of Russia’s Presidential Administration, Sergey Kiriyenko, said what’s indisputable and inevitable:

“(G)oals set by the president with respect to the special military operation will be achieved no matter what.”

“Victory is certain, as is (return to) a normal and decent life” for residents of liberated areas.

Separately in its latest fake news edition, WaPo gave unindicted war criminals, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates, a platform to recite a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Nazi-infested Ukraine, including the following:

“Vladimir Putin remains fully committed to bringing all of Ukraine back under Russian control (sic) or — failing that — destroying it as a viable country (sic).”

The former nation-state no longer exists, having destroyed itself by waging war on Russia as ordered by its US master.

Putin has no intention of assuming control over the territory of Ukraine entirely, just its newly incorporated regions and perhaps some areas bordering it for enhanced security.

“He believes it is his historical destiny (sic) — his messianic mission (sic) — to reestablish the Russian Empire (sic).”

Rice and Gates (R & G below) know that the claim is rubbish, but they said it anyway, what’s part of intense propaganda war on Russia, achieving nothing on the ground. 

And this R & G perversion of reality:

“To be sure (sic), the Russian economy and people will suffer as the war continues (sic).” 

The above applies throughout Europe for allying with hegemon USA’s war on Russia.

And increasingly it applies to the US in decline and its weakening economy.

Russia largely achieved its SMO goals already with the US-installed regime and its greatly degraded military near collapse.

No Russia “seizure” of Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson or Zaporozhye occurred as R & G falsely claimed.

Russia’s military performs “brilliantly,” not Ukraine’s largely decimated war machine.

Indeed the US-installed regime depends on US/Western aid.

As their stockpiles are reduced, so will the amount of aid supplied.

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, no “major Ukrainian breakthroughs or successes occurred,” just the illusion of battlefield victories not achieved.

No “military stalemate” exists.

In denial about reality on the ground, R & G called for “a dramatic dramatic increase in military supplies” in spite of a diminishing ability of US/Western regimes to provide it.

And claiming that it’s a way for regime troops “to push back Russian forces in the east and south” ignored how overwhelmingly they pushed the US-installed puppet regime and its near-decapitated military toward collapse.

And what R & G called “unprovoked aggression and attacks on the rule of law and the international order” is how the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis operate, clearly not Russia.

And calling Ukraine “a determined partner” ignored how increasingly the US-installed regime is hated by the vast majority of its long-suffering people because of its tyrannical rule and half a million casualties since Russia’s SMO began.

While R & G urged avoidance of direct confrontation with Russia, they ignored the reality of what’s going on.

Conflict in Ukraine is hegemon USA’s war, begun in 2014, not last February.

The risk of it escalating to full-blown war between the world’s leading nuclear powers is ominously real.

It may have already begun, the only unknown whether it’ll escalate more than already, including possible use of nukes, risking humanity’s survival if things go this far.

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  1. Not surprised at Israel killing Palestinian goyims. It’s all encoded in the Babylonian Talmud. True Jews hate the Torah and the rest of the Bible.

    A casual look at the Vatican News’, NATO’s, USG’s and Israel’s support for and never a criticism of the Ukrainian Nazis confirms the Babylonian Talmudic basis all of these entities. They are the modern-day Pharisees.

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  2. Excellent, Mr. Lendman. Thank you for the update.

    Let me wonder: what might be R & G’s ties, overtly or covertly, with the salivating MIC? — as they represent the overall “establishment elite” that is dominated and controlled, I’m irrevocably convinced, by Zionist influence via entanglement, power, money, thinktank manipulation, government complicity/acquiescence in “herding the sheep,” (the ultimate manifestation of centuries of Western) ideology et al…?


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