Hegemon USA and Apartheid Israel: Unparalleled Rogue States

The US and Israel share a dubious distinction.

They’re headed by the most ruthlessly dangerous regimes in their history.

Hegemon USA under the illegitimate Biden regime risks unthinkable nuclear war in a futile attempt to prevent Nazi-infested Ukraine and its greatly degraded military from collapsing.

Along with congressional Russophobes, they made nuclear war more likely than any previous US regime.

Hostile to peace in favor of perpetual war-making against one invented enemy after another, their rage to own planet earth may destroy it, along with all its lifeforms.

And while hegemon USA-dominated NATO is waging war on Russia, it’s partnered with the most ruthless Israeli apartheid regime in Jewish state history against long-suffering Palestinians — with intent to forcibly displace them in favor of exclusive Jewish development and use of their land.

At this time according to the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Organization, Netanyahu regime political prisoners number 4,700, including 835 held uncharged and untried.

And this reality check on International Day of Education, January 24:

“Palestinian students are subjected to a systematic and ongoing targeting campaign, whether by the Israeli occupation or the (puppet) Palestinian Authority.”

The Netanyahu regime and puppet PA repeatedly attack Palestinian students and academic institutions to deny them the right of education — and self-determination — as mandated by international law.

Palestinians are “viciously arrest(ed) and detain(ed)” for praying to the wrong God.

Birzeit University students are subjected to repeated military raids and arbitrary arrests on campus.

They face indiscriminate live fire with intent to seriously injure or kill — how Israeli collective punishment operates in flagrant breach of international law.

The Netanyahu regime exceeds the ruthlessness of its worst predecessors — by going all-out to criminalize and imprison Palestinians on fabricated charges against them.

And when incarcerated, they’re subjected to torture and other forms of abuse — on the phony pretext of protecting national security at a time when Israel’s only threats are invented, not real.

Since 1967, Israel’s war ministry illegitimately banned over 400 Palestinian groups, including political parties unwilling to sell their souls by selling out Palestinians in favor of supporting Jewish state apartheid viciousness.

On January 27, an Al-Haq human rights group action alert called on the international community to intervene against the Netanyahu regime’s “daily killing of Palestinians.”

Its alert came in response to regime’s previous day state-terror attacks against Jenin city residents, including ones in its refugee camp.

Around three hours of Israeli rampaging were responsible for killing 9 Palestinians, including 2 children and 1 woman.

After killing 1 Palestinian child, an Israeli military vehicle “ran over his deceased body, severing his right ear and maiming his face,” Al-Haq explained.

The raid also injured another 20 Palestinians, four victims now hospitalized in critical condition.

Al Haq documented what happened as follows, saying:

On January 26 pre-dawn, Israeli forces, “accompanied by special units driving civilian vehicles, including a Palestinian truck of dairy products, raided Jouret al-Dahab neighborhood in the middle of Jenin Refugee Camp.”

They lay siege to “a residential building belonging to the Al-Sabbagh family.”

They “raided residential buildings near the Al-Sabbagh home, deploying fully armed occupying soldiers, including snipers, into the houses and onto rooftops, which were then used as sniper concealment points, terrorizing the civilian residents of these houses and endangering their lives.”

Al-Sabbagh family members were ordered out of their home and arrested — despite having committed no offenses.

Yet from 7:00 to 9:30 AM, Israeli forces “heavily fired shells and live ammunition in the area” against Palestinian civilians and their residences unlawfully.

Three Al-Sabbagh family members were killed, their home destroyed.

The Netanyahu regime also targeted a Jenin refugee camp social club by bulldozing its entrance gate, “a tin roof shade over the concrete stands, and several vehicles parked in the yard.”

And regime military forces targeted Palestinian generators, cutting off electricity to the camp and surroundings.

Jenin’s government hospital was attacked with tear gas, causing suffocation of patients, including women and children.

