Real v. Invented Reality on Ukraine

The US-created, Nazi-infested, outlaw regime in Kiev is a scourge to its people and humanity overall.

The vast majority of people everywhere will owe Russia high praise it’ll deserves when its forces complete the liberation of Nazified areas and consign the criminal Zelensky regime to history’s dustbin where it belongs — along with holding its criminal class accountable for crimes too grievous to ignore.

According to head of Troy Russian volunteer special forces unit in Donetsk:

“If the (Russian) Wagner private military company keeps its current pace of the offensive in the next couple of weeks, the Ukrainian command will have to look at withdrawing troops from Artyomovsk to avoid its entrapment and, consequently, total destruction,” adding:

As Russian forces in Donetsk advance, “the contours and lines of division of the Ukrainian army’s Soledar-Artyomovsk group are taking shape.”

Ukraine’s “17th tank brigade, which was deployed a couple of weeks ago, failed to close the hole between Soledar and Artyomovsk.”

“Concurrently, the Ukrainian army command withdrew the 128th mountain assault brigade from this direction to prevent the final loss of efficiency of this unit, which is regarded as an elite infantry force.”

On Tuesday, acting Donetsk head, Denis Pushilin, said the following:

Artyomovsk and Soledar “are close to being liberated” from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

On Monday, deputy commander of Lugansk’s 2nd army corps, Apty Alaudinov, said he expects Soledar to be liberated in a few days.

Last weekend, Lugansk Col. Vitaly Kiselyov said that Ukrainian forces may be withdrawn from Soledar soon because heavy losses render remaining ones unable to continue fighting without being wiped out entirely.

On Monday, Lugansk militia spokesman, Ivan Filiponenko, explained the following:

“In Soledar, we are seeing a massive flight of the enemy from urban areas.”

“The main defense of Ukrainian troops in this sector consisted of the 61st separate mechanized brigade.”

“According to our intelligence data, the brigade’s commander instructed subordinate battalion commanders to organize a retreat of remaining and surviving units from the city beginning in the evening and during the night.”

“However, the flight of the units did not go unnoticed.”

“And there are instances of growing panic.”

“Ukraine’s military and political leadership are trying to convey the notion to their units in this sector that this is not a decampment, and that this is a planned rotation and they will be replaced by reinforcements at any moment.” 

“This is their common practice — to keep convincing their troops until the last moment that they are not surrounded and not retreating.”

“And in the end it turns out — this has happened before — these troops find themselves surrounded and either surrender or are completely wiped out.”

Instead of reporting about reality on the ground, MSM suppress it in favor fake news reports with no credibility.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT pretended that decimated Ukrainian troops “repelled a Russian attempt to seize a city near” Artyomovsk (sic).

And the self-styled newspaper of record pretended that virtually defeated Ukrainian troops around the city and Soledar are holding their own (sic).

They’re hemorrhaging loses as Russian forces move toward winning the battle of Soledar and surrounding Artyomovsk.

On Sunday, out-of-touch-with-reality Zelensky pretended that “Soledar (and Artyomovsk are) holding out (sic).”

Whether in days or longer, both cities will be liberated ahead from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

So will occupied parts of Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Kharkov ahead.

And this Zelensky perversion of reality as quoted by the Times, falsely claiming:

“The whole land near Soledar is covered with the corpses of the occupiers (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality, falsely reporting “signs of disarray and infighting between its official military and the” Wagner group (sic).

And saying it’s “far from clear that Russian troops will actually be able to take Soledar” ignored panic fleeing of Ukrainian troops from the city.

Fake news by the Times and other MSM continue to pretend that regime troops near collapse are defeating overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower.

And this AP (fake) News denial of reality:

Russia’s Defense Ministry intelligence “detected and reliably confirmed through various independent channels some temporary bases of Ukrainian servicemen in Kramatorsk.”

“As a result of a massive missile strike on these temporary bases of Ukrainian units (on Sunday), more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen were killed.”

AP pretended that reality as reported above didn’t happen.

And this WaPo fake news on Monday, falsely saying:

“Iran could be contributing to war crimes in Ukraine (sic) by providing military support to Russia (sic)” — citing a fake Biden regime claim.

Phony claims about Russian use of Iranian drones have been around for months, despite no evidence proving them.

At the same time, if Iran decides to aid Russia’s liberating SMO, they’d be nothing illegal about it.

Besides their own aggression against invented enemies, hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes aid aggressors like Ukraine.

Yet according to the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, Russia is using Iranian drones “to kill civilians in Ukraine (sic).”

On massacring civilians and all other imaginable war crimes, the empire of lies and forever wars is in a lawless class of its own.

Iran is not involved in aiding militarily aiding Russia liberating SMO.

Throughout the campaign, Russian forces have gone all-out to avoid civilian casualties — in stark contrast to how US/NATO aggressors and Kiev Nazis operate.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

“With upgraded weaponry on the way (sic), Western resolve holding firm (sic), and the Ukrainian army continuing to outmaneuver and outwit Russia’s flailing military (sic), Ukraine’s promised ‘year of victory’ is off to a good start (sic).”

When the regime and its virtually defeated military collapse in the new year, reality will hit home like a sledgehammer.

Yet in similar fashion to their consistent misreporting overall, MSM may ignore the thud heard round the world — including in the hugely corrupted White House and Congress.

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  1. Hope yer right mr Lendman …..even the idiotic pro Ukraine French echo chamber LCI channel could only admit that UkraiNazi regime is bein defeated big time …..SLAVA ROSSIYA !……YES I AM 100% BELGIAN ! ….but not a fckn fool like most of my msm brainwashed , Russia hating fckn idiots !


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