Decline and Fall of the US-Dominated West

Russian military superiority is humiliating the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Yet their ruling regimes and MSM press agents remain in defiant denial by pushing an invented/discredited reality.

Instead of admitting that Russia liberated the strategically important town of Soledar, Donetsk — freeing the key town of Artyomovsk to follow, what’s likely in days — the NYT reported the following trash in its latest fake news edition, falsely claiming:

“(W)ho actually control(s) Soledar remain(s) unclear on Friday (sic).”

Citing unnamed Ukrainian Nazis, sources with zero credibility, the Times pretended that what remains of its battered troops “still hold onto parts of the town (sic).”

And this trash:

Unnamed “analysts say Soledar itself has little strategic value and is unlikely to significantly change the battle for eastern Ukraine (sic).”

And claiming that Russian advances in the town came “at a steep cost” failed to explain the one-sided toll on regime troops, thousands eliminated for a lost cause, compared to minimal Russian losses.

US mercenary, Ryan O’Leary, admitted the debauched reality of regime operations in Soledar and overall, tweeting:

US/Western-supplied “(w)eapons have gone missing.”

“(P)eople (were) told to shut up.”

“(U)nit morale” is shattered.

Regime “officers (are) not doing their their jobs.”

“Their actions caused negligent deaths.”

O’Leary refused to “sit quiet about consistent f..kups and negligence.”

If things don’t change, “we will be lucky to live through February,” he believes.

It’s well known that dark forces in Nazi-infested Ukraine are the most corrupt in Europe.

Indifferent toward the rights and well-being of their own people, they sent a generation of ill-trained and poorly armed youths, teen-agers and middle-aged men to be slaughtered or maimed by overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower.

Reporting on reality on the ground in Soledar, Southfront explained the following:

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals, and puppet Kiev regime “pretend that they do not see photos and videos of (triumphant) Russian troops in” the town.

The regime suffered catastrophic losses of manpower in a futile attempt to hold onto what Russia now controls.

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight, saying the following:

“In the evening of 12 January, the city of Soledar, that is of great importance for continuing successful offensive operations in Donetsk direction, was liberated.”

“The establishment of full control of Soledar allows (Russia) to block supply routes of Ukrainian forces in the city of Artyomovsk, located to the southwest, as well as to block and to pocket units of the armed Forces of Ukraine that still remain there.”

“The capture of Soledar became possible due to constant fire attacks launched at the enemy by Ground-Attack and Army Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Group of Forces.”

“(M)easures adopted by the Russian Group of Forces, led to successful offensive operations of assault detachments in liberating Soledar.”

In “the last 3 days (alone), more than 700 Ukrainian personnel, and over 300 units of armament of the AFU have been eliminated.”

“A combined-arms grouping of Russian forces carried out  offensive operations in this tactical direction that resulted in the defeat of the armed forces of Ukraine and seizure of Soledar.”

Likely in a matter of days, the liberation of Artyomovsk and Seversk will follow.

Separately according to a tweet by Russia’s UK embassy:

“A video published by Ukraine’s military shows them preparing to use #chemicalweapons, possibly #phosgene, prohibited by 

@UN CWC, against Russian military.”

“Letters ‘OB’ stand for toxic munition.”

“This also explains why the gas cylinders need to be stored in the fridge.”

Last month, Russia’s envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexander Shulgin, said Moscow had information (to show that US) contractors were helping to prepare  regime “chemical provocations.”

Last June, Russia’s Defense Ministry issued a similar warning about a planned Kiev chemical weapons false flag “to frame Russia and provoke confrontation with NATO.”

On Friday during a Security Council session on Ukraine, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, stressed the following:

Russia’s liberating SMO will continue until Ukrainian Nazis no longer “pos(e) a threat to (the nation) and “Russian-speaking Ukrainians.”

Continued fighting is not against the Ukrainian people.

It’s against the Nazi-infested regime installed by the empire of lies after its 2014 Kiev coup.

Last September, puppet Zelensky signed so-called decree 679.

It ruled out negotiations with Russia as long as Vladimir Putin remains president — as ordered by his US master.

Controlled by hegemon USA, the regime it installed is powerless.

Detached from reality, puppet Zelensky and what leadership is supposed to be are worlds apart.

Nebenzia called him the regime’s “dictator,” adding:

“Ukraine (is) NATO’s private military company.”

The US-installed regime “is paid money, supplied with weapons and recon data, advised where to shoot and what to attack.”

“Who suffers from that? The people of Ukraine, who are forced to fight for someone else’s objectives.” 

The regime’s war minister, Reznikov, “confirmed that,” saying: 

“We’re carrying out NATO’s mission today, without shedding their blood.”

“We shed our blood, so we expect them to provide weapons and ammunition in return.”

“Here it is – the NATO formula of a proxy war ‘until the last Ukrainian.’ ” 

“It can’t be put into words better than that!”

Hellbent for perpetual war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder foot soldiers, the empire of lies rules out conflict resolution.

For nearly nine years since early 2014, it’s been waging proxy and more recently direct war on Russia.

According to French historian/political scientist Emmanual Todd:

Conflict in Ukraine is existential for the empire of lies.

What’s going on against Russia is an exercise in futility — a desperate effort to reverse its eroding influence worldwide and decline, adding:

“If the Russian economy offers longterm resistance to sanctions and manages to bleed the European economy white and manages to survive with Chinese support, US monetary control of the world will collapse.” 

“(A)nd with it, the US’ ability to finance its mammoth trade deficit for next to nothing.” 

So hegemon USA “cannot get out of the conflict before Russia.”

Its dominant dark forces “cannot let go.”

“This explains why we are now in an open-ended war, in a confrontation that is bound to result in the collapse of one side or the other.”

Its outcome depends on the ability “of both systems to produce weapons.”

Russia is self-sufficient.

Rich in productive capacity and natural resources, it’s able to produce whatever and as much of what it needs militarily.

Hegemon USA’s decades of offshoring production to low-wage countries greatly weakened it.

Russia’s education system is superior to the US.

Around 25% of Russian students become engineering professionals, compared to 7% in the US.

Russia today is “a great power,” Todd stressed.

Claims by US/Western regimes about Russia being isolated defy reality.

Aside from the US-controlled West, the vast majority of world community nations value normal relations with Russia.

Ominously, Todd believes “that WW III has already begun,” adding:

“It is obvious that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, evolved into a global economic confrontation between the entire West, on the one hand, and Russia, supported by China, on the other, to have become a world war.”

US/Western regimes are combatting Russia directly and indirectly by use of Ukrainian proxies.

The collective West is harming itself and its people economically — while Russia “is doing its utmost to take care of (its) people.”

And “the Russians are waiting for the fall of the European economies. We are their main frontline,” Todd stressed.

The US and its Western vassals made a colossal mistake by challenging Russia militarily and economically.

And by so doing, they hastened their own decline and fall.

And when conflict with Ukraine ends, what’s left of the former nation-state will exist in rump status alone — with Russia in control of its industrial heartland and richest agricultural land.


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  1. Ukrainian soldiers reside in 5 star hotels ; when they wake up in the morning after a 8 hours sound sleep (10hrs in weekends ) they enjoy a copious breakfast , by 9 oclock they go to the front lines to kill as many Russians as possible , have lunch at a local restaurant, kill more Russians and then dinner at the 5 stars … then meantime those poor ruskies are sufferin big time in the frozen trenches ……WELL that s what western msm implies anyway ….


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