Russian Straight Talk on Reemergent Nazism in Central Europe

Supporting reemergent Nazism in Europe’s heartland, EU regimes vowed to continue aiding its scourge as part of waging war against Russia — what’s orchestrated and directed by their US master.

On Friday, EU leaders met with US-installed puppet Zelensky in Kiev — at a time when Russian forces are effectively slaying the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster with no prospect of turning defeat into triumph.

So-called European Commission president, von der Leyen, sounded delusional, saying:

“Europe (supports reemergent Nazism in its heartland) until the day when the Ukrainian flag will be raised in Brussels (sic).”

Commenting on Friday’s meeting in Kiev, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

It “proved one more time that the EU maintains unreserved support for Kiev’s Nazi(-infested) regime for the sake of weakening Russia and pandering to the aspirations of” hegemon USA.

“By offering Kiev prospects of European integration in violation of its own standard requirements for candidate states, as well as declaring that the EU and Ukraine share ‘common values, the (bloc) demonstrates its solidarity with the total suppression of dissent, trampling the freedom of expression, (as well as) blatant violations of language and religious rights in Ukraine.”

“In the joint statement issued following (Friday’s meeting), the EU and Ukraine cynically reaffirm(ed) ‘their commitment to fully respect the rights of persons belonging to minorities.’ ” 

“This negates the principles that lie at the EU’s foundation.”

“The EU’s calls for peace are no less cynical, considering that at the same time they declare their readiness to invest in continued military action ‘for as long as it takes.’ ” 

The bloc “already allocated 12 billion euros from the pockets of its taxpayers.”

“Providing more funding for (war-making) and through new supplies of weapons and equipment, as well as expanding training camps and programs for the (AFU) will do nothing but increase the number of casualties in this conflict, including among civilians” in harm’s way.

“Who are they to judge us?”

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, “they lied to us,” their own people and the world community of nations in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, Western regimes “supplied weapons and money to Ukrainian criminals.”

They’re “now trying to illegally appropriate assets of the Russian state and Russian nationals” for their use.

Their ruling regimes “invested all their political, financial and military resources in taking a stand in Ukraine against the emergence of a multipolar world order, firmly supported by Russia and the majority in the international community.”

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials stressed time and again that Russian Federation armed forces will achieve their publicly stated SMO goals.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals “will have to answer to their people” for waging war on nonthreatening Russia “until the last Ukrainian is left standing” in the territory of the former nation-state.

Separately on Friday, Sergey Lavrov slammed “centuries of plunder…exploitation (and perpetual war-making on invented enemies by) the collective West.

At this time, the empire of lies continues going all-out “to force a neocolonial, US-centric ‘rules-based order’ onto the international majority, with rules they themselves invent and apply at will.”

US-dominated Western regimes are pursuing “a policy of dividing the world into a small group of ‘exceptional’ countries and their subordinates.”

“To attain (their diabolical aims), they introduced a new black-and-white paradigm, according to which the world consists of ‘correct’ (regimes, ones) approved by” the empire of lies against all nations free from its control. 

Their aim is unchallenged control of planet earth, its resources and populations.

At the same time, they “falsif(ied) history and erase(d) the historical memory of the colonizers’ horrible crimes, notably genocide, ethnic cleansing, slave trade, racism, and the plunder and destruction of the natural and cultural heritage of ancient civilizations.”

Russia “assist(s) (other nations) in their struggle for liberation from the colonial yoke.”

“We provided substantial and largely free assistance to develop their statehoods, create economic foundations, strengthen defenses, and train skilled personnel” in accordance with the UN General Assembly’s 1960 Declaration on Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People.

Russia forthrightly upholds UN Charter principles and other international law — “including the fundamental principle of respect for the sovereign equality of states.”

Around three-fourths of world community nations refuse to be subservient to US-dominated Western regimes.

In this context, they reject US/NATO war against Russia by hot and other means.

They reject the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine.

In stark contrast to how US/Western regimes operate belligerently and exploitively, they support peace, stability and cooperative relations among world community nations, according to the rule of law.

Throughout its history from inception, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies was never a “beacon of democracy” — a notion its ruling regimes abhor and tolerate nowhere, not at home or abroad.

World community nations free from hegemonic control know that they’re threatened by US/Western “banditry” as long as they reject being subservient to a higher power in Washington.

Separately according to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday:

As orchestrated and directed by its US master, Ukrainian Nazis are plotting a large-scale provocation in Kramatorsk, Donetsk — with intent to falsely accuse Russia of war crimes.

The regime reportedly plans to detonate explosives at a Kramatorsk medical facility to falsely accuse Russia of causing civilian casualties, what its forces will have no responsibility for.

MSM were alerted to falsely report “another (nonexistent) Russian crime” — with intent to push Western regimes for supplying Ukrainian Nazis with long-range rockets, missiles and other weapons for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

In response to continued supplying of Ukrainian Nazis with US/Western weapons, munitions and equipment, Hungarian parliamentarian, international affairs expert, Csaba Domotor, said the following:

What’s going on is “anything but a call for peace.”

“Rather, it is a big step towards military escalation,” adding:

Anti-Russia policies by European regimes “not only support previous sanctions, but also inflation,” what’s economically and financially harmful to their societies.

“If a total (trade) embargo (is) announced (against Russia, it’ll) guarantee further price increases.”

Thins are going in “a very bad direction.”

Separately on Sunday, Russian lower house State Duma Speaker,  Vyacheslav Volodin, commented ahead of the 20th March 19, 2003 anniversary of US aggression against nonthreatening Iraq — what the empire of lies planned months in advance, saying:

What happened was “one of the biggest deceptions of the global community by” hegemon USA.

Iraq was falsely accused of “producing weapons of mass destruction” — despite no credible evidence suggesting it.

US war against Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and other invented enemies were based on bald-faced Big Lies.

The same reality applies to what’s ongoing against Russia.

Yet the empire of lies was never held accountable for waging preemptive wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Virtually all US-dominated NATO policies on the world stage “are based on lies,” Volodin stressed, adding:

“The UN should investigate (hegemon USA’s) crimes (of war and) against humanity.”

“And (its) decision-makers should be punished for the millions of victims, refugees, broken destinies, destroyed states.”

What’s going on in Ukraine against Russia is the latest example of US war on humanity against a nation threatening no others.

Yet its support for the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine is failing.

Without US/Western support, the regime and its military would have collapsed early last year.

With this support, it’s taking a little longer.

Russia’s offensive against Nazi-infested Ukraine left the regime and its military close to collapse — with zero prospect of turning things around.

Strategically important Artyomovsk, Donetsk’s liberation from the scourge of Nazified occupation is certain ahead.

US/Western tanks, long-range rockets, GLSDBs and other arms to the regime stiffened Russia’s resolve against reemergent Nazism in Europe’s heartland. 

The collapse of the regime and its greatly degraded military is just a matter of time as planned by Russia’s Defense Ministry.

There’s virtually nothing that hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes can do to prevent Russia from achieving its military objectives — short of nuclear war able to finish us all off if the empire of lies goes this far in desperation.

Over 75 years ago, Russian forces defeated the scourge of Nazism infesting Europe.

They’re doing it again today in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

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