Russian Forces Encircle Strategically Important Artyomovsk

On Wednesday, Donetsk advisor, Yan Gagin, explained the following:

The strategically important town of Artyomovsk, Donetsk “is currently  in an operational encirclement, and our forces are closing in on the city.”

“Fighting is underway to control the highway connecting Artyomovsk with Chasov Yar because it is the only route that Ukraine can use to provide supplies to its troops in” the town.

Gagin expressed confidence in the ability of Russian forces to gain full control of the highway and town.

According to acting DPR head, Denis Pushilin, Russian forces are cutting off regime supply routes to the city.

Liberating Artyomovsk is key to freeing Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Heavily defended by regime troops, Russia is systematically smashing them.

Its battlefield successes are increasingly hard for MSM to suppress.

The WSJ reported the following:

Concern is “mounting…in Kiev and the West that (Russia) is preparing a renewed push to” liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

And this from AP (fake) News, saying:

“For Russia, (liberating Artyomovsk is a key) stepping stone toward its goal of” deNazifying Donetsk and Lugansk entirely.

Puppet Zelensky was quoted, saying that things are “very tough” for regime troops up against relentless Russian attacks.

And this reinvention of reality from Bloomberg News, saying:

The Biden regime “is ramping up support for (Ukrainian Nazis) in hopes of producing eventual diplomatic resolution (sic).”

The prospect is virtually nil.

And this from WaPo, saying:

Regime troops are being “subjected to some of the most intense shelling in the conflict so far.”

Staffed by war-mongering neocon extremists, the so-called Institute for the Study of War defied reality by falsely claiming that the “fall (of Artyomovsk) is not imminent (sic).”

And this ISW perversion of reality, falsely saying that regime troops “might withdraw (from the town to avoid) unacceptable losses — already sustained.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT began to grudgingly admit the following, saying:

“Russian forces are ratcheting up pressure on…Artyomovsk…to break” through regime defenses and cut off its supply lines to the town.

Gaining control of the area “would put Russian forces in better position to” liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

And this Times admission of reality:

Advancing Russian forces are “squeezing” Artyomovsk — en route to liberating the town.

Has the Biden regime given up on wanting cannon fodder regime troops to defend the town?

According to one report, it told puppet Zelensky that it makes no sense to keep fighting for what’s nearly lost to Russian firepower.

Artyomovsk is a key transport hub for supplying regime troops in Donetsk.

After liberating the strategically important town of Soledar on January 12, things are heading in the same direction for Artyomovsk.

In a futile effort to turn defeat into triumph, US/NATO warplanes to Ukraine may follow the decision by hegemon USA and its NATO vassals to supply regime Nazis with tanks and all else.

France announced its intention to send 12 more Caesar howitzers to the regime for Russia to target and destroy.

Estonia is sending all its 155-mm howitzers and thousands of artillery shells to Kiev, despite the certainty of their meeting the same fate.

All of the above and more like it are signs of desperation.

None of it will change reality on the ground.

On Tuesday, retired US Army Col. Douglas Macgregor asked if things are on the brink of WW III, what I believe already began.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO caused Ukraine’s demise, Macgregor explained.

He fears more direct war than already by the empire of lies against Russia with humanity’s fate hanging in the balance.

And this reality check by noted military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, saying:

Hegemon USA “is incompetent.”

It’s “incapable to take on Russia militarily.”

It “cannot physically fight Russia without sustaining catastrophic defeat even if it spends years preparing for that fight.”

Nothing short of supplying Kiev with nukes “can make any difference in the outcome of (Russia’s liberating) SMO.”

More than ever before, today is the most perilous time in world history with the risk of humanity-destroying nuclear war more ominously threatening than ever before.

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  1. “2023.01.31 The Ukraine Conflict — A Primer” at — 59:22 video by Gonzalo Lira

    Lira used the MacGregor number of 157,000 deaths for Ukranians and a high of 20,000 for Russian deaths yesterday. He put refugees at 14 million . Many Ukrainians are living on $5.50 a day.

    Lira says we are in WW3 and even though Ukraine will soon end the theater will move to Israel and Iran before going to China.

    Celente was Greg Hunter’s last guest and pretty much said the same thing.

    I never did see the expression “Warm War” for “the new cold war.” A lot of old technology was used up and the drone and laser technology will mean a deadlier WvR/ West vs Rest War.

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  2. This is shaping up for a huge defeat for Rothschild Jewry, rulers of the west; the only reason it may turn into WW3. The Jew Coup Regime in charge of “Nazi Infested” Ukraine continues sending its Goyim into the Russian meat grinder in order to buy more time to sock away as much cash as possible before the inevitable collapse. Perhaps Ukraine Nationalists are plotting to remove Zelensky & his NeoBolshevik pals. They shouldn’t allow him to escape to the west with his Billions. He should be killed. He’s most likely been in Poland the vast majority of the time, or Russia would’ve sent an Iskander missile into his office by now. This war will be over by the summer. NATO would be man-handled if they’re stupid enough to try to take on Russia. I don’t think they are. The Generals are wetting their pants at the prospect. This could be the end of Rothschild domination. Yay!! The rest of the world, by now, is fully aware of who the enemies of Humanity are.

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