And the Netanyahu regime told the Palestinian Red Crescent Society that its medical units would be denied entry into the camp.

Al-Haq stressed the following:

Less than a month after coming to power, the Netanyahu regime revealed its aim to extrajudicially annex all parts of Occupied Palestine it wants for exclusive Jewish development and use by brute force.

Its dominant extremists want the UN Charter right of self-determination abolished for Palestinians.

Since New Year’s day, its virtual war on Palestinians killed them in cold blood at a rate of nearly one daily.

Throughout the illegally Occupied Territories, Palestinians are being subjected to escalated Netanyahu regime state-terror by a policy of “shoot to kill,” unrestrained brute force, arbitrary arrests and detentions, home demolitions, movement restrictions and virtually all other breaches of international law.

Al-Haq stressed the following:

“(A)cts carried out by the (Netanyahu regime in Jenin and its refugee camp flagrantly breaching) international human rights and humanitarian law are) international crimes prosecutable under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).”

The regime also flagrantly breached Fourth Geneva, Article 53, stating:

“Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the state, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited…”

Like hegemon USA and its NATO vassals, apartheid Israeli operates exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of international law.

Without concrete actions by the international community to hold apartheid Israeli accountable for its crimes of war and against humanity, its ruling regimes will continue an endless cycle of violence and related international law breaches against long-suffering Palestinians.

They’ll continue acting unaccountably to maintain a “settler-colonial and apartheid regime and illegal occupation.”

Palestinians will be denied their fundamental rights as mandated by international law.

Ruthless Israeli regimes will continue to mass-murder and otherwise brutalize Palestinians with impunity — with full support and encouragement by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

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  1. Like father, like son. Wherever there is trouble, Babylon’s descendants – the UK-USA, Israel and NATO – are most likely behind it.

    Ancient Babylon was known for its ruthlessness and prospered on plunder and slavery, as exemplified by colonial USA, Europe and Japan.

    England’s Magna Carta and USA’s Constitution guaranteed equal rights, yet these countries were the biggest slave owners, clearly abusers of human rights, yet they appointed themselves champions of human rights and are lecturing other nations.

    Eunuch Antonio Guterres hasn’t said a word about Israelis openly murdering Palestinians, yet he sent Michelle Bachelet to investigate Xinjiang on imaginary charges.

    There is no such thing as the lost 10 tribes of ancient Israel. It’s a fable to justify the occupation of Palestine by the Israelis (Talmudic Jews). The Book of Ezra Chapter 2 listed Israelite returnees from captivity. After that, the Israelites never left Palestine. The Israelis are no Israelites.

    The Israelis are conquerers, just like Babylonians to the Israelites. Judaism is 100% Babylonian Talmudic which requires human sacrifices and justified killing goyims, the very reason why Jews were expelled from nearly every country in Europe, starting from ancient Rome as stated in the Book of Acts (18:2).

    Modern Israel was created to deport the Jews to, just like England’s transportation of criminals to Australia. In Israel, the Jews continued on their killing of non-Jews, this time in the open. No wonder Israeli settlers are so ruthless and place no value on the lives of Palestinians.

    The killing of Palestinians can be inferred from the Book of Matthew (27:25): “Then answered all the people (Israelites), and said, “His (Jesus) blood be on us, and on our children.”” (text in parenthesis are mine.)

    Judaism has nothing to do with the Bible. The orthodox churches’ rituals are all Babylonian rituals blasphemously labelled as Christianity. There is nothing in the Gospel about these rituals.

    Jesus condemned the Edomite Pharisees – the Jews – for their hypocrisy and Traditions which are codified in the Babylonian Talmud. The Jews created Islam to further undermine the Gospel and prosecute Gospel-believing Christians. Judaism and Islam are thus similar.

    Modern Israel, being part of Mystery Babylon, will together be destroyed by divine intervention when the New Jerusalem descends from heaven (Reveation 21:2).

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