Supporting the Scourge of Nazism in Ukraine

Since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny — a state of war has existed by the empire of lies and its Western vassal states against nonthreatening Russia. 

Installed by hegemon USA to serve its imperial interests by continuing perpetual war on Russia, detached from reality buffoon Zelensky — a no longer funny comedian — is worlds apart from what leadership should be.

A puppet by any standard, he survives by not forgetting who’s boss, by doing the bidding of his US master, by waging war on Russia to the last Ukrainian, by not giving a damn how many perish as cannon fodder for a lost cause.

After visiting European capitals for more arms, equipment and greater handouts for personal enrichment, he addressed the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

Detached from reality on all things related to Russia and Ukraine, he pretended that regime troops near collapse can “deter Russian strikes (sic).”

“Yes we can (sic),” he hyperventilated, adding:

“Can we protect our cities from Russian missiles? Yes, definitely (sic).”

“Can we liberate our land?”

Virtually defeated regime troops liberated nothing since Russia’s SMO began.

Reflecting his delusional state, he pretended otherwise, fooling no one other than perhaps himself.

And this hyperventilating rubbish, claiming:

“There is no alternative to Ukraine’s victory (sic).”

“There is no alternative to Ukraine’s EU membership (sic).”

“There is no alternative to Ukraine’s NATO membership (sic).”

Ignoring defeat on day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO, he defied reality by pretending otherwise.

“(W)e need to hurry up. We need speed. Speed of our agreements.”

“Speed of delivery to strengthen our sling. Speed of decisions to limit Russian potential.”

Badly beaten by vastly superior Russian firepower, Ukraine is a virtual dead man walking with no prospect of turning defeat into triumph.

The regime’s decline and fall was certain on day-one of Russia’s brilliantly executed demilitarization and deNazification campaign.

Russia has been outgunning, outwitting, and outmaneuvering the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine all along.

Tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons and related aid to the regime disappeared down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse.

Over half a million Ukrainian foot soldiers were killed, wounded, or deserted front line positions to stay alive in the face of Russian military and tactical superiority.

The made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster was doomed to defeat straightaway after Russia’s liberating SMO began.

The same reality applies to US war against Russia, what’s been ongoing since 2014.

In a conflict neither side can afford to lose, Russia is decisively winning with no chance of hegemon USA turning things around.

Puppet Zelensky reads lines scripted for him to recite by his US master.

Since installed to serve his US master, he’s been detached from reality on the ground.

He and the mumbling, bumbling fake Biden are the most pathetic examples of non-leadership on the world stage.

In stark contrast, Russians have the real thing and it shows.

Russian forces are on the cusp of liberating the strategically important town of Artyomovsk from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

As reported by Southfront on Saturday, Russia “outflanked” Ukrainian Nazis in Artyomovsk “from 3 directions: east, north and south.”

Reality on the ground is indisputable.

Things in the town for regime troops are “rapidly deteriorating.”

When liberated from Nazified occupation, MSM will likely repeat Ukrainian rubbish, perhaps something like the following, saying:

Regime troops “liquidated Russian invaders near” Artyomovsk (sic).

“Having suffered losses, the enemy retreated.”

Here’s what acting DPR head, Denis Pushilin, reported on Saturday, saying:

“Artymovsk is being liberated.”

“We have information about improvement of positions on its outskirts.” 

It “enables us to advance closer to blocking of the remaining road towards Chasov Yar, which is in fact is the (regime’s) only remaining supply route.”

Kiev “appeal(ed) to civilians (remaining in Artyomovsky to leave) immediately.”

At this time, Russian forces control 3 of 4 roads into and out from the town, as well a “all main heights” around it.

Its liberation from the scourge of Nazified occupation is certain.

Supporting the scourge of Nazism in central Europe, Reuters reported the following on Saturday, saying:

As Western officials ended their meeting at the Munich Security Conference on Friday, Ukrainian Nazis “pleaded for more weapons” for Russia to target and destroy.

