The Buffoon Imposter in the White House

Hegemon USA is run by its extremist criminal class. Elections are selections, worlds apart from democracy in action, the real thing virtually banned. A state of war by hot and other means exists against all nations unwilling to sell their sovereignty and souls to a higher power in Washington. No nation in world history caused... Continue Reading →

Smashing Hegemon USA’s Ukraine Project

No matter how many more arms of every shape and kind are supplied to Ukrainian Nazis by hegemon USA and its Western vassals, Russia is smashing the monster they created.  While desperation gets increasingly hard to conceal, the Biden announced another $2.5 billion weapons package for Kiev’s military near collapse. Strykers, Bradleys, UK Challenger tanks... Continue Reading →

Harvard’s Campus Is Hazardous to Health

In cahoots with genocidal US dark forces, Harvard requires students to be fully jabbed, including with the extremely toxic bivalent booster. And multi-jabbing weakens and destroys the immune system, leaving jabbed individuals highly vulnerable to contracting one or more life-threatening diseases. Harvard staff are required to provide proof of having gotten the primary series of... Continue Reading →

Lurching Toward Armageddon 

The illegitimate Biden regime, with a JB impersonator nominally in charge, is by far the most recklessly dangerous one in US history. Ignoring the risk of nuclear war, where things are ominously heading, it’s waging war on militarily superior Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian troops. Its aim is all about strategically defeating Russia.... Continue Reading →

A Nation at War on its People Cannot Stand

Planned long in advance of their rollouts, the two most sophisticated mind-manipulating made-in-the-USA propaganda campaigns are ongoing at the same time. One demonized Russia after pushing the nation to respond defensively to over eight years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis against Donbass — escalated to include strikes elsewhere on Russian territory. It... Continue Reading →

The Road to Hell with Pure Evil Intentions in Davos

While far removed from sainthood, Elon Musk slammed the ongoing predators ball World Economic Forum, calling its diabolical aim for “unelected world government satanic,” adding: People worldwide “never asked for and don’t want” what the WEF wants institutionalized for the privileged few at the expense of the great majority. Its founder, Klaus Schwab, is more... Continue Reading →

Dead Man Walking Update

Russia’s defeat of the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster was virtually certain from day-one of its liberating SMO. It’s ongoing methodically and effectively against the scourge that infests central Europe. On Wednesday, death of the regime’s interior minister, his deputy and other ministry officials when their helicopter crashed near Kiev symbolized Nazi-infested Ukraine’s decline and fall. According... Continue Reading →

Unsafe at Any Altitude

Flu/covid mass-jabbing transformed flying into a life-threatening experience. On its website, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lied by claiming that it “provid(es) the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world (sic).” Maybe before the roll out of health-destroying kill shots, clearly not since October 2022. Researcher Steve Kirsch explained the following: Last October, the... Continue Reading →

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