The Coming Collapse of Ukraine’s Nazified Regime and Military

In stark contrast to duplicitous, double-talking US/Western officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin says what he means and means what he says.

On Friday, he said the following about Russia’s liberating SMO:

“The dynamics are positive.”

“Everything is developing within the plan of the Defense Ministry and General Staff.”

“And I hope that our fighters will please us more than once again with results of their combat work.”

Separately in its Friday fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed the following, saying:

“After Russia’s Defense Ministry said its troops had taken Soledar, a leader of the Wagner (G)roup (private military company) accused the military of stealing credit (sic).”

Defying reality on the ground, “Ukrain(ian) (Nazis falsely) said its forces were still fighting there (sic).”

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight as follows, saying:

As for the…assault on…Soledar, occupied by Ukrainian (troops until liberated entirely last week), this combat mission was fulfilled through the courageous and selfless actions of the volunteers from the Wagner Group strike teams.”

Russia praised Wagner Group fighters for freeing the town from Nazified occupation.

Once again, fake news by the Times and likeminded MSM was exposed and debunked by indisputable facts.

And this fake news on Saturday by the Times and other MSM, falsely claiming that a Russian strike on a Dnipr apartment building (sic), killing at least 21 people, injuring many others.

According to Ukrainian official, Aleksey Arestovich, a regime air defense missile struck the Dnipr building.

Time and again its missiles killed and injured its own people.

Yet Russia is falsely blamed for things it had nothing to do with.

Separately last week, former Lugansk envoy to Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik, said the following:

“By throwing insufficiently equipped and trained units into action” in a futile attempt to maintain control of strategically important Soledar, the regime sacrificed the lives of about 25,000 fighters.

Yet MSM pretend that the town’s liberation from Nazified occupation is strategically unimportant when reality is otherwise. 

Separately on Saturday, Britain’s Sunak regime said it’ll send 14 Challenger tanks to aid Ukrainian aggression against Russia.

Britain will be the first NATO member to send Western tanks to Kiev. 

According to noted military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, they’ll likely have “no impact on the tide of battle,” adding:

“Considering the military incompetence of Western political and military top brass, it all comes down to PR and a desire to show that something is being done” — no matter how little and ineffective against Russia’s military superiority.

Praising a move of no significance, what won’t transform Ukrainian defeat into triumph.

Yet according to NYT fake news:

“Ukrainians have performed well on the battlefield (sic) and used other sophisticated Western weapons capably (sic) and within limits set by their allies (sic).”

The vast majority of Ukrainian fighters are involuntary youths,  teens and middle-aged recruits.

They’re rushed to frontline positions with little or no training and outdated Soviet era small arms.

US and UK forces are operating more sophisticated weapons supplied, including HIMARS.

And notably they choose targets to strike.

Ukrainian troops are expendable cannon fodder. Half a million or more casualties occurred since late February.

And when tanks, Bradley and other armored vehicles arrive, they’re easy targets for Russian forces to spot, strike and destroy.

Earlier, Ukraine’s military commander, general Valery Zaluzhny said he needs about 300 tanks and 600 armored vehicles — numbers greater than at least most Western regimes have in their entire arsenals.

The numbers are clearly way more than he knows will be supplied.

In response to the Sunak regime’s announced intention to send Challenger tanks to Ukraine, UK Heritage Party leader, David Kurten, slammed him, tweeting:

He’s “wrong to send British tanks to Ukraine.”

“The UK should be trying to de-escalate the Ukraine conflict, not prolong it by supporting the corrupt, Nazi-infested Zelensky regime.”

Russia’s UK embassy also slammed the Sunak regime, saying:

Shipping “heavy armor to (Nazi-infested Ukraine’s) military is meant to serve as precedent and to persuade other, less belligerent Western countries to follow suit and provide their own tanks” to the Nazified regime.

And it’s “more proof of the UK authorities’ disdain for the lives of ordinary Ukrainians.”

“Bringing tanks to the conflict zone, far from drawing hostilities to a close, will only serve to intensify combat operations, generating more (Ukrainian) casualties.”

Their delivery “will hardly help the Ukrainian military turn the tide in the field.” 

And they’ll “become legitimate large-scale targets for Russian forces.”

Earlier in January, France’s Emmanuel Macron said his regime will send AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks to Ukraine in support of US-dominated NATO’s forever war on Russia.

Last September, Germany’s Olaf Scholz expressed opposition to sending tanks to Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg News on Friday:

“Germany will make a decision on sending Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine in the next week.”

“Germany will likely decide to supply the Leopards, according to two officials familiar with the government’s thinking.”

“Scholz may be willing to back down from his initial opposition to sending Leopard tanks or he may allow countries like Poland and Finland to re-export their own Leopards to Ukraine, a move that require(s) Berlin’s consent.” 

Last Thursday, German vice chancellor, Robert Habeck, and justice minister, Marco Buschmann, expressed support for sending Leopard 1 or 2 tanks to Ukrainian Nazis.

Most likely they’ll be forthcoming in support of hegemon USA’s perpetual war on Russia.

A Final Comment

Perversion of reality like pro-Nazi propaganda by The Atlantic pretends that “time is on Ukraine’s side (sic).” 

Ignoring the regime’s virtual defeat, its battered and degraded military close to collapse, the propaganda piece turned reality on its head, saying:

“The Ukrainians will win if they keep getting better weapons (sic).”

No responsible editors would permit publication of this rubbish.

No further elaboration is needed.


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  1. I hope when the tanks arrive there you will be able to report on their destruction.
    It will be funny to watch Russia destroy them all hopefully when the tanks are full of soldiers when they get hit.


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