Escalating Global War by the Empire of Lies

The illegitimately installed Biden regime reportedly intends to supply Ukrainian Nazis with GPS-guided JDAM-ER bombs —  able to strike targets up to 72 km away.

These terror munitions are part of an announced $1.85 billion handout to the US-installed regime in Kiev.

Each JDAM costs up to $40,000, depending on how they’re configured.

Supplying them and other terror weapons to Ukrainian Nazis won’t change reality on the ground.

Russia controls the regime’s airspace, offshore waters and areas liberated from its occupation.

If it’s supplied with warplanes ahead, Russia will destroy them in flight when airborne or on the ground.

The Nazi-infested, made-in-the-USA Ukraine regime is battered and virtually defeated.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Deputy Security Council chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, stressed the following:

“If Russia stops its (liberating SMO short of total victory over the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine), it will no longer exist.”

“It will be torn to pieces.”

“If the (empire of lies) halts arms supplies to the Kiev regime, the war will end.”

Commenting on the fake Biden’s address in Warsaw, Poland, Medvedev stressed the following:

The White House imposter falsely claimed that hegemon USA “has no intention to attack Russia (sic)” — despite waging direct and proxy war on the country since 2014.

His remarks were “dishonest and ridiculous.”

“Who is this weird old man, anyway, broadcasting with a confused look from Poland?”

“Why is he appealing to the people of another country at a time when (the empire of lies has) domestic problems?”

“Why the hell should we listen to a politician from a hostile country that exudes hatred for our homeland?”

“Why should Russians believe the (White House imposter from a regime (that) unleashed most wars in the 20th and 21st centuries, but reproaches us for our (nonexistent) aggressiveness.”

No one should trust “a person who directs all his weakening intellectual capabilities” on trying to defeat Russia militarily — what’s impossible to achieve.

Unsure of where he was or why he was there, the fake Biden doesn’t comprehend the defeat of Nazi-infested Ukraine from day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry summoned hegemon USA’s envoy to Moscow. Lynne Tracy, over hegemon USA’s direct involvement in waging war on the country by use of Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts, adding:

The Biden regime “should confine itself to giving explanations about the explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines and not interfere with an impartial investigation to” lay blame for what happened where it belongs.

On Wednesday, former Indian envoy to Russia, Kanwal Sibal, stressed the following:

The empire of lies “openly talk(s) of defeating Russia strategically (and) weakening it militarily.”

Vladimir Putin suspended Russian participation in New START because of greatly deteriorated relations with the empire of lies and forever wars.

Short of withdrawing from the treaty, Russia’s suspension renders it moribund.

If hegemon USA resumes nuclear testing, Russia will follow suit in accordance with its UN Charter right of self-defense.

At a time when the empire of lies launched WW III in a futile attempt to weaken and defeat Russia militarily, the risk of escalating US aggression to nuclear confrontation is ominously high.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin attended the ‘Glory to Defenders of the Motherland’ concert — an event honoring participants in Russia’s liberating SMO.

He stressed that individuals attending are committed “to defend the most sacred and dearest thing that we have: family and the Motherland.”

“Today, they are doing this as part of the special military operation” against the scourge of made-in-the-USA Nazism in Ukraine — defeating its menace.

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  1. “Europe is DOOMED” — Jeffrey Sachs — 7:48 video from 2/22/23 —

    The Neocons have destroyed the old European way of life, yet Mythland Media blacks out the situations caused by the war and sanctions.

    Martin Armstrong was on Greg Hunter yesterday saying warwith China is coming late next year because it is needed to default on the unpayable debts.

    What would wisdom want?


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