Guess Who Showed Up at Harvard’s Kennedy School?

Going all-out to support the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine, my alma mater invited the regime’s imitation foreign minister — war criminal, Kuleba — to deliver his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies at the Kennedy School.

As explained in a previous article, Harvard transformed itself from an institution of higher education when I was an undergraduate in the 1950s to a scourge focusing on indoctrination and support for hegemon USA’s wars of aggression on invented enemies.

Kuleba pretended that dead man walking Ukraine can transform defeat into triumph despite zero prospect of achieving this aim.

Earlier accusing Russia of Ukrainian crimes of war and against humanity, he demanded a conflict resolution summit without its participation — presided over by imperial tool Antonio Guterres.

At the same time, he sounded buffoon-like, saying:

“We will fight until we prevail (sic)” — even though the prospect of things turning out this way is zero.

The regime and its greatly degraded military have been overwhelmingly battered and beaten by overpowering Russian firepower.

Yet according to Kuleba’s perversion of reality:

“We can win” what was lost on day-one of Russia’s liberating SMO.

And this denial of indisputable reality by Kuleba, saying:

“We can expel Russia from our territory (sic).” 

“And we will do so (sic).”

Nazi-infested “Ukraine’s victory is in everyone’s interest (sic).” 

“(T)he Ukrainian project has always been” about tyrannical rule over freedom according to the rule of law.

Separately according to fake news published by the Harvard Gazette:

“Russia lost a reported 200,000 men (sic), including many high-ranking military officials (sic), and President Vladimir Putin has been embarrassed by the Ukrainian Army’s successes and the resilience of Ukraine’s many citizen militias (sic).”

Reality on the ground is polar opposite the above perversion of reality and lots more trash like it.

Citing a partnership between the White House imposter and US-installed puppet in Kiev — an alliance of detached from reality buffoons — the NYT pretended that their “relationship (is) critical to the future of the international order. (sic).”

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents ignore the reality of Russia’s legitimate response to made-in-the-USA aggression against its Motherland and people by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

What began with the US 2014 coup in Kiev escalated to WW III.

Will use of nukes be the next shoe to drop in a futile attempt by the empire of lies to breathe new life into dead man walking, Nazi-infested Ukraine?

On Friday at the Security Council, interventionist Blinken defied reality as follows, saying:

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies “has long made it clear even before this war that we’re prepared to engage in any meaningful diplomatic effort (sic) to stop Russia’s (nonexistent) aggression against Ukraine.”

“But history teaches us that it’s the nature of peace that matters” — a notion not tolerated by hegemon USA in favor of perpetual wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

According to GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, militant Russophobes Blinken and Victoria Nuland are “dangerous fools.”

They’re pushing things for nuclear confrontation with Russia and China.

Their rage for perpetual war-making may “get us all killed.”

Nuland openly endorsed regime change in Russia, cheerled the Biden regime’s destruction of 3 Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany and called for repeated tranches of US/Western arms and  equipment to Ukrainian Nazis.

Interventionist Blinken made similar remarks.

By video on Tuesday, Trump blamed Nuland and likeminded Biden regime Russophobes for war in Ukraine, adding:

It would would have “never happened if I was your president.”

Will the 2024 presidential election be rigged in similar fashion to what happened in 2020?

Will undemocratic Dems maintain power the old-fashioned way?

Will WW III they launched escalate to more direct confrontation than already between the empire of lies and Russia?

Will the Biden regime launch nuclear war and kill us all ahead?

3 thoughts on “Guess Who Showed Up at Harvard’s Kennedy School?

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  1. The terrorism that blew up Nord Stream illuminates Constitution government has been displaced by an illegitimate power. Everyone is denied justice by not prosecuting this crime. We have a system of open gangsteris. We are not free. We are not protected. We are slaves being ruled by an institutionalized treason.

    The treasonous tyranny rules over us and it can only be broken when self and collective defence uses force.


    1. Other than technology itself, nothing has changed since the 1300’s. In 2023 it’s just the same old game from the same old Machiavellian type criminal crony State power structure (organized crime made legal for the 1%).

      It is the same take all psycho narcissistic criminals types controlling everything from their wealthy castles, owning all the land and wealth, dictating undemocratic laws to the herd, owning and holding all the peasantry herd to ransom, keeping the peasants in poverty, exploiting taxes (protection money with terroristic threats), the occasional genocide etc.

      It is the same medieval tyrannical mentality of power, ego, control, tyranny, greed, corruption, exploitation, racketeering, slavery, constant war, looting, sieges (now called “sanctions”) and general barbarism etc.

      And, even though the peasants outnumber their self appointed masters, they do nothing to stop the insanity of the out of control undemocratic State ran by psycho criminals that will get us all killed on a whim.


  2. What is going on here ?

    Similar story:
    I had respect for Jon Stuart (ex host of The Daily Show), until recently when he shows up at Disneyland to give a medal to a Zelensky crony Nazi war criminal. Would old Walt approve if he were still alive ?

    Is there something Jon Stuart has forgotten about being Jewish and 20th century history ?

    I have zero respect for Jon Stuart now (not his real name). Supporting a Nazi is about as low as it gets, it is so low that even a snake would get vertigo looking down upon it.

    The West has lost the plot. Too much toxic plastic containers contaminating food and psych drugs for everything and nothing finally kicking in ?

    Something is very wrong with our society post 1980’s. Are we hankering for a new dark age or something worse ?


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