The Mother of All State-Sponsored Big Lies

The Pharma-controlled WHO’s agenda is more about destroying public health than protecting it.

At a time when there’s only a pandemic of the jabbed around, if its proposed Pandemic Treaty is adopted, it’ll be empowered to continue the current fake one and invent new ones at its discretion.

It’ll be able to impose health and freedom-destroying lockdowns, as well as most likely be empowered to mandate kill shots for employment, education and overall access to public places — no matter their health-destroying harm.

Since mass-jabbing began over two years ago, everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

Millions died, the human toll mounting exponentially as long as the mother of all state-sponsored, health-destroying scams continues.

The agency’s head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a Pharma-linked con man committed to the destruction of public health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

The WHO’s website is infested with bald-faced Big Lies.

It falsely called kill shots “safe and effective (sic).”

It lied claiming that they “provide strong protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from” flu/covid when indisputable reality is the other way around.

Boosters are worst of all by either being more toxic than jabs and rejabs or by compounding their toxicity with an added dose.

And nothing remotely justifies social distancing as pushed by the WHO.

Or is it necessary to obsessively scrub hands as it urged.

It lied claiming that if jabbed and contract flu/covid, “you are more likely to have mild or no symptoms than if you hadn’t been” jabbed.

Another Big Lie is calling flu/covid jabs “vaccines.”

They’re inadequately tested, rushed to market, experimental DNA-altering toxins.

Their widespread use unleashed a tsunami of most every imaginable disease.

According to analysis by Sucharit Bhakdi MD, Karina Reiss PhD, and Michael Palmer MD:

“(T)he utter failure of (flu/covid jabs) to prevent (flu/covid) infection is today solidly documented.”

“The assertion that LNP-packaged mRNA remains at the site of injection is by now widely known to be a blatant untruth.”

“These (jabs) rapidly spread from the site of injection to lymph nodes and (by) blood circulation” enter all bodily organs — destroying health.

And the spike protein in jabs “promote(s) blood-clotting and inflammation.”

“The disaster unfolding before our eyes could be, and was, predicted from first principles of immunology.”

Kill shots bear responsibility for an explosion of sudden death syndrome among healthy individuals in all age groups and fetal deaths, including harm to women of child-bearing age.

Yet the WHO defied science by falsely claiming that the following kill shots “met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy (sic):” 


Johnson and Johnson









Any one of the above kill shots can cause one or more serious diseases or sudden death.

Virtually everything pushed by the WHO on all things flu/covid is with destroying health in mind.

On January 13, its latest flu/covid guidelines push the following:

Masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm.

PCR tests that virtually always are false when positive because they’re run at a high-cycle to falsely turn out this way.

So testing positive is meaningless.

Producing large-scale numbers of positive results facilitates fear-mongering.

Along with MSM bribed with big bucks to lie, the WHO is in the vanguard of the diabolical state-sponsored plot to destroy public health worldwide.

Protecting it requires common sense and shunning everything recommended by the WHO, the CDC, the Biden regime’s kill shot coordinator and MSM.

They’re pushing fake news about flu/covid spreading across the US nationwide, falsely citing new more scariant than variants in defiance of practically no difference among viral strains.

The Pharma-controlled CDC defied reality by falsely claiming a high rate of hospitalizations from flu/covid.

What’s “diagnosed” as flu/covid is falsified time and again to artificially inflate numbers.

And claiming that for the week ending on January 4, flu/covid deaths increased by 44% is fake news because of deliberate misdiagnoses.

So-called analysis by the Biotot Network of Wastewater Treatment Plants is part of the problem —  falsely hyping the alleged threat from so-called BQ.1.1, BQ.1 and XBB.1.5 more scariant than variants.

And anyone claiming that “boosters make a difference” ignores the reality that they significantly increase health destruction instead of the other way around.

Bivalent boosters may be most hazardous of all. 

Shunning them is crucial to avoid their ability to destroy health.

Flu/covid jabs, rejabs and boosters are working as planned.

As long as mass-jabbing continues, the human toll will keep mounting exponentially. 

A Final Comment

Wikipedia is a truth-suppressor on key issues like all things related to flu/covid.

It mocked what it called “Big Pharma conspiracy theories,” denying how they “operate for sinister purposes,” suppressing the reality of ineffective, health-destroying flu/covid jabs.

Some “conspiracy theories” lack credibility.

What relates to flu/covid isn’t one of them.

Millions of casualties, including sudden deaths, they caused are real but concealed by Wiki, anti-public health agencies MSM and Pharma.

There’s no ambiguity about public health destruction by kill shots.

It’s one of many reasons why Pharma is the most hated US industry — a killing machine for maximum profits by toxic mass-jabbing designed to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted billions of people.

And there’s no ambiguity about how US/Western regimes operate.

They’re mortal enemies of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

They go all-out to destroy what just societies hold most dear.

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  1. pharmaceutical mafias and governments are killing the public As this is an act of terrorism against the populace The military should arrest the perpetrators. Sadly the corruption runs deeply therefore the killings will continue.


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