They’re hemorrhaging manpower, arms and equipment for a lost cause.

Near Kremennayal alone, the regime is losing about 200 cannon fodder troops daily.

Regime losses around Artyomovsk are extremely heavy with no prospect of transforming certain defeat to triumph.

Russia is effectively slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

Pretending otherwise cannot change what’s indisputable on the ground.

A Final Comment

Like most of his predecessors, UN secretary general Guterres was installed by the empire of lies as an imperial tool.

Throughout his tenure, he flagrantly breached his sworn duty “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war; to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights; to establish conditions (promoting) justice…equal rights of men and women (in all nations and respect for) international law (and) social progress…to ensure…armed force shall not be used.”

Supporting hegemon USA’s aggression instead of forthrightly condemning it, he backs the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine.

On Friday, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, slammed him as follows, saying:

“We would like to draw attention to the role of one more body and we wanted to see its chief, but unfortunately we did not hear from him today.”

“Since outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, the UN secretariat buried his head in the sand.” 

“We heard no direct criticism of Kiev from its representatives even when it unleashed a real war against its citizens in eastern regions.”

“We heard no calls for direct dialogue with Donbass as was envisaged by UN Security Council resolution 2202.”

“As if the UN did not have the authority to do this, isn’t a unanimously passed resolution such authority?”

“Since the first days of the special military operation, the UN secretariat has been parroting Western nations with their anti-Russian cliches and direct claims to Russia, vowing however that it is guided by the General Assembly resolutions.”

“I would like to stress, non-consensus resolutions.”

“One of them, which goes against all common sense, UN traditions and general rules, cites the secretary general’s position.”

“This is what UN officials have come to, trying to ignore the violation of the Minsk agreements and evade assessments that could infuriate the collective West.”

Since the US 2014 coup in Kiev, the UN secretariat has been supporting the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine in flagrant breach of UN Charter principles.

Guterres is part of the problem, supporting what demands condemnation.

2 thoughts on “Supporting the Scourge of Nazism in Ukraine

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  1. Blackout Media now presenting “Ukraine Is Kicking Ass.”
    I kind of gather the ADL is in cooperation with Blackout Media on all things Nazi.


  2. The Madhouse west is owned by Rothschild Jewry (RJ). Lendman would have you believe that the USA is in charge of the west; it’s not. It’s just the Commisar for RJ.
    No western nation is sovereign; they’ve all been conquered, occupied & bludgeoned with Cultural Marxism by RJ. The evidence is overwhelming. The MSM is wholly Jew-owned.

    If they were sovereign, there would certainly not be this lock-step effort in favor of helping corrupt, shit-hole Ukraine, which since the Jew Coup in 2014 by the Zio-dominated, Neo Bolshevik US State Dept., acting on orders handed down from RJ, has been provoking Russia. Ukraine was slated to be RJ’s international crime base. “Little Israel” was RJ’s pipe dream for Ukraine, while harboring the worst aims for their next-door neighbor, Russia. Their insanity convinced them that they could destroy Russia. LOL!

    Now Russia is killing them. This will end on Russia’s terms alone. NATO & the US are impotent and weak. RJ has suffered a bitter & deserving defeat. Cheers.

    PS, I read where the Azov Battalion never numbered over 3,000 “Nazis”. The vast majority of the Ukraine military are not these people. Haven’t the Russians pretty much killed or captured most of them?? I think “Nazi” influence has been pushed over Jew influence, seeing as how the entire top Ukraine Govt. officials are Jews, installed by US Jews, and the big Oligarchs with so much influence & stolen Billion$ are also Jews. One of them, Kolomoisky, formed, equipped & paid the Azov Battalion “Nazis”. Ha! These Jews will all flee to Tel Aviv or Miami with their riches.

    Jews are the elephant in the room when it comes to Ukraine.


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