Lurching Toward WW III

Unthinkable global war appears increasing inevitable.

For the empire of lies, Russia cannot be allowed to defeat Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Yet that’s precisely what’s happening with no prospect of turning its defeat into triumph.

It was reality on day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO.

There’s no prospect of preventing Russia from slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

It’s practically accomplished already.

In desperation because of at least half a million casualties for a lost cause, the US-installed Zelensky regime is forcibly conscripting teen-agers and middle-aged men for frontline combat duty as cannon fodder for advancing Russian forces.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are desperate.

They cannot defeat superior Russian tactical and military strength, but can’t afford to lose — especially not after the empire of lies invested well over $100 billion dollars in its Ukraine project.

So what’s likely ahead?

Is WW III with nukes coming?

Are lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum crazy enough to use them against Russia in a hail Mary attempt to achieve what’s unwinnable?

Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

In response to the pledge by US/Western regimes to send tanks to Ukraine, Russia’s envoy to Germany, Sergei Nechayev, said the following:

“This extremely dangerous decision takes the conflict to a new level of confrontation and contradicts the statements of German politicians about the unwillingness of the Federal Republic of Germany to be drawn into it” more than already, adding:

“It destroys the remnants of mutual trust, causes irreparable damage to the already deplorable state of Russian-German relations, and casts doubt on the possibility of their normalization in the foreseeable future.”

The prospect of normalization between Russia and the US-controlled West is virtually zero.

A virtual state of preemptive war exists by hegemon USA and its NATO vassals against Russia.

And the risk of it going nuclear is perilously close to crossing a red line of no return.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, acknowledged the reality of increased “direct involvement (of US/Western regimes) in waging war on Russia.

Germany’s Russophobic foreign minister, Baerbock, admitted what’s indisputable, saying:

Berlin and other Western regimes are “fighting a war against Russia.”

Former Putin advisor, Sergey Karaganov, said the following in response to Western tanks being supplied to Ukrainian Nazis:

“By sending (them), NATO (regimes) are becoming more openly involved in the war, and that makes them potential targets.”

According to retired US army Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Thursday:

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals are not “prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally.”

“Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow.”

The Biden regime and congressional Russophobes “underestimated Russia’s societal cohesion, its latent military potential, and relative immunity to Western economic sanctions.”

They bit off more than they can chew in challenging Russia’s military superiority and commitment to protect the Motherland from foreign aggression.

US/NATO “war against Russia is failing,” Macgregor stressed.

Chances of turning its defeat into triumph is virtually zero.

Half a million or more Ukrainian casualties “fatally weakened” the US-installed and controlled regime.

What little remains of its “defensive posture will likely shatter under the crushing weight of attacking Russian forces in the next few weeks.”

The regime’s “materiel losses are equally severe, (including) thousands of tanks and armored infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems, air defense platforms, and weapons of all calibers.”

And no matter how many more arms packages are sent by US/NATO regimes to Ukrainian Nazis, reality on the ground is unchanged.

Russia is triumphing over the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

And there’s nothing the collective West can do to turn things around.

Will the empire of lies go nuclear trying?

Its frustration over the inability to prevent Russia from slaying the Ukraine monster “is rapidly giving way to desperation,” Macgregor explained.

NATO members are divided over the US-dominated war-making alliance “crusade (attempt) to fatally weaken Russia.”

Yet dominant Biden regime hardliners and NATO vassals are pushing things increasingly toward nuclear war against Russia in a futile attempt to turn defeat of Ukraine into triumph.

Will their imperial arrogance destroy planet earth and all its lifeforms?

Is WW III with nukes inevitable?

What’s unthinkable is growing more likely.

Heaven help us all before a rubicon of no return is crossed. 

A Final Comment

Nominally headed by a mumbling, bumbling imposter, a detached from reality buffoon who requires crib notes and an ear piece for instructions, the illegitimate Biden regime is the most recklessly dangerous one in US history.

Run by supporters of Nazism, it’s at war by hot and other means against Russia with intent to attack China in similar fashion ahead.

Will its dominant lunatics kill us all in pursuit of their diabolical agenda?

What’s unthinkable is increasingly possible, maybe likely.

The empire of lies more greatly threatens humanity than the worst of history’s most evil regimes, especially with undemocratic Dems in charge.

Unless challenged and replaced, they may destroy us by kill shots, nuclear war, or both. 

5 thoughts on “Lurching Toward WW III

Add yours

  1. Russia said “depleted uranium” from the US would be considered dirty bombs and would be treated accordingly.

    Depleted uranium is of course not depleted and is nuclear weaponry. As Ken Wheeler says, depleted uranium is called lead.


  2. The Russians better retaliate immediately. When nato fires the first DU shell absolutely destroy them. Hit them in their countries as well as the ones in ukraine. Why this has not already happened is beyond me. They better do something or they will indeed lose.


    1. It’s because putin and others in the Kremlin are crybabies. The more they complain the weaker Russia looks and the more aggressive nato becomes. They need someone brutal like Stalin.


  3. Let’s see; Jews run “Nazi Infested” Ukraine, installed in a coup by US State Dept. Jews. Rothschild Jewry owns all western nations – not a one of them is a sovereign state & haven’t been for the better part of a century. Ukraine was slated to become “Big Israel”, officially serving as the Rothschild west’s international safe crime haven. Russia is crushing Rothschild Jewry’s pipe dreams, who are in a supremacist’s panic, their hegemony challenged for the first time since WW2. But the tables have turned; Rothschild’s NATO is impotent and the threat against their crime family is very real. Let us hope Russia crushes them with no more than some whimpering. Let the Multi-Polar world take over from Rothschild Jewry & their traitorous Goy legions, who should all be facing firing squads. Crush the NeoBolsheviks’ attempts to rule the world!


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