Rule by Pharma Profiteers and Pentagon War-Makers

Pharma is the most hated US industry group, according to Gallup.

A revolving door exists between Pharma firms and US anti-public health agencies.

US ruling regimes serve their interests at the expense of public health and well-being.

US deaths from prescription drugs far exceed numbers from war-making.

Pre-2020, they were the third leading cause of US deaths.

After kill shots were rolled out, they’re far and away the leading cause of deaths in the country.

According to researcher Donald Light in 2014:

“Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved.”

Even when prescribed, they’re responsible for “about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year.”

“Adverse reactions to prescription drugs in the US and Europe cause about 328,000 patients (to) die…each year.”

According to stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D:

“Pharmaceutical drugs kill about 300,000 people a year” in the US.

“Yet (there’s) a ‘War on Drugs’ which kills less than 30,000 people a year.”

“(W)e have a ‘War’ because 30,000 people die…but 300,000, that’s just (dirty) business as usual.”

The world’s richest country USA has one of the least healthy populations because sickness is profitable, not the other way around.

Americans have shorter lifespans, more illnesses and injuries — despite around double the per capita amount spent on healthcare compared to other developed countries.

It has one of the highest per capita rates of infant mortality, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, respiratory illnesses and other illnesses.

The incidence of premature births in the US for lack of proper care is much like in underdeveloped countries.

In most all health categories, including chronic illnesses affecting half the population, the US ranks poorly. 

A combination of processed foods and hazardous GMOs, further contaminated by pesticides, unsafe air and water, along with toxic drugs harms countless millions in the US annually.

In cahoots with Pharma, large hospital chains, and insurers, US regimes prioritize profits over health because the latter is unprofitable.

According to the Vaccine Reaction on Tuesday:

The US “is the most (over)-medicated country in the world, with 70 percent of Americans using at least one prescription drug daily.” 

It “also has the highest rates of obesity, heart disease, childhood illness, and autoimmune disease, yet it touts its healthcare and medical research as the best in the world.”

Health-promoting lifestyle choices get short shrift.

A “pill for every ill” can be self-destructive.

Pharma today heads the medical industrial complex.

The opioid crisis is an example of the industry’s ability to destroy health.

Yet kill shots way exceed its destructive power.

Former New England Journal of Medicine editor-in-chief, Marcia Angell MD, cited a poll showing that 94% of physicians receive Pharma payouts.

Conflicts of interests between physicians and pharma “have serious consequences,” she stressed.

The deplorable state of things hit rock bottom with the rollout of kill shots.

Industry groupings reported on by Gallup don’t include merchants of death and human misery.

The big five — Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon — profit hugely from mass slaughter and destruction by war-making.

Yet they contribute nothing socially redeeming.

Their products don’t benefit oppressed people or advance peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

They further US imperial rampaging over the other way around.

If Gallup included the industry among others on its list of most liked or despite groups, merchants of death might share bottom ranking with Pharma.

The products of both industries harm countless millions while their producers prioritize profits above all else.

Humans are the only species that devours its own and others in the way of their rage for power, privilege and profits.

Their destructive power may kill us all.

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