Mass-Murder by Flu/Covid Kill Shots

In his latest video, eminent scholar/physician Dr. Vernon Coleman explained the following, an issue I discussed in earlier articles:

Hospitals in the US/West “have become death camps.”

“Many doctors and nurses abandoned their healing roles and have become murderers.”

Examples abound about how patients are killed instead of getting health-promoting treatment that hospitals are supposed to provide.

Noting the case of an elderly woman hospitalized after suffering a stroke, Coleman stressed that individuals “who’ve had (them) can make a full recovery.”

Yet it takes time and proper treatment.

The woman he cited was denied both, Coleman explaining:

“The hospital staff killed (her) because stroke victims can take months to recover.”

“They didn’t want a woman over 70 using a bed on one of their wards.” 

“Beds have been in short supply in British hospitals for years.”

“There are fewer beds than bureaucrats.”

“And it wasn’t manslaughter either.”

“By any definition, it was pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder of one human being by another.”

“What else would you call it when a patient in hospital is killed without their consent, without the consent of relatives and without the consent of a court of law?”

“Nor was this incident rare.”

And what’s increasingly commonplace in Britain is the disturbing reality throughout the West and elsewhere, especially in the US where the medical industrial complex is bribed with big bucks to eliminate millions of unwanted people.

Coleman explained that “much the same thing is happening every day in hospitals around the world.” 

“Staff put patients to sleep in the same way that a vet might put a dog or cat to sleep.”

“They kill patients whom they think might need a good deal of nursing or medical care.”

In early 2020, Coleman was one of the first medical experts to warn “that one of the reasons for (flu)covid fraud was to find an excuse to kill the elderly and to save billions on pension payments.”

In the run-up to and after kill shots were rolled out, things have never been the same.

State-sponsored mass-murder became official policy throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

As a well-advanced in years senior, I dread possible hospitalization if the need arises at a time when hospitals are virtual roach motels for the elderly and others needing extensive treatment. 

As the TV commercial once said, “(r)oaches check in but don’t check out.”

In the US, Medicare and Medicaid transformed themselves into MediKill.

Hospitals profit hugely by colluding with US dark forces in committing cold-blooded mass-murder of the unwanted.

Coleman explained that in hospitals throughout the US/West and elsewhere, the “palliative care ward (is a virtual) death camp (for) the elderly” and others unwanted.

A “do not resuscitate” designation is a virtual license to kill.

At this time, it applies most often to individuals aged-70 and over, as well as to the disabled or chronically ill.

Coleman explained that in some hospitals today, “anyone over 65 is vulnerable,” adding:

“Soon it will be anyone over 60. And then it’ll be anyone over 50.”

“And then the slippery slope gets ever steeper.”

“Doctors and nurses – who have the power of death over life – are murdering people every day in our hospitals.”

“And no one gives a damn.”

No accountability exists.

Today’s dismal reality is why “anyone over 60, or anyone ill, should do everything they can to keep out of hospitals.”

“And, if they have to go in to do everything they can to get out.”

Among developed nations, the empire of lies and Britain are worst of all.

Throughout the West, the medical industrial complex and MSM co-conspirators lied repeatedly “to sell us a fake pandemic and a dangerous drug that never did what it was said to do,” Coleman stressed.

Since 2020, “the medical profession became obsessed with covid even though it was provably nothing more than the rebranded flu.”

“It(’s) the most over-promoted scare in history; a deliberately created fake pandemic.”

“Doctors and nurses were either too stupid or too greedy to see the truth.”

“And they became part of the biggest crime in history.”

“They became professional killers – assassins working for the conspirators.”

“They created a fake pandemic out of ordinary annual flu by claiming that everyone who tested positive for covid – and subsequently died was a covid victim.”

“They used a test, the PCR test, which everyone knew didn’t work, and hospitals in many countries received a cash bonus for every covid diagnosis they made.”

“They were bribed to lie.”

“In the US, hospitals are given $13,000 for every patient they diagnosed with covid.”

“If a patient (is) put on a ventilator, the hospital received a bonus of $39,000.”

“What a surprise that so many patients” were needlessly put on them – what ended their lives instead of preserving them.

“Anyone who (claims that there’s been) a pandemic (since) 2020 is a fool or a liar. Or both.”

“Anyone who says the (flu)covid jab is necessary, effective and safe is a fool or a liar.”

Coleman is willing to debate anyone on live television, but no one is willing to take him up on the offer on this issue — for obvious reasons.

Pre-2020, he was sought as a valued guest on British television and radio to discuss health issues.

Now he’s virtually persona non grata because of his truth-telling straight-talk on kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

“I’m banned from all TV and radio,” he stressed. 

“And I’m banned from most of the internet too, simply for telling the truth.”

“I’m banned because they know damned well I’m right and it’s important to protect the lies to keep the conspiracy alive.”

“Today, previously healthy people all over the world are dropping like flies” from kill shots designed to destroy health.

“Distrust (ruling regimes). Avoid (lying machine) mass media.”

“Fight the lies.”

“These are the most dangerous times in history.”

Ruling regimes throughout the US/West and elsewhere are mortal enemies of most people.

They serve the privileged few exclusively at the expense of the general welfare.

Coleman calls himself “an old man in a chair.”

He’s a glorious truth-telling heroic figure and medical expert.

He’s not alone.

Worlds apart from a voice in the wilderness, growing numbers of medical and scientific experts share his truth-telling views on the most important cutting-edge issue of all-time.

Add your voice to theirs!


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  1. “Ryan Cole Interview by Aga Wilson” is a 33:07 video at It is on the video page for Children’s Heath Defense Europe. CAF has an interview on that page and she is a big supporter of CHD.

    Kennedy was an advisor to Savior Trump before Kill Gates did him in. Trump could not dismiss the total integrity of Kennedy or nor not recognize his knowledge on the harms of vaxxxines. With one call he could know all things.

    Trump is in on it. THEY are all in on it.

    Good luck seeing the other side of the injection treason.


  2. Mythlander conversions only go one way.

    In (the Great) Injection Rejection vs Vaxxxines, conversions will only go one way.

    There is a popular meme carrying the greatest conclusion regarding protection by injection and it is “There is no such thing as a safe and effective vaxxxine.”

    Terrence McKenna defined meme as the shortest expression of an idea. “”There is no such thing as a safe and effective vaxxxine.” is the ultimate conclusion. It is also a litmus test for Mythlanders/television mind.


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