Fake News by Hegemon USA-Controlled NATO

Since established in 1949 on the dubious pretext of preserving peace and security, the US-controlled military alliance has first and foremost been for offense, not defense, for aggression, not protecting against it.

Lurching from one preemptive war to another against nonthreatening invented enemies, NATO is an unparalleled threat to world peace, stability and humanity’s survival.

On Sunday, European Parliament member, Mick Wallace, slammed the alliance, tweeting:

“NATO was formed by (the empire of lies) to keep European (vassals) subservient to (its) imperialism.”

The vast majority of people everywhere “want peace, not war.” 

“They want an end to US/NATO proxy war.”

Croatian President, Zoran Milanovic, earlier accused US-dominated NATO of waging proxy war on Russia in Ukraine.

The war-making alliance is also a lying machine.

What it called “setting the record straight” on all things Russia and Ukraine turned truth on its head and trampled on it for good measure.

Aggression is how hegemon USA and its NATO vassals operate, not Russia as it falsely claimed.

Russia is worlds apart from “the most significant and direct threat to (the) security…peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area,” as the war-making alliance falsely claimed.

What it called “Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine (sic)” began in 2014 against Donbass freedom fighters and civilians by regime Nazis, not February last year.

And saying that “NATO does not seek confrontation (sic) and poses no threat to Russia (sic)” is belied by its perpetual war on humanity worldwide.

What it called “Russian threats and actions” ignored its UN Charter right of self-defense, the right of all nations.

And calling hegemon USA-led NATO war on Russia in Ukraine a “myth” is belied by indisputable reality otherwise.

Saying “NATO is not at war with Russia, and we do not seek confrontation with Russia” are bald-faced Big Lies.

What it called “Ukraine(’s) right to self-defense” ignored nearly 9 years of aggression by its dominant Nazis since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

What it called “strictly defensive measures” in cahoots with Ukrainian Nazis has been and continues to be aggression at the risk of full-blown conflict with nonthreatening Russia.

And saying that NATO member states “have a responsibility to ensure the conflict does not escalate and spread beyond Ukraine” ignores where things are heading.

And this bald-faced Big Lie, falsely claiming:

“NATO (meaning the US never) promised Russia it would not expand after the Cold War (sic).”

In February 1990, Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, James Baker, told Russia’s Mikhail Gorbachev that US-dominated NATO would not move an inch east of Poland’s Oder River.

According to the UN Charter, the Charter for European Security and other international law, no nations may legally claim dominant positions in the Euro-Atlantic region or anywhere else.

Yet throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, US-dominated Western regimes pursued their own extrajudicial interests at the expense of other nations, the rule of law and world peace.

US-dominated NATO threatens everyone everywhere because of its perpetual wars on invented enemies.

In 1975 when the Helsinki Final Act was signed, US President Gerald Ford said the following:

“History will judge this conference not by what we say here today, but by what we do tomorrow – not by the promises we make, but by the promises we keep.”

The empire of lies flagrantly breached most everything it agreed to in defiance of the rule of law it long ago abandoned.

Separately, claiming that NATO is not aggressive, poses no threat to Russia and exists “to protect our members” left unexplained that their only threats are invented.

Throughout its near-75 year history, they’ve been no foreign threats of war or other hostile actions against alliance members.

So they were invented to justify what’s indisputably unjustifiable.

Nations free from US-dominated NATO control are targeted for regime change by the empire of lies and forever wars — notably Russia, China and Iran, nations threatening no one.

And notably since the 9/11 mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time, hegemon USA-dominated NATO raped and destroyed Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

In the 1990s, the former Yugoslavia was dismembered and destroyed in similar fashion.

And since 2014, the empire of lies and its NATO vassals have been waging war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers, ones their ruling regimes don’t give a damn about.

And according to the Kremlin, Ukrainian killing fields “offered (hegemon USA) and its (vassals) an opportunity to study how their own weapons systems perform” in real time on the battlefield.

An unnamed Western intelligence source said the following about Ukraine.

Its territory is “absolutely a weapons lab in every sense because none of this equipment has ever actually been used in a war between two industrially developed nations.” 

What’s going on is “real-world battle testing.”

And this reality check by Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, saying:

“Ukraine (was) picked (by the US-dominated West) as an instrument (for waging) hybrid war against Russia.”

And this from Russia’s Human Rights Commissioner, Tatyana Moskalkova, explaining:

“I received this chilling footage on January 14 from relatives of captured Russian servicemen Vladislav Kovalenko and Piotr Krikunov.”

“Using unknown accounts, anonymous non-humans show mothers scenes of their sons being tortured, and threaten to kill them if they do not receive a ransom.”

“Yet more evidence for the future tribunal (for the prosecution of Ukrainian) Nazis!” 

A Final Comment

MSM-proliferated fake news falsely accused Russia of killing and injuring scores of Ukrainian civilians in a Dnipr apartment building last Saturday.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT called for Russia “to be charged with war crimes” — for an incident it had nothing to do with.

The Kremlin refuted false accusations, spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying:

“Russian armed forces have not been delivering strikes on residential buildings or social infrastructure facilities.”

“Military targets — both evident and obscure — have been attacked.”

“You could see statements by some (Kiev) officials about th(e) (Dnipr) tragedy having been caused by (a regime) air defense” missile.

Time and again, Russia is falsely blamed for regime war crimes and incidents like what happened in Dnipr.

Instead of setting the record straight, MSM press agents for imperial rampaging push one Big Lie after another about US-invented enemies like Russia.


4 thoughts on “Fake News by Hegemon USA-Controlled NATO

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  1. Western Europe is the First Beast, UK-USA is the Second Beast as per Book of Revelation imagery. Both Beasts are under the control of the Vatican, which in turn is controlled by the Jesuits (aka Pharisees).

    All are run by Babylonian Talmudic Jews exploiting the Bible for pecuniary benefits just like what the ancient Pharisees did. The Third World had a saying: “When the Europeans came, they had the Bible and we had the land.”

    The stakes have not changed. Just ask Russia and China, both being readied for dismemberment.


  2. Brian Berletic from The New Atlas was on this Tuesday’s live stream of “The Duran.” A big conclusion was it is about the existence of NATO vs the existence of Russia where of course Ukraine is doomed.

    Another point on The Duran was China began producing their own aircraft engines. Where the West once controlled the market, China will be selling aircraft and engines to The Rest who are becoming One.


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