Fallout from Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer Kill Shots

A previous article discussed Project Veritas’ expose of Pfizer’s kill shot cash cow.

Caught on camera in his own words, Pfizer official Jordan Walker disclosed internal discussions of the firm’s illegal gain-of-function research in pursuit of maximum profits — by destroying health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

Millions have seen the video, viewers now aware of Pfizer’s criminality by knowingly pushing toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing — designed to cause irreparable harm over the other way around.

Yet in support of kill shots over exposing and denouncing their use, MSM ignored Project Veritas’ blockbuster revelations.

Along with other kill shot developers and producers, Pfizer remains unaccountable for the mother of all health-destroying scams.

On Thursday in response to what Project Veritas (PV) revealed, Senator Ron Johnson called on Congress to investigate Pfizer and other flu/covid mass-jabbing manufacturers, saying:

“Federal health agencies…captured by Big Pharma (have been) grossly derelict in their duties” by failing to protect public health.

“It’s time for Congress to thoroughly investigate (jab) manufacturers and the entire (flu)covid approval process.”

Johnson knows that it’s the mother of all state-sponsored health-destroying scams, what’s already caused the death of millions of victims throughout the US/West and worldwide.

He knows that the health of everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed, their lifespans shortened.

Separately on Friday evening at a time of low public attention to news reports, Pfizer issued a hollow statement in response to being caught red-handed on videotape with one of its officials spilling the beans about the firm’s diabolical way of operating.

Claiming it wants “to set the record straight,” it continued to lie and mass deceive instead as it’s done all along since rolling out its health-destroying kill shots.

The firm is more a criminal organization than pharmaceutical company.

Countless millions have been irreparably harmed by its toxic kill shots.

Virtually nothing it claims passes the smell test.

The firm should be shut down, its officials held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Along with Johnson, other GOP officials and conservative commentators are demanding answers from Pfizer.

By letter to the firm’s CEO, Albert Bourla, Senator Marco Rubio said the following:

“Whether it’s gain of function research, or selected structure mutations through directed evolution, as Mr. Walker claimed would occur, any effort to make a virus more transmittable and deadlier is careless and dangerous.”

“Further, Mr. Walker stated that Pfizer is willing to engage in this dangerous research because (flu/covid) and its variants are ‘a cash cow’ for the company and regulators will go easy on their efforts because a significant percentage of government officials aim to work for Pfizer and  other biopharmaceutical companies and do not want to compromise their future job prospects.”

Rubio called for Bourla to provide transparent information about Pfizer’s intention to mutate flu/covid for maximum profiteering.

The firm “put its desire for profit over the concern of national and global health and must hold itself accountable.”

GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene also called for a congressional investigation in light of PV’s revelations, saying:

“The Pfizer (head) of worldwide R&D and MrNA scientific planning is caught on video discussing mutating the virus to change (flu/covid jabs) & how (they’ve been) a cash cow” for the firm. 

“Pfizer took BILLIONS of federal (dollars)!”

“Our Covid Select Subcommittee MUST investigate!

And this from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, saying:

Pfizer’s “Frankenstein science” is a sign of its excessive power.

“If you really want to understand how powerful big pharma is, consider the news that did not break today.”

There’s been “a near total (MSM) blackout of this (blockbuster) story.”

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh accused Pharma kill shot producers of “turn(ing) half the country into (toxic) drug addicts.”

“Pharma has been operating with impunity for way too long.”

“We need leader(ship) with (willingness) to stop” what’s destroying public health.

None exists in the White House and undemocratic Dem controlled Senate.

Not a single Dem profile in courage exists.

Risking nuclear war with Russia and a domestic holocaust by kill shots is indisputable evidence of their pure evil intent.

4 thoughts on “Fallout from Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer Kill Shots

Add yours

  1. Pharmaceutical mafias sponsor elections for corrupt politicians
    Therefore they will never be prosecuted for implementing this diabolical evil scam Covid-19. Unfortunately today these criminals have become too powerful.


  2. Project Veritas just got a Pfizer executive to admit that they’ve been working on Gain of Function research to make the COVID “virus” more deadly, keep the plandemic going in order to sell more experimental jabs. You see you don’t need to go halfway around the world to find bioweapon labs, they’ve always been here. We’ve warned everyone from the beginning: the “vaccine” is the disease.


  3. The Project Veritas video deleted by YouTube is saved on Bitchute. The link is blocked and the video ID will not produce video link with a search at Bitchute. The search for the title will provide the link. Title= IGP10 204 – Pfizer EXPOSED in Experimental Genocide. The Planet is their Frankenstein


  4. The American people, collectively as a group, do not have the courage, morality, intelligence, patriotism or strength to save the US from descending Into the garbage heap of history.
    The level of decay has far exceeded even my pessimistic predictions. I have been following our decay since 1980. The rise of the internet greatly accelerated the creation of complex psyops so that it is nearly impossible to find out the truth. The government now creates reality for the citizens. I think there is no way out without a massive collapse. But even then, Americans will be unable to create a new Constitutional Republic from the rubble. The US will just be an extension of Mexico, mainly a narco type state.
    The US = FUBAR !!!


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