Public Outrage Over “Fascism and Apartheid” in Israel

Straightaway after Netanyahu was again empowered as Israeli prime minister on Dec. 29, the most extremist regime in Jewish state history swung into action in pursuit of what’s shaping up to be a reign of terror as long as it’s in charge.

Last week, Israeli soldiers demolished homes, water tanks and olive orchards in two West Bank Palestinian villages ahead of ethnically cleansing residents entirely from their own land.

Israeli activist, Guy Butavia, denounced the action, saying:

“They come (unannounced) and demolish your house.”

“It’s winter. It’s cold. What’s next?” Where are they going to sleep?”

Where will they go? How will they get by since becoming homeless?

Yet Israel’s extremist Supreme Court upheld the lawless expulsion from their own land — in support of exclusive Jewish development and use. 

Over the weekend, thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu regime “fascism and apartheid.”

Banners denounced the “crime minister.”

An attorney among protesters said the following:

“My grandparents came to Israel to build here something amazing.”

What brought them here “is disappearing” with virtual abolition of the rule of law. 

In response to large-scale protests in Tel Aviv, including display of Palestinian flags and banners, Netanyahu slammed what he falsely called “wild incitement (sic).”

Last week, the Netanyahu regime’s justice minister, Yariv Levin, announced an extrajudicial overhaul of Israel’s judicial and legal system.

Over the weekend, former Israeli Supreme Court president, Aharon Barak, warned of “a clear and tangible danger” it represents if enacted into law, what’s highly likely by the most extremist Knesset in Jewish state history, saying:

“If these plans (are) realized, (they’ll be) no balances.”

“We’ll have only one (ruling) branch” with no checks and balances, adding:

“A court ruling that protects citizens, that protects you and me as citizens, can be canceled by the same majority that passed it in the first place.”

“Every single member of society will be harmed.”

“One’s rights, one’s human dignity, one’s right to life, body, property, freedom, movement – our daily life will be harmed.”

In response to Barak’s warning, Levin defied reality as follows, claiming:

“I consider my reform as the rightest and best (sic).”

And saying that he’s “strengthening the Supreme Court (sic) (and) restoring democracy” ignored that the latter doesn’t exist and never did throughout Jewish state history — just a fantasy version.

Levin also introduced a so-called “derogation clause.”

If enacted into law, it’ll let the extremist Knesset majority override Supreme Court rulings, what alone will destroy the rule of law.

And the following draconian actions were ordered:

The regime’s Arab-hating, right-wing extremist, Itmar Ben-Gvir, empowered as security minister, banned the display of Palestinian flags in public, ranting:

“I directed Israel police to enforce the prohibition of flying any PLO flag that shows identification with a terrorist organization (sic) from the public sphere and to stop any incitement (sic) against the state of Israel.”

And in retaliation against the Palestinian Authority’s call for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to rule on Israel’s control over Occupied West Bank Territories, the Netanyahu regime withheld nearly $40 million in Palestinian tax revenues — funds it intends for exclusive Jewish use.

On Sunday, Netanyahu unjustifiably justified his action, falsely accusing Palestinians of “an extreme anti-Israel” call for an ICJ ruling.

Separately, his regime extrajudicially revoked unrestricted travel permission for PA prime minister, Riad Malki.

It’s unclear to what extent the restriction applies to other PA officials.

Netanyahu regime war minister, Yoav Gallant, denied three senior PA officials the right to enter Israel.

And in Occupied East Jerusalem, Ben Gvir ordered Israeli police to halt a meeting of Palestinian parents about second-class education given their children — falsely claiming it was unlawfully funded by the PA.

What’s guaranteed in the US by the Constitution’s First Amendment is banned across the board in Israel for Palestinians.

They’re denied the right of speech, press and academic freedom, unrestricted free exercise of religion, as well as public assembly and right to petition for redress of legitimate grievances.

That’s how the scourge of apartheid operates.

With the most extremist ever regime empowered in Israel, it’s highly likely to exceed the lawless worst of its predecessors going forward — a Nakba in new form.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Haaretz editors discussed what likely was the first of more widespread protests to follow against the extremist Netanyahu regime.

“An array of protest groups” were involved, including Palestinians and Jews.

“(P)rotesters were divided, roughly, into two groups.”

“On one side, the left that’s proud to declare itself the left, waving the banner of civil equality and Jewish-Palestinian cooperation.”

“This camp, composed of Jews and Arabs, is not deterred by Palestinian flags and sees the fight against the occupation as (an existential) struggle.”

“The other camp is the ‘anyone but Bibi’ camp…who see the struggle against Netanyahu and changes to the legal system led by justice minister Yariv Levin as secondary to the fight against the occupation, or independent of the struggle for civil equality between Jews and Arabs.”

As long as any territory from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea remains illegally occupied, Israeli democracy exists in fantasy form alone, the real thing banned.

“There are many reasons to oppose the Netanyahu (regime) – all of them good ones,” Haaretz editors stressed.


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  1. The Pharisees incited through lies and deception for a sinless man Jesus Christ to die through crucifixion.

    The people of Xinjiang are treated like all Chinese, yet the Pharisees (USG) created terrorist groups to subvert and smear China, including a UN commission to investigate fictional crimes that exist only on the MSM.

    Satanic Babylonian Talmudic Jews have been killing Palestinians as sacrifice to their god Marduk (Satan). Yet there is zero MSM condemnation, zero USG concern, not a word from eunuch Guterres, nor a UN Commission to investigate.


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