Killer Jab! Killer Meat? Killer Food Overall?

US/Western regimes want you dead.

What’s unthinkable is reality.

That’s what toxic mass-jabbing is all about.

There’s no ambiguity about it.

They target us will kill shots and in ways beyond our control.

According to, the Biden regime may contaminate meat with toxic health-destroying mRNA proteins by mass-jabbing cattle.

Contaminating other animals used for human consumption in similar fashion may follow to destroy health instead of providing nourishment.

US/Western regimes are hellbent to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people.

Of course, we won’t oblige them voluntarily so they’ll push their agenda by whatever diabolical ways they believe will work.

These people are pure evil, their agenda worse than the scourge of history’s worst despots.

If we don’t do all we can in self-defense, we’re lambs to the slaughter.

At the ongoing predators ball in Davos, mass-extermination of maximum numbers of people is surely on the agenda — most likely discussing new ways to achieve it.

Mass-jabbing mass-murder was years in the making before the most diabolical war on humanity was rolled out at end of 2019.

And what followed is history, millions killed worldwide, everyone jabbed irreparably harmed by toxins designed to penetrate and destroy all bodily organs necessary to sustain life.

Maybe the entire food supply is earmarked for health-destroying contamination — other than what’s set aside for monied interests and other ruling elites.

That’s the diabolical agenda pursued by US/Western dark forces.

You are what you eat was first mentioned nearly 200 years ago in 1826 by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, saying: 

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”

In 1942, health food/weight loss pioneer, Victor Lindlahr, stressed:

“You are what you eat.”

That reality is more than ever relevant because of state-sponsored mass-murder by kill shots.

Separately last Sunday, the warned of the link between Pfizer’s toxic bivalent kill shots and ischemic stroke among people aged-65 and older within about three weeks of being jabbed.

The Pharma-controlled CDC and FDA are investigating the risk with likely intent to downplay it.

Flu/covid jabs across the board pose a high risk of life-threatening blood clots, as well as contracting heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases.

They should never have been authorized and should be banned straightaway.

They’re designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

Yet the mother of all state-sponsored crimes against humanity is proceeding as planned.

Dark forces responsible for what’s going on and their MSM press agents lost the public’s trust and can never regain it.

They’re enemies of humanity beyond the pure evil of their most wicked predecessors.

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  1. “Ohh… NO ! YES ! CONDOMS Contain Reduced GRAPHENE Oxide (Quinta Columna) [FRA Subs.]” is a 9:13 video showing graphene oxide in condoms. It is on the “world orders review” channel on Bitchute and link was blocked twice already.

    THEY are trying to kill you and everything you have ever been told is a lie.


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