Congressional Fatigue Over Supporting Nazi-Infested Ukraine?

So far, 11 GOP House members sponsored the Ukraine Fatigue Resolution to end US “military and financial aid to Ukrain(ian)” Nazis, while calling on both sides “to reach a peace agreement.”

In March 2022, the fake Biden warned against arming the Kiev regime, saying it risks escalation of conflict to “WW III.”

Yet to date in regular tranches, the Biden regime and its Western vassals continue supplying Ukrainian Nazis with weapons, munitions and equipment for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, hegemon USA supplied Ukrainian Nazis with well over $110 billion for this purpose with no prospect of pursuing peace ahead.

According to GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, the above measure’s sponsor:

Hegemon USA “is in a state of managed decline, and it will exacerbate if we continue to hemorrhage taxpayer dollars” by pouring them into Ukraine for a lost cause against militarily superior Russia.

With undemocratic Dems controlling the White House and Senate by brazen election rigging, conflict resolution is hostile to their rage for perpetual war against Russia — with likely intent to launch a second front against China ahead, along with targeting other nations free from its control for regime change by hot and/or other means.

The ignored elephant in the room is the growing risk of escalation to unthinkable nuclear war — at a time when WW III already began.

Launched by hegemon USA against invented enemy Russia, what should be automatically be ruled out grows increasingly likely as things escalate in Ukraine at a time when the Russian Federation is outgunning, outmaneuvering, and outwitting the empire of lies over the Nazi-infested, former nation-state.

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov minced no words as follows, stressing:

“There can be no doubt that the threat to national security from the Western track will be firmly neutralized.”

“The Russian army, (air force) and navy adequately met the challenge.” 

“Our diplomatic service continues to do everything necessary to strengthen national sovereignty and neutralize external challenges when they are still far away.”

The empire of lies and its Western vassals are waging “total hybrid war” against Russia, using “Ukrainian Nazis” as imperial foot soldiers.

“Today it can be argued that the West’s plans for isolating Russia and encircling it with a sanitary cordon failed.” 

“Despite anti-Russian ballyhoo by Washington, London and Brussels, we keep strengthening neighborly relations in the broadest sense with the global majority — countries in Eurasia, the Asia-Pacific Region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, which are guided primarily by their fundamental national interests.”

In stark contrast to tyrannically-run US/Western regimes, the vast majority of other world community nations are committed to pursuing peace, stability and cooperative relations, according to the rule of law.

These nations, including others free from the scourge of US control, reject its rules-based order based on “blackmail, threats, ultimatums, zero-sum games” and perpetual war-making on invented enemies.

All of the above and what relates to it have “no place in future diplomacy of the twenty-first century,” Lavrov stressed.

Separately according to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

In the last 24 hours alone, “operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft, missile troops and artillery of the Russian group of forces struck 89 enemy artillery units at firing positions, manpower and military hardware in 122 areas.” 

“The command post of the Ukrainian army’s 93rd mechanized brigade was destroyed in” Artyomovsk, Donetsk.

Russian forces continue to liberate areas from Nazi occupation.

Pretending not to notice how effectively Russia slayed the Nazi-infested Ukraine monster straightaway after launching its liberating SMO, the NYT reinvented reality on the ground once again, falsely saying:

Things are “at a possible turning point (sic).”

Russia reached that point and trampled on it almost a year ago.

The Nazi-infested, made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster was slain.

Only its obituary in draft form needs to be finalized.

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