Russia Liberates Soledar from Nazified Occupation

Russia is slaying the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster one day at a time.

Head of Russian patriots comprising the Wagner Group private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said its fighters gained control over the “entire territory” of Soledar, Donetsk.

Scattered city center resistance alone remains to be quashed.

On Tuesday, video showed Wagner fighters outside the town’s administration building.

Ukrainian Nazis turned the town into a military stronghold.

Its loss is a major blow to the puppet Zelensky regime and its US/Western patrons.

Commenting on the significant triumph, acting DPR leader, Denis Pushilin, explained the following:

“The liberation of Soledar ramped up the potential to liberate Artyomovsk and Seversk,” adding: 

It’s “another blow to (phony) symbols of (invincibility and control pushed by) Ukrainian propaganda.” 

And it “provides a welcome bridgehead to advance toward Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.”

It “paves the way for a turning point in liberating the entire DPR.”

Once Artyomovsk and Seversk are liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation, collapse of the regime’s frontline will be hastened.

Ignoring reality on the ground as ordered by his US master, puppet Zelensky hyperventilated the following on Tuesday, saying:

“Due to the resilience of our warriors in Soledar (sic), we have gained additional time and power for Ukraine (sic).”

And this perversion of reality by a regime field commander, falsely calling Soledar’s liberation “psychological pressure and propaganda (sic).”

And this from the regime’s war minister, Hanna Maliar, falsely claiming that fighting continues “to hold Soledar,” adding the following bald-faced Big Lie:

“(A)pproaches to our positions are simply strewn with the bodies of dead enemy fighters (sic).”

This reality applies solely to regime troops.

They’ve been devastated by half a million or more casualties since last February — in stark contrast to small-scale Russian ones.

On Wednesday, the regime’s so-called general staff reported nothing about reality on the ground in Soledar, Artyomovsk and Seversk.

Yet on Tuesday, a Ukrainian source in Donetsk explained the following:

The human toll in and around Soledar for regime troops is so high that “no one counts the dead,” adding:

“No one will tell you how many dead and wounded there are.” 

“Because no one knows for sure.”

“Not a single person. Not at the headquarters. Not anywhere.”

“Everyone understands that the city will be abandoned.”

“Everyone understands this.”

“I just want to understand what(’s) the point” of continued fighting. 

“Why die if we are going to leave it anyway today or tomorrow?”

With Soledar virtually liberated, eliminating Nazi occupation of Artyomovsk, Seversk and Donetsk overall will surely follow.

According to Donetsk’s territorial defense headquarters on Wednesday:

“As of January 11, 2023, Russian Armed Forces liberated Podgorodnoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic(’s)” Artyomovsk suburbs south of Soledar. 

Separately on Wednesday, a Kremlin reality check said the following:

“In a situation when Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) is banned (by its master) from contacting or engaging with us by (regime) law, and when the West is obviously reluctant to allow Kiev any flexibility here, there is no discussing any prospect for (peace talks) at this point.”

And this observation by Kazakhstan National University’s Alyona Zadorozhnaya, saying:

By following orders from his US master, puppet “Zelensky achieved unique and in many ways tragic results.”

“He reduce(d) the population of Ukraine to the level of a century ago, put the country in bondage to the West and deprive(d) fellow citizens of elementary benefits of civilization.”

“What other ‘successes’ could be added to (his destructive) track record?”

With a population of 44 million in 2020, it’s now at most about half this number — comprised mostly of men because they’re banned from leaving the former nation-state.

And working Ukrainians not forced into cannon fodder bondage are deeply impoverished.

According to human rights activist, Larisa Shesler:

Most schools are closed.

Settlements look like “ghost towns.”

Looking ahead, things will likely worsen.

The birth rate fell dramatically, and millions of refugees know they cannot return to Ukraine.

Unemployment skyrocketed at a time when hyperinflation made the cost of most goods unaffordable for the vast majority.

And national indebtedness of over $100 billion and rising is impossible to repay.

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, the regime, the empire of lies and its Western vassals are big losers — the Russian Federation a big winner.

Reality on the ground is increasingly impossible to conceal.

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s eventual triumph, what’s largely achieved already, and a humiliating defeat for hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis.

A Final Comment

Russian National Security Council secretary, Nikolay Patrushev, minced no words stressing the following:

Hegemon USA’s humiliating defeat in Afghanistan preceded its war on Russia.

“(E)vents in Ukraine are not a confrontation between Moscow and Kiev.”

“It’s a military confrontation of NATO – the US and (vassal state Britain) first and foremost – with Russia.”

“They fear a direct standoff, so NATO instructors push Ukrainian guys toward their certain deaths.”

While Western regimes claim to be “defending civilization against barbarism” in Ukraine, waging war on Russia is all about their drive for hegemony by brute force.

The empire of lies and its Western vassals invent enemies to wage perpetual wars.

Earlier it was North Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia.

Today it’s Russia ahead of likely belligerent confrontation with China.

Time and again, hegemon USA-controlled NATO showed that its ruling regimes represent an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Based on how things are turning out, they erred by waging war on Russia, a superior nation militarily.

When the empire of lies crumbles like all its predecessors, humanity will be able to exhale at last.


2 thoughts on “Russia Liberates Soledar from Nazified Occupation

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  1. The defence in depth has broken. Could be Russian rout coming. Ukraine has been shot to hell.

    The problem is the Big Club of the Forty Fewocracy of the Monopoly Power that is fighting Russia controls the Vast Treasonus Conspiracy enslaving all of us. It’s terrorism, tyrannism, barbarism, and horrorism and so vastly treasonous people cannot see around it.

    If you understand we are ruled by the 535 Purple Treasonist who are bought, bribed, or blackmailed. Not one of those 535 get up and read some Ben Davidson and destroy the Carbon Fraud. Nobody is saying all injections of protection are meant to destroy your immune system starting the day you are born. Not one of them can say the fluoride poisoning of the water needs to stop or Monopoly Medicine is really Murder and Maim Medicine.

    We Are Ruled


  2. The only winners in this conflict is the military industrial complex US and European.The billions allocated for Ukrainian defense is actually bouncing back to connected entities. The second great heist.The first heist was the Covid-19 scam.


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