Trampling on Truth by National Pentagon Radio (NPR)

Like other US/Western MSM, NPR is a propaganda operation, not a news organization.

Sticking strictly to the fabricated official narrative on major world and national issues, its reports are based on state-approved fake news talking points.

On February 14, NPR trampled on truth by falsely accusing Russia of “deport(ing) thousands of Ukrainian children” — a state-approved bald-faced Big Lie.

Yet according to NPR’s fake news:

“The Russian government is operating a systematic network of at least 40 child custody centers for thousands of Ukrainian children (sic), a potential war crime (sic), according to a (fake) new(s) report by Yale University researchers in a collaboration with the” Biden regime and Ukrainian Nazis.

The report, “Russia’s Systematic Program for the Re-Education and Adoption of Ukrainian Children,” (falsely) describes a (nonexistent) system of holding facilities that stretch from the Black Sea coast to Siberia (sic).”

Citing Ukrainian Russophobes as its unreliable source, the fake news report falsely accuses Russia of “evacuat(ing) thousands of Ukrainian children without parental consent (sic)” to dozens of nonexistent camps.

According to head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center, Mikhail Mizintsev, last August:

“Despite difficulties and obstacles created by the Kiev regime, during the day, as many as 25,501 people, including 14,242 children, were evacuated from dangerous (war) zones in various Ukrainian regions, and from the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics to Russia without participation of the Ukrainian side.”

“Since the beginning of the special military operation, as many as 3,420,866, including 555,902 children, have been evacuated” from harm’s way at their request to safe haven status in Russia.

On February 13, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Gennady Kuzmin, explained that his government regularly informs the UN Security Council about crimes of war and against humanity by Kiev Nazis against children, as well as regime attacks on hospitals, schools and residential areas.

In cahoots with their US master, Kiev Nazis are at war on their own people.

“Since 2014, Kiev has been brutally suppressing those who disagree with its inhumane policies.”

“Hundreds of children have been killed in the region and ten times as many have been wounded.”

Ukrainian Nazis deliberately target civilian facilities with intent to cause maximum numbers of casualties.

In 2022 alone, the regime killed about 4,600 civilians in harm’s way, including scores of children, wounding many thousands more.

As requested, Russia continues going all-out to transport civilians, including children, to its territory out of harm’s way.

None are taken involuntarily as NPR falsely claimed, based on fake news by so-called Yale Univ. researchers.

On December 23, Russian children’s rights ombudswoman, Maria Lvova-Belova, said the following:

A key task for Russia is going all-out to keep evacuated children in contact with their parents in regime-controlled areas.

Russia does its “best to ensure reunification of these families.”

“We have no documents” so must rely on what “children tell us.”

To date since Russia’s liberating SMO began nearly one year ago, over 8 million Ukrainian refugees arrived in European countries, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Over 2,852,000 sought refuge in Russia.

Yet according to Yale University fake news, cited by NPR, Russia began transporting Ukrainian children to Russia, days before launching its liberating SMO. 

And this NPR trampling on truth, falsely claiming:

Russia is “training and indoctrinating a generation of Ukrainian childen (to) instill loyalty to (the Motherland) and show support for its SMO.

And this bald-faced Big Lie, falsely claiming that Ukrainian children Russia rescued from the ravages of regime aggression “may constitute a war crime.”

And this Yale rubbish via NPR and Biden regime State Department fake news, saying:

Things are “centrally coordinated (at all levels of) Russia’s federal government,” dubiously adding:

“Open-source investigators have a trove of potential source material from on-the-ground witnesses who photograph war damage, map mass graves, and record interviews with refugees.”

Rescuing Ukrainian civilians, including children, from harm’s way at a time of regime aggression by Russia warrants high praise over the other way around.

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators invent perversions of reality to bash Russia unjustifiably — while supporting the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine.

On all major world and national issues, including all things related to Russia and Ukraine, MSM stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Nothing they report can be accepted at face value.

Virtually everything is based on US/Western fake news talking points, as part of waging war of words along with hot war on Russia.

John and Nisha Whitehead are right, saying the following:

Hegemon USA “wants us to buy into the fantasy that we are living the dream, when in fact, we are trapped in an endless nightmare of servitude and oppression.”

Life in police state USA includes “loss of freedom, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, group think, mass marketing, and the tendency of human beings to meekly accept their lot in life as prisoners in a prison of their own making” at a time of perpetual war on invented enemies threatening no one.

The only solution is popular revolution.

The alternative is virtual enslavement to a higher power, a fate worse than death.

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