MSM: a Ministry of Propaganda for Their Ruling Regimes

Virtually everything MSM report on major domestic and geopolitical issues is state-approved propaganda.

According to Gallup polling results last October:

“At 34%, Americans’ trust in the mass media to report the news ‘fully, accurately and fairly’ is…just two points higher…than the lowest that Gallup (earlier) recorded” during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

“Just 7% of Americans have a “great deal” of trust in MSM — for good reason.

It’s a collective lying machine for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging.

For the first time since Gallup began reporting on this issue, the percent of Americans with no trust in MSM is greater than those “with a great deal or a fair amount combined.”

It’s because MSM are instruments of state-approved propaganda rubbish instead of journalism as it should be.

Truth and full disclosure on major issues are virtually banned in its fake news reports.

Individuals who rely on MSM for news, information and opinion are brainwashed to know nothing about what’s most crucial to their rights and well-being.

WaPo’s longtime CIA asset, David Ignatius, operates as a State Department mouthpiece.

His so-called reporting consistently fails to pass the smell test.

Interviewing unindicted war criminal, interventionist Blinken at the State Department on Monday, the latter said the following:

“Vladimir Putin failed in his attempt to erase Ukraine.”

What’s clearly not Russia’s aim, its liberating SMO is all about protecting Russia’s security from the scourge of resurgent Nazism on its border in belligerent form.

On the eve of its SMO, Putin explained the following:

US-orchestrated and directed war on Donbass by Kiev had been ongoing since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Last February, “(t)he situation in Donbass reached a critical, acute stage.”

“A stable statehood never developed in Ukraine” since the coup.

“Its electoral and other political procedures just serve as cover, a screen for the redistribution of power and property (among) various oligarchic clans.”

“Corruption, which is certainly a challenge and a problem for many countries, including Russia, has gone beyond the usual scope in Ukraine.” 

“It literally permeate(s) and corrode(s) (the former nation-state), the entire system, and all branches of power.”

Its territory is infested with US-controlled Nazis.

It’s politically, economically, financially and morally bankrupt.

Without billions of dollars of US/Western aid, things would likely collapse in chaos.

Gestapo tactics crack down on speech, media, academic and other fundamental freedoms.

Everything Russia related is banned by draconian diktats.

The regime’s military strategy prioritizes belligerent confrontation with Russia.

All of the above and what relates to it forced Russia to act defensively against the threat posed by the scourge of Nazism along its border.

Because of tyrannical rule, millions of Ukrainians fled cross-border to be free and find work.

Those remaining have been grievously mistreated, including teen-aged to 60 year-old men — conscripted as cannon fodder for aggression against Russia.

Anyone opposed to tyrannical rule risks arrest, prosecution, imprisonment or assassination.

Russia’s SMO is in full compliance with UN Charter principles.

Yet according to perversion of reality by Ignatius and interventionist Blinken, premeditated Ukrainian aggression is self-defense.

Blinken’s so-called Ukrainian endgame strategy is no end to perpetual US war on Russia by hot and other means.

He lied claiming that he and other Biden regime hardliners are “determin(ed) to avoid military conflict with Russia” — what’s been ongoing indirectly and directly for nearly 9 years.

He lied as well claiming that battered and beaten Ukraine is “pulveriz(ing)” Russian forces when there’s no ambiguity about things being the other way around.

Not is there any doubt about how Russian forces are triumphing decisively against the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Not according to Blinken’s perversion of reality, falsely calling its successful campaign a “colossal failure (sic).”

What he falsely called Russian “aggression” is how the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis operate — clearly not the Russian Federation.

It warrants repeating what I stressed before.

Arms to Ukraine of every shape and kind are having no impact on Russia’s ability to smash the scourge of US/Western-supported Nazism infesting its territory.

Blinken defied reality by falsely claiming otherwise.

The US-created monster and its military are teetering toward collapse.

Pretense otherwise by hegemon USA and its NATO vassals can’t change reality on the ground.

And claiming that “all decisions must ultimately be made by Ukraine” ignored US control of the puppet regime it installed to serve its imperial interests.

Detached from reality Zelensky is a buffoon front man in Ukraine for his US master.

And this Ignatius perversion of reality, falsely claiming that “Russia is checked by NATO’s overwhelming power (sic).”

Reality is the other way around.

Russia is militarily superior to the US and other Western regimes.

Its liberating SMO has been using a small fraction of its military might.

It’s super-weapons way exceed the best in the West — developed and produced at a small fraction of waste, fraud and abuse by the empire of lies.

Russia’s aim in the restoration of peace and stability to central Europe, what hegemon USA, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis shattered — not the other way around as Ignatius falsely claimed.

Operating as a mouthpiece for US imperial rampaging, he supports its aggression against one invented enemy after another.

Journalism as it should be is absent in all his state-approved propaganda reports.

The same reality applies to MSM across the board.

Following their rubbish assures being brainwashed to know nothing.

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