Rage Against War Rallies

Dominant Biden regime lunatics risk nuclear war with nonthreatening Russia.

The mumbling, bumbling White House imposter is too detached from reality to lead in any capacity.

Hegemon USA has been at war on Russia since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Ukraine — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny.

Enough is enough.

Rage against war rallies will take place on or about on Feb. 19 in around a dozen US cities, including in the nation’s capital, the heart of the beast.

Advocates for peace over perpetual war-making against invented enemies demand the following:

Not one penny more for Ukrainian Nazis — especially not while vital homeland needs go begging.

Negotiate peace, adding:

Hegemon USA “instigated war” by coup d’etat in Kiev 9 years ago.

In March 2022, undemocratic Dems sabotaged conflict resolution in favor of perpetual war on Russia.

Anti-war activist demand diplomacy to end perpetual war by use of Ukrainian Nazi foot soldiers once and for all.

Stop the war inflation.

Disband NATO’s killing machine.

Institute global nuclear deescalation. 

Slash the bloated Pentagon budget.

Abolish the CIA and military/industrial deep state monster.

Abolish perpetual war-making and imperial rampaging against invented enemies threatening no one.

Restore lost human and civil rights.

Free Julian Assange and thousands of other political prisoners in US/Western gulag confinement for supporting peace, equity and justice, according to the rule of law.

The vast majority of people throughout the West and elsewhere want a new era of peace and stability over perpetual war-making to more greatly enrich merchant of death profiteers and their supporters.

On Sunday in the US capital, anti-war organizers and supporters will deliver their demands to the fake Biden, the “warmonger-in-chief.”

The vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of bad people helping other bad people get away with mass slaughter and destruction.

They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired by a drunk with power regime in Washington.

Hegemon USA has always been a warrior nation at war perpetually on invented enemies.

Today it’s against nonthreatening Russia, against China to follow, along with war by other means on Iran and other nations free from the scourge of its control.

Tara Reade, a former JB staffer in his Senate office, earlier accused him of sexually assaulting her.

On Sunday, she’ll speak at the rage against war rally in Washington.

She’ll stress that the nation’s “infrastructure is falling apart,” that hegemon USA is “a failed state” at war perpetually on invented enemies.

And she’ll say the following, what’s indisputable:

Rage against war “speakers are all gathering to ask to abolish NATO, because it’s not a peacekeeping force.”

“It’s an aggressive force that’s been pushing up against the borders of Russia, and now we’re getting closer to the brink of WW III.”

It’s ongoing unannounced, at risk of escalating to nuclear confrontation.

It’s at a time when journalism as it should be is virtually banned throughout the US/West, except from independent sources.

MSM feature state approved propaganda exclusively on major world and national issues instead of truth and full disclosure.

Sergey Lavrov correctly explained that “(w)e witnessing the same Orwellian trends today in the way Western (regimes) keep media in check.”

Instead of denouncing what’s going on, UN secretary general Guterres embraces its scourge.

Will perpetual war by US/Western regimes continue against invented enemies with no end of it in prospect?

Will “(o)nly when the last tree died and last river (has) been poisoned and last fish (has) been caught will we realize we cannot eat money,” as a 19th century proverb observed?

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  1. Well stated Mr Lendman. I believe that until the US political system is modified nothing will ever change. Private Financial donations should be eliminated. Use taxpayers money for election’s. Limit term for politicians to eight years. No benefits once term ends. This would result into no powerful financial career seeking politicians.
    Maybe finally real populace representation.

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