How Many Sudden Deaths Are too Many?

Flu/covid jabs destroy health, shorten lifespans or cause sudden death.

The documentary film, titled “Died Suddenly,” hits home with sledgehammer force because of the reality it exposes about kill shots.

Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of deaths attributed to flu/covid.

The unjabbed are profoundly safer.

Claims that dispute the above reality are false.

Likely with ties to Pharma, sources making them are lying.

Since kill shots were rolled out over two years ago, everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

Millions died, some suddenly, others later on.

NFL player Damar Hamlin’s collapse from cardiac arrest after making a routine tackle was viewed by millions on national television as it happened.

It was, or should have been, a wake-up call for everyone aware of what happened about the health-destroying hazards of kill shots.

Most all NFL players were jabbed for flu/covid.

Hamlin was reportedly booster-jabbed in December.

There’s no ambiguity about the cause of his collapse — despite all-out efforts to suppress it.

Home recuperating, he survived a near-death experience.

How many millions of others have been less fortunate?

As long as toxic mass-jabbing continues, the body count will keep mounting exponentially — countless others disabled and assured of an early death.

Pharma-linked, kill shot pusher, Dr. Peter Hotez, wants everyone jabbed and forever-jabbed to irreparably harm maximum numbers of people.

Compounding his flagrant Hippocratic Oath breach to do no harm, he videotaped the following perversion of reality, saying:

“We have to recognize that anti-(jab) activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression (sic), has now become a major killing force globally (sic),” adding:

“(A)nti-science (sic) kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks (sic).”

Hotez is a public menace.

Following his flu/covid jabbing advice can be fatal.

Separately, the Pharma-linked WHO proposed diabolical amendments to its international health regulations.

It wants them to override national sovereignty and become binding international law in response to (invented) public health emergencies like flu/covid.

It wants health-destroying kill shots mandated.

It virtually wants what Nuremberg Code principles — and the rule of law overall — call for abolished.

In stark contrast to the above diabolical scheme, UK cardiologist/public health campaigner, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, spoke truth to power on Britain’s state-owned and controlled BBC propaganda operation.

Interviewed about statins, he know doubt shocked the beeb by calling for the suspension of mRNA kill shots on live television, saying the following:

“What is almost certain – if I can just say this – my own research has found, and this is something that is probably a likely contributing factor, is that (flu/covid) mRNA (jabs) carry a cardiovascular risk.”

“And I’ve actually called for the suspension of this pending an inquiry, because there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment over what’s causing the excess deaths.”

Interviewer Lukwesa Burak responded, asking: 

“So what you’re saying in terms of the mRNA link to cardiovascular risk is that that’s been proven medically, scientifically?”

In damage control mode, a beeb spokesperson said the following:

“Dr Aseem Malhotra was invited on to the BBC News Channel to talk about the latest NICE recommendations on statins.”

“During the discussion, he made unprompted claims (sic) about” flu/covid jabs.

“We then asked Professor Peter Openshaw, who represents the (fabricated official narrative) to be interviewed on air on this topic, and he challenged and rebutted the claims that had been made” — because he’s likely linked to Pharma and paid to lie.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about jabs designed to irreparably destroy health and cause mass-casualties.

The beeb was caught off-guard by a truth-telling medical expert — what’s almost unheard of on Britain’s state-controlled media and its US corporate equivalent.

Malhotra tweeted the following after his live BBC interview:

“We did it. We broke mainstream broadcast media” — at least for a few minutes on live television.

Separately in Britain’s parliament, MP Andrew Bridgen risked his career by calling for what’s crystal clear, saying:

There needs to be an immediate and complete suspension of any more” flu/covid jabs.

He went on for around 20 minutes in exposing conflict of interest links between Pharma profiteers and UK regime regulatory agencies.

Video showed only few MPs were present to hear his remarks in contrast to a full House on hand to vote for a pay increase.

In the US, the Biden regime, vast majority in Congress and their MSM press agents continue to pretend that what indisputably destroys health is beneficial.

So mass-jabbing continues unabated despite indisputable evidence of is health-destroying harm.

Suppressed by MSM, even the Pentagon’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database reported the following, saying:

Since mass-jabbing began, they’ve been significant increases in serious medical issues, including:

hypertension (2,181%), 

neurological disorders (1,048%), 

multiple sclerosis (680%), 

Guillain-Barre syndrome (551%), 

breast cancer, (487%), 

female infertility (472%), 

pulmonary embolism (468%), 

migraines (452%), 

ovarian dysfunction (437%), 

testicular cancer (369%), 

tachycardia (302%) and many other serious illnesses.

From the Trump regime’s Operation Warp Speed to what’s currently ongoing, industrial scale premeditated mass-murder is official US policy, as well as throughout the West.

Flu/covid jabs are health-destroying bioweapons.

Former Association of American Physicians and Surgeons president, Dr. Lee Merritt, earlier called flu/covid jabs “weaponized medicine,” adding:

They’re “biologically manipulated bioweapon(s).”

Anyone challenging the fabricated official narrative is “censored.”

If a foreign adversary wanted to wage biowar on the US population, health-destroying mRNA kill shots would be an ideal weapon of choice.

Yet National Pentagon Radio (NPR)  called her truth-telling about toxic jabs “misinformation (sic),” adding:

She’s “affiliated with a prominent right-wing group (sic) known as America’s Frontline Doctors.

Unlike the Pharma linked medical industrial complex, AFLDS supports medicine the way it should be practiced over politicized science.

Calling themselves “a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization,” they “stand up for every American looking for the best quality healthcare by empowering doctors working on the front lines of our nation’s most pressing healthcare challenges.” 

A previous article discussed Johnson & Johnson’s history of fines imposed on the company for selling hazardous products to an unsuspecting public.

Pfizer shares guilt.

So do other Pharma profiteers by peddling drugs that often cause more harm than good unaccountably.

Fines assessed when caught red-handed are inconsequential compared to countless billions of dollars of ill-gotten profits.

According to Gallup and other polls, Pharma is the most loathed US industry for good reason.

Prescription drugs kill far more people than illicit ones — accountably because complicit regulators permit what no one should tolerate.

Pharma is a racketeering industry, profiting more from destruction of health than protecting it since toxic mass-jabbing began.

Its firms always prioritized profits over health protection.

Time and again, they flagrantly breached Nuremberg Code principles with impunity.

The industry is too corrupted to fix.

Countless millions have been harmed by products with unexplained hazards.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Joseph Mercola expressed the view that “judgment day for Pfizer (is) coming soon,” adding:

“The film ‘Anecdotals’ provid(es) a glimpse into the lives of people who suffered significant adverse reactions from” flu/covid jabs, including disability, daily pain or death.

Yet the medical industrial complex abandoned them by refusing to acknowledge an obvious connection to harm by kill shots designed for this purpose.


4 thoughts on “How Many Sudden Deaths Are too Many?

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  1. Well said, thank you.

    My previously healthy brother-in-law had seizures after his first booster shot. Another previously healthy brother-in-law suffered breathing unease after his second mandatory shot or no employment. Both did not have any underlying problem.

    A friend had heart problems after his first booster shot.


  2. We are in a sad era of history where governments medical association CDC FDA and law enforcement are cooperating with the pharmaceutical mafias. As a population we now do not have any form of representation. In the pursuit of liberty freedom and happiness we have lost.


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