The Most Evil of Evil Empires

In response to investigative journalist Sy Hersh’s blockbuster revelations of Biden regime responsibility for taking out 3 of 4 Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany and Europe, Russian lower house State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, called the Biden regime a “terrorist” organization, adding:

The fake Biden’s hollow State of the Union  (SOTU) remarks were reminiscent of “statements by (Nazi) leaders of the Third Reich.”

Calling Harry Truman a criminal for nuking defeated Japan twice in August 1945, Volodin slammed the Biden regime in cahoots with its Western vassals for destroying 3 of 4 Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines in pursuit of their own economic and imperial interests, adding:

What Hersh revealed is grounds for holding Biden regime criminals accountable for their war crime.

What happened last September exclusively benefitted hegemon USA’s economic and imperial interests at Russia’s expense.

In response on Wednesday, Reuters quoted a hollow Biden regime statement, calling indisputable evidence of its responsibility for what happened “utterly false and complete fiction” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Based on reliable insider information about the incident, Hersh exposed the Biden regime’s war crime.

Commenting on what Hersh revealed, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, said the following:

“We studied his publication thoroughly and attentively.”

“It contains nothing sensational or unexpected to us.”

“We assumed the involvement of the US and at least some of (its) NATO (vassals) in this outrageous crime, which was an armed attack on a key element of critical infrastructure.”

“It is hardly possible (for the empire of lies) to prevent (noninvolvement in what happened), despite denials by (Biden regime) officials.”

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, explained that no Biden regime official contacted Russia to discuss what Hersh revealed, adding:

Moscow “tried very hard in recent months to get an opportunity to participate in the investigation and get at least some additional information.”

“Unfortunately, our attempts were rejected.”

“We never received access to any information” because dominant Biden regime Russophobes blocked it.

“But obviously, our appropriate agencies still have this issue on the agenda.”

There’s no ambiguity about US dirty hands all over what happened.

Yet according to earlier NYT fake news:

US/Western regimes “suggested Moscow was to blame (sic)” — despite no evidence suggesting it, clear evidence of Biden regime responsibility.

Yet according to earlier trampling on truth by the Times, “the central mystery remains (sic).”

“Who did it (sic).”

The Biden regime and Western vassals “stopped short of publicly naming any suspects (sic).”

“Still, some officials speculated about the many ways that Russia might gain (sic), even though the pipeline carries its gas (sic).”

Nazi-infested Ukraine and Poland falsely blamed Russia for the Biden regime’s war crime.

And this Times trash, saying the following:

“(S)abotage would fit neatly into Mr. Putin’s broader Russian strategy of waging war on multiple fronts (sic), using economic and political tools, as well as arms, to undermine Ukraine’s allies and weaken their resolve and unity (sic).”

“It demonstrates to an already jittery Europe how vulnerable its vital infrastructure is, including other pipelines and undersea power and telecommunications cables (sic).”

According to head of Germany’s war-making committee in parliament, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Russia was the most “plausible” guilty party behind what happened (sic), adding:

“Putin is going to use every hybrid measure at his disposal to fluster Europeans, from food to refugees to energy (sic).”

In response to the above rubbish and similar remarks, Kremlin spokesman, Peskov, called them “predictably stupid and absurd.”

US LNG gas suppliers are reaping “huge profits” from increased sales to Europe in the aftermath of what happened.

There never was any ambiguity about US dirty hands all over the destruction of 3 Nord Stream lines.

On Thursday, Russia’s State Duma Speaker, Volodin, called for an international probe based on “facts” revealed by Hersh, saying:

“The published facts should become the basis for an international investigation, bringing (the fake) Biden and his accomplices to justice, as well as paying compensation to countries affected by the terrorist attack.”

Last November, traces of explosives were found where detonations destroyed 3 or 4 Nord Stream pipelines — clearly indicating “gross sabotage.”

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, the Biden regime has questions to answer for its involvement in state-terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, a state of war has existed by the empire of lies against nonthreatening Russia.

What Hersh revealed was the latest shoe to drop.

Operating exclusively by its own rules in flagrant breach of international law, will nuclear war follow?

Will the only nation ever to use these WMDs unleash them again against militarily superior Russia?

In compliance with the UN Charter’s right of self-defense, Russia will only use nukes defensively in response to their use by an adversary against its territory and people.

Is that where things are heading?

Will the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies kill us all in pursuit of its diabolical aims?

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  1. If Congress were to use the enormous military budget for improving the life of the people, that money would lead to increased economic activity and manufacturing of useful products. The $31 trillion trade deficit would then begin to decrease.

    Congress has chosen to help themselves to the taxes, just like the Pharisees helping themselves to the tithes given to synagogues, and the Temple in Jerusalem leading to its destruction.

    Every year, the selfish war profiteers in Congress increase and approve the military budget. Congress has the power to stop wars but chooses not to. It instead rejoices in simultaneous wars and make the USA , with the UK, be the 2nd Beast of the Book of Revelation.

    Blinken spoke thru his exhaust about China violating US sovereignty. It takes someone possessed by the Devil to repeatedly utter those words and yet not blush about his own deeds. He was recently in Israel but did not condemn or stop the killing fields in the West Bank and Gaza. As Jesus said just before he was betrayed by Judas, “…. it had been good for that man if he had not been born” (Matthew 26:24).


  2. The Biden Administration is riddled with NeoCon, NeoBolshevik, Zionist Jews, all Rothschild Agents. Biden is just a crash dummy, Shabbos Goy puppet. The Biden Cabinet is 100% Jews;

    Janet Yellen, Sec. of Treasury, Merrick Garland (Garfinkle), Attorney General, Alejandro Mayorkas, Sec. of Homeland Security, Avril Haines, Director of National Security, Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff, Anthony Blinken, Sec. of State, Wendy Sherman, Deputy Sec. of State, Victoria Nuland (Noodleman), Sec. of Political Affairs, David Cohen, CIA Director. The USA has become a Jewish State. Its abject lying & hypocrisy reflect that, not to mention its Cultural Marxist Globo-Homo, Woke programs. Its agenda is dictated & carried out by Rothschild Jewry. Western Media is owned & run by Jewry from Reuters & the Associated Press on down. It’s operators should be arrested & shot for their lies & propaganda that never benefit the Rothschild-occupied western nations. They conduct Treason and lay the foundations for crimes against Humanity.

    The Ukraine coup regime is also dominated by Jews, from Zelensky on down, installed by the US. They are in charge of the “Nazis” in Ukraine we hear so much about. But that relationship is censored. WHY? It’d be a most interesting discussion.

    It’s Bolshevik Jewry’s hate for Christian Russia that has driven this conflict since before day one. Jewry better cool it before they get the world (and themselves) Nuked! The City of London could be Russia’s first target. Ukraine is lost as the slated Rothschild Crime Capital. Rothschild’s NATO is impotent, and its Generals are wearing Pampers. Live with it.


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