The Empire of Lies and Incompetence on Display

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies is arguably its own worst enemy.

Count the ways.

It’s nominally headed by a mumbling, bumbling, unelected detached from reality imposter in the White House — a buffoon incapable of leading a Boy Scouts troop.

Despite spending well over $1.5 trillion annually for militarism and war-making on invented enemies — compared to about $77 billion annually by Russia — the latter’s super-weapons way exceed the best in the US and West.

Vladimir Putin correctly explained that no other nation matches Russia’s advanced technological weapons — notably its hypersonic conventional and nuclear munitions, ones able to strike anywhere worldwide with devastatingly precision accuracy.

On all things related to Nazi-infested Ukraine, Russia triumphed over its scourge from day-one of its liberating SMO.

Yet according to detached from reality Biden regime war minister, Austin, and Pentagon chief, Milley, on Monday:

Dead man walking Ukraine can regain lost territory in the coming months before negotiating with Russia (sic).

On Wednesday in remarks to Russian lawmakers, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals “reached a point of no return.”

Moscow understands the US-dominated West’s diabolical aims.

“We remember how they defaulted on political promises to refrain from expanding NATO, and how” the empire of lies replaced Ukraine’s democratically elected government with Nazism by coup d’etat in 2014.

Since that time, the empire of lies orchestrated and directed state terrorism by Kiev Nazis against civilians and nonmilitary sites in Donbass and Russia.

According to Russia’s US embassy on Wednesday:

With weapons supplied by the empire of lies and its Western vassals, Ukrainian Nazis “target civilian infrastructure — schools, kindergartens and hospitals.”

“These (indisputable) facts are shamelessly silenced by” the collective West in pursuit of its diabolical aims. 

The prospect of turning the tide of battle from defeat to triumph by Ukrainian Nazis is virtually zero.

Yet according to Biden regime war secretary, Austin, on Tuesday from Brussels:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals are “here to reaffirm our resounding support for” the scourge of Nazi tyranny in Ukraine.

No Russian “unprovoked, indefensible” SMO began nearly one year ago.

Nor did Russia intend to seize Kiev.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about the US-installed, Nazi-infested regime.

And this perversion of reality rubbish by Austin, saying:

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies “responded by standing up for our shared values of sovereignty and freedom (sic).”

“(W)e’ve risen to this challenge with unity and resolve (sic).”

“We’ve moved out with the urgency that the moment demands (sic).”

“We delivered on what we promised to Ukraine (sic).”

From day-one of its liberating SMO, the regime’s made-in-the-USA military never had a chance against Russia’s military and tactical superiority.

Together with Austin in Brussels, Milley exhibited his own detachment of reality on all things related to Russia and Ukraine.

They and their predecessors haven’t won a war since Soviet Russia triumphed over the scourge of Nazi Germany in its Great Patriotic war.

Since launching it liberating SMO in self-defense nearly a year ago, Russia has been effectively and overwhelmingly defeating the made-in-the-USA, Nazi infested, Ukraine monster.

Yet Austin trampled on truth by falsely accusing Russia of targeting civilians and nonmilitary sites.

At the same time, he was silent about US orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis against Donbass civilians since 2014.

From beginning to end, he recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

No freedoms exist in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Dead man walking Ukraine was virtually defeated straightaway by Russia’s military and tactical superiority.

No newly cobbled together military force will transform Kiev’s defeat into triumph ahead.

Austin, Milley and their Western counterparts are delusional to suggest otherwise.

More artillery, tanks, missiles, rockets and other arms won’t change a thing on the ground.

Aside from their unavailability for months — along with months of training required for Ukrainian troops to operate them — Russia will target and destroy them after arriving.

In contrast to incompetent military leaders like Austin and Milley, Russian forces are led by the tactically best and brightest.

Battlefield results prove it.

A Final Comment

According to a newly released AP-NORC poll, US public support for providing military and other support for Ukraine is declining.

Only 19% of respondents expressed a “great deal of confidence” in the Biden regime’s support for Ukrainian Nazis.

Another 37% expressed some confidence, while 43% of respondents have little or none.

Since hegemon USA replaced democratic governance in Ukraine with Nazified tyrannical rule — especially since Russia’s liberating SMO began — the public has been assaulted by state-sponsored, MSM proliferated propaganda rubbish.

It’s beginning to wear thin.

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