Trampling on Truth Update

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and MSM press agents lie and mass deceive on virtually all major world and national issues.

It’s notably true on all things related to Russia and other invented enemies threatening no one.

Notorious liar Blinken cited nonexistent “new information” to  suggest that China may provide “lethal support” to Russia.

Nothing the fake Biden, Blinken and other regime officials say can be taken at face value.

At the Munich Security Conference last week, interventionist Blinken, an unindicted war criminal, warned senior Chinese diplomat, Wang Yi, of serious consequences if the nation provides Russia with material support for its SMO against the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Feb. 21, Vladimir Putin will deliver his state of the nation address to Russia’s Federal Assembly.

He’ll no doubt update the status of Russia’s SMO against the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine.

According to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov:

“Our lives are now centered around the subject of the special military operation.”

“The military operation affects our entire lives one way or another, as well as life on the continent”

“So, we should anticipate the president to pay particular attention to it.”

Aided by instructions through an earpiece and crib notes, the fake Biden will deliver mumbled and bumbled remarks on the same day from Warsaw, Poland — perhaps unaware of where he is and why he’s there.

He’s clearly unaware of Russia’s triumph over the scourge of Nazified Ukraine from day-one of its liberating SMO.

In response to Blinken’s hostile remarks, China’s Foreign Ministry rejected “finger-pointing (and) coersion” from hegemon USA over its relations with valued ally Russia.

According to Blinken and other Biden regime war criminals, it’s OK for the empire of lies to supply Ukrainian Nazis with arms and equipment for war-making on invented enemies.

But it’s not OK for nations to aid Russia’s right of self-defense against the scourge that infests Ukraine.

Sino/US relations are already greatly strained from the run-up to and downing of a nonthreatening Chinese weather balloon, one likely blown off course by wind currents.

Beijing is undeterred by hegemon USA’s threats.

Despite no information to suggest that it’s aiding Russia militarily against the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, it’s free to do so legally at its discretion.

The empire of lies is greatly flustered over its inability to undermine Russia’s liberating SMO.

In response to Blinken’s bluster, Wang said that China “neither stood by idly nor threw fuel on the fire” in Ukraine, adding:

Beijing is preparing a document to explain its position on resolving the conflict diplomatically, adding:

The empire of lies and its Western vassals “don’t want negotiations to succeed or for war to end soon.”

On Feb. 24, the anniversary of Russia’s SMO, China’s Xi Jinping will deliver what’s billed as a “peace speech” without condemning Russia for responding in self-defense to Kiev’s aggression.

In response to much ado about nothing over China’s weather balloons, Wang called the episode a “political farce manufactured by the US,” accusing the Biden regime of “using all means to block and suppress China.”

On Sunday, Beijing warned the empire of lies that it’ll “bear all the consequences” if it escalates the issue to more greatly strain relations than already.

Separately according to the Carter Center, the health of the oldest living former US president, now aged-98, is declining from a melanoma spread to his liver and brain, a statement by the Center saying:

“He has the full support of his family and medical team.”

“The Carter family asks for privacy during this time and is grateful for concern shown by his many admirers.”

In 2021, he and wife Roslyn celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

According to their grandson, Jason Carter:

“They are at peace and — as always — their home is full of love.” 

“Thank you all for your kind words.”

If we live long enough, aging takes its toll as our bodies wear out.

On Saturday, the Carter Center said the former president will end medical treatment and enter hospice care at his Georgia home.

Since retiring from public life, Carter focused on humanitarian work through his center — in stark contrast to how Clinton and Obama sought self-enrichment.

With Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter founded The Elders, a group of global leaders committed to work for peace and human rights.

In 2015, he said the following:

“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes.”

“I’ve had an exciting, adventurous and gratifying existence.”

At age-98 in declining health, his end time likely draws near.

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