Unsafe at Any Altitude

Flu/covid mass-jabbing transformed flying into a life-threatening experience.

On its website, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lied by claiming that it “provid(es) the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world (sic).”

Maybe before the roll out of health-destroying kill shots, clearly not since October 2022.

Researcher Steve Kirsch explained the following:

Last October, the FAA did the unthinkable.

Its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners “widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range…by a lot.”

Nearly all major airlines mandate flu/covid jabs for flight crew.

If a jabbed pilot and co-pilot become incapacitated in flight, all aboard will likely perish — followed by coverup of why it happened.

The risk should give airline passengers pause ahead of boarding their next flight.

The health of every jabbed pilot and co-pilot was irreparably harmed.

Kirsch estimates that “over 50 million Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from” one or more kill shots.

Jabbed individuals comprise the great majority of individuals becoming ill and hospitalized from flu/covid, as well as contracting one or more other serious diseases.

Their risk of sudden death increased exponentially.

Yet the system was rigged to keep the medical industrial complex, especially Pharma, free from liability.

So when kill shots destroy your health, you cannot sue for damages.

Nor can your next of kin or other relatives sue guilty parties if you become a sudden death casualty.

Next time you board a commercial flight, know the risk.

Chances are that both pilot and co-pilot were jabbed, as well as other flight crew members.

So they were irreparably harmed.

If become disabled in flight, you and others onboard most likely won’t survive.

Pharma, the HHS, CDC, FDA, other anti-public health agencies and their MSM press agents are your mortal enemies for wanting you eliminated by kill shots.

How much longer will the mother of all state-sponsored health-destroying scams continue unabated?

As damning evidence of harm from kill shots, and all else flu/covid, mounts, will public opposition mount with it?

Separately on Tuesday, Madhava Setty, MD slammed the Pharma-controlled CDC for downplaying the serious risk of ischemic stroke from Pfizer’s bivalent kill shot, especially in individuals aged-65 and older.

Like other Pharma-controlled anti-public health agencies, the CDC is a mortal enemy of healthcare as it should be provided.

And this reality check from a Canadian Flu/Covid Care Alliance.

Focusing on three women — Arlene, Kelly-Sue and Meredith — the CCCA stressed how kill shots irreparably damaged their health.

On of the three, Meredith, got jabbed in spite of her “gut instinct” to shun it.

Shortly after being jabbed, she experienced skin irritation problems.

After a second jab, “everything went downhill,” she stressed, adding:

She began experiencing muscle spasms.

Her left ear became and remained plugged.

She now suffers from hip problems, and muscle problems in her left leg, and her lower lip periodically swells.

She calls what she’s enduring “the scariest experience of (her) life.”

And her ordeal includes extreme exhaustion and late in the day vision problems.

Her gut instinct was confirmed the hard way.

Flu/covid jabs are not safe and effective as officially claimed.

Another jab victim, Kelly-Sue, said she awakens some mornings unsure of where she is from memory loss.

After a second jab, her vision was impaired and she endured life-threatening strokes.

“When I close my eyes, I don’t know…if I am going to wake up…or if I’m going to wake up and not know who I am,” she explained, adding:

“I’m fighting for my life…That’s all I can do.”

Jab victim Arlene experienced significantly high “inflammation markers,” what’s symptomatic of possible lupus or another autoimmune disease.

After a second jab, one of her legs began buckling.

Her other leg got weaker, and she began to randomly fall.

Yet everything she was tested for was negative.

No longer able to work because of failing health, she stressed the following:

Jabbing and rejabbing her “was not informed consent,” adding:

“We did not know all the adverse events.”

Since mass-jabbing began over two years ago, countless millions were irreversibly harmed.

Millions more likely perished, their cause of death concealed.


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  1. Kirsh offered to pay for heart test for all the pilots. Greg Hunter has said the military is short 1700 pilots and that goes back a few months. The military is being destroyed no matter what Monopoly Media does not say. There is no talk of what the CONvid looting did to Social Security or what the extra millions on disability did to SS since the disability fund excesses have been charged against SS for several years since disability fund went bankrupt. There is no talk of the medical system collapsing to the real reason for the employee shortage.


  2. Just a hunch that the Yeti Airlines Flight 691 crash in Pokhara, Nepal 2 days ago in perfect weather could be due to incapacitated experienced pilot slumping from Covid-19 shots. Passenger video shows no sign of panic or airliner malfunction moments before the airliner rolled 90 degrees, left wing down, thus stalling and crashing the airliner.

    The ATR-72-500 prop airliner is easier to land and inherently less prone to stall because it is designed to fly at lower speeds, compared to jet airliners.

    A similar crash in good weather of a 10-month-old ATR-72-600, TransAsia Airways Flight 235 from Taipei to Kinmen on February 4, 2015 was due to an engine flameout immediately after takeoff but the remaining working engine was mistakenly shut down by the borderline-competent pilot who had earlier failed a simulator test for handling a flameout but passed a subsequent test. It rolled 90 degrees, left wing down, stalled and crashed.

    Why the crashed ATR-72-600 airliner computer allowed a remaining engine to be shut down or both crashed ATR-72 airliners to roll 90 degrees is beyond comprehension.


  3. FAA admits pilot EKGs are no longer normal in the era of mandatory covid vaccines

    Wednesday, January 18, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
    Tags: aviation, badhealth, badmedicine, big government, conspiracy, COVID, Dangerous Medicine, deception, EKG, FAA, Heart, medical violence, national security, pandemic, pilots, vaccine damage, Vaccine deaths, vaccine injury, vaccine wars, vaccines

    This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author
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    Image: FAA admits pilot EKGs are no longer normal in the era of mandatory covid vaccines

    (Natural News) Many people missed it because it was done secretly, but after the rollout of covid “vaccines” under Operation Warp Speed, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) changed the EKG parameter range for pilots to prevent them from being grounded.

    Since most pilots were forced to get injected in order to keep their jobs, the subsequent heart damage would have put many of them out of a career almost instantly had the FAA not made these changes.

    According to Steve Kirsch, who uncovered the change, the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners expands the EKG parameters for pilots from a PR max of 0.2 to 0.3 or even higher – potentially “unlimited.”


  4. In the recent video by Dr. Jane Ruby with George Webb, Webb spoke of flying to a hager in Miami and Steve Kircsh, who is big on the pilot heart problem was there. They were testing private pilots because pilots of private planes fly alone. Part of the loss of attendance at Davos has to be in part due to the pilot shortage.


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