Harvard’s Campus Is Hazardous to Health

In cahoots with genocidal US dark forces, Harvard requires students to be fully jabbed, including with the extremely toxic bivalent booster.

And multi-jabbing weakens and destroys the immune system, leaving jabbed individuals highly vulnerable to contracting one or more life-threatening diseases.

Harvard staff are required to provide proof of having gotten the primary series of flu/covid jabs.

While not mandatory at this time, everyone on campus is encouraged to be masked — falsely calling them “a valuable and effective method of preventing respiratory infection,” what indisputable science proved otherwise.

And it encourages testing, despite false results most every time when positive.

Yet if test positive, students are required to be isolated in their room.

They may not attend classes, use dining hall facilities or do laundry.

When leaving their room for any reasons allowed, they must wear “well-fitted face covering or mask” — what provides zero protection and risks respiratory harm.

They must notify dining services to “prepare meals for you in your designated meal pick-up location.”

They’re instructed to have others pick up mail and other items “to be dropped off at your door.”

If use a common bathroom, they’re instructed to be masked and “limit time (inside) to the minimum necessary.”

If live off-campus, “do not use public transportation.”

“Do not use a hotel for isolation.” 

“Do not put vulnerable people at risk of infection.”

“Have access to food, medicine/medical care, and supplies to last you at least five days.”

“If you choose to isolate elsewhere, please notify College Housing of your plans.”

Harvard, other colleges and universities transformed themselves from institutions of high education and learning to ones focusing on brainwashing indoctrination.

And draconian flu/covid related rules made them health-destroying prisons.

I haven’t visited my alma mater for many years.

Given today’s unacceptable reality, I never will again for any reason.

US/Western colleges and universities are hazardous to the lives and well being of students and staff on campus.

It’s hard to believe that things have descended to their current deplorable state — what’s all about social control and the destruction of health.

Harvard faculty and staff who support and enforce the above mandates, and what relates to them, are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Harvard epidemiology and public health professor, Michelle Williams, shares guilt for promoting what destroys health and well-being while pretending to protect it.

At the predators ball World Economic Forum, she promoted the fake pandemic instead of denouncing the state-sponsored fraud.

She claimed that what doesn’t exist “is not over (sic), far from it (sic).”

How much did Pharma pay her to spread the Big Lie?

How much did it take for her to put her soul and integrity up for sale?

Spreading Big Lies about kill shots and all else flu/covid related fear-mongered got most people to go along with what unwittingly destroys health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

The myth of a pandemic with more of the same to follow gave dark force globalists a perfect tool for pushing their diabolical agenda — most people manipulated to go along with the biggest of Big Lies instead of questioning and rejecting them.

Yet increasing numbers of people reject mass-jabbing, masking and all else pushed with destroying public health in mind.

There’s no chance of getting US/Western dark forces to change their wicked ways.

Our best defense is for most people to just say no.

As for my long ago esteemed alma mater, it’s no longer a fit place because education was abandoned in favor of social control and destruction of public health.


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