Trash Unfit to Print or Read

Like other MSM, the NYT supports wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging at the expense of truth and full disclosure — what’s banned in its daily fake news editions in favor of fabricated state-approved talking points.

Individuals following the Times and other MSM are brainwashed to know nothing beyond the fabricated official narrative on virtually all major world and national issues.

Employment at the Times and other MSM requires a commitment to abandon support for peace, equity, justice and the rule of law — along with a willingness to demonize and otherwise misreport on all things related to invented US enemies.

It requires a commitment to fake news over the real thing, as demanded by the empire of lies and forever wars.

Daily fake news editions stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

From day-one of its liberating SMO, Nazi-infested Ukraine was defeated by Russia’s overpowering military and tactical superiority.

Ignoring over half a million Ukrainian casualties in the past year, the Times and other MSM maintain the myth of the long ago defeated, Nazi-infested, territory’s nonexistent ability to emerge triumphant.

On Sunday, founder of Russia’s Wagner Group private military contractor, Yevegeny Prigozhin, explained the following:

“The Krasnaya Gora settlement” on the outskirts of the strategically important town of Artyomovsk, Donetsk was captured by its fighters.

On Friday, Russian forces gained control over Ugledar’s southern suburbs, acting Donetsk head, Denis Pushilin, explained.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, said its forces were steadily advancing near Ugledar and Artyomovsk, the liberation of these towns from Nazi occupation to follow ahead.

In desperation, Kiev continues to deploy more troops as cannon fodder for Russia to eliminate — mindless of the human toll, what the regime and its US/Western paymasters don’t give a damn about.

Yet according to the Times in its latest fake news edition, catastrophic levels of regime casualties represent “a national symbol of resistance (sic).”

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record refuses to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk as legitimate Russian republics.

And this Times perversion of reality on the ground, falsely claiming that Russia’s liberation of Nazi-occupied Artyomovsk ahead “would be (its)  first significant battlefield victory in months (sic)” — ignoring steady advances of its forces along front line areas.

There’s no ambiguity about the ability of Russian forces to liberate its territory entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Yet citing so-called “military analysts” too embarrassed to be named, the Times repeated its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, ignoring large-scale losses of regime manpower, arms and equipment to steady Russian advances.

And this Times trash:

Turning reality on its head and trampling on it like countless times before, the Times falsely claimed that “the total number of Russian troops killed or wounded in 12 months of fighting was approaching 200,000 (sic).”

The true toll is a tiny fraction of this grossly inflated number.

More Times trash, citing the UK Sunak regime as its unreliable source, falsely saying:

“Russia likely suffered its highest rate of casualties” in the past two weeks (sic), adding:

“The assessment was based on Ukrainian” fake news claims “of more than 800 Russian soldiers killed or injured daily (sic).”

The Times and other MSM refuse to admit what’s indisputable.

Russian forces are slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster with minimum casualties.

And there’s nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to turn things around.

On Saturday, Southfront reported the following:

Citing Georgian Prime Minister, Irakli Garibashvili, Ukrainian Nazis seek to spread conflict cross-border to its territory — as orchestrated and directed by the Biden regime.

Its goal is to open a “second front” at the expense of the Georgian nation and its people.

The Biden regime apparently wants Georgians used as cannon fodder in similar fashion to how Ukrainians are used this way for a lost cause.

US/Western regimes want other nations to do their killing and dying in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Georgian leadership rejects use of its military as cannon fodder against Russia.

Separately on Saturday, Southfront reported the following:

Britain’s Sunak regime may supply Ukrainian Nazis with longer-range missiles for use against the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Russia would consider this action a major Western provocation, what would demand harsh retaliation.

Separately, Vladimir Putin said the following as reported on Rossiya-1 television on Feb. 9:

Russian “Marines are fighting heroically” against the scourge of reemergent Nazism in central Europe.

And this from Sergey Lavrov on Friday, saying:

“There is no doubt that Russia will withstand this time of trials and will become even stronger after overcoming them.”

“The honor and dignity of our Motherland and all our citizens have never been and will never be subject to any compromise.”

Notably over the past year, there’s been “a clear dividing line between the narrow circle of unfriendly states and the rest of the world.” 

Russia is successfully seeking and solidifying “closer ties and mutually beneficial cooperation” with the great majority of world community nations.

And it’s at the expense of the empire of lies and its Western vassals — a collective scourge increasingly opposed by freedom-loving people worldwide.

A Final Comment

Without regular US/Western tranches of arms and equipment — along with target selection and direct involvement of US/NATO troops in Ukraine — the Nazi-infested regime and its greatly degraded military would have collapsed months ago — its certain fate ahead.

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  1. The Ukrainian soldiers make videos that sometimes make it to Telegram channels I follow. Some soldiers have called Bakhmut hell where one driver who delivered cannon fodder to the front and took away the dead and wounded said the life expectancy of a new soldier was 12 hours.

    The Ukrainians are being press-ganged into connon fodder, which is a common term used on Russian Telegram channels. They see Zelensky and crew get wealthy with the deaths and disability of hundreds of thousands of the citizenry in what is clearly seen as ending in defeat. Relevant link:


  2. Western mainstream media is 100% Jewish owned & operated, from Reuters & the Associated Press, which are directly owned by the Rothschilds. It’s all owned by six Jewish corporations. That is FACT.

    Anyone who has paid attention the past 30 years knows that the media is composed of Marxist pathological liars & censurers. If one desires control of societies, ownership of the media is goal #1. Jewry accomplished this long ago. “Judaism is Communism”, to quote some Rabbis.

    The mainstream media is Public Enemy #1. Just look what it did during the “covid” Scamdemic, with the Bio-weapon Kill Shots. Their drive to war against Iraq, covering up 9-11, pushing the absurd global warming, the Russia hoax, etc, etc, etc. The examples are almost endless. Yet dumb Americans continue chasing their tails & barking at the moon, while they continue giving credence to the Jew media, who laugh at us daily, hardly believing their success in driving the Goyim to destruction.

    Insane Jew clowns like Klaus Schwab & Noel Harari to name just two who are hijacking the discussions while directing their efforts against the world. Jew domination over the west in Banking, Media, Academia, the Medical & Legal industry is suffocating.

    At the top and directing it all is Rothschild Jewry, Insane-Cabalist-driven-Satanic-Communist & Racist Supremacy bent on ruling the world, using the USA & western nations as their spearheads in leading their effort. Their insanity allows them to imagine going to war with China & Russia & winning! LOL!! They’ll be guilty of destroying the world in an effort to preserve their real & imagined hegemony over Humanity, which they are not part of. They are Devils living amongst us. History has proved it a hundred times over.

    Truth is Jewry’s Kryptonite. They hate it, for it is not favorable to them. Truth is “anti-Semitic”.


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