The US-Installed Buffoon in Kiev

On the anniversary of Russia’s liberating SMO, US-installed puppet Zelensky ignored reality by pretending that dead man walking, Nazi-infested, Ukraine can transform defeat into triumph. 

Pretending that the best moment lies ahead, he sounded delusional, saying the following:

Unattainable “victory day is going to be the happiest day for me and every Ukrainian (sic).”

As ordered by his US master, the US-installed puppet/kleptocratic-in-chief rejected conflict resolution talks in favor of greater destruction of the former nation-state and immiseration of its people than already.

Ukraine has been a festering sore in Europe’s heartland since the US 2014 coup replaced democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny and perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s liberating SMO, G7 regimes reaffirmed support for the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine, along with perpetual war over restoration of peace, a statement saying:

“Our solidarity will never waver in standing with (Nazi-infested) Ukraine.”

Defying reality, a litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed, falsely claiming:

“In the past year Russian forces killed thousands of Ukrainians, caused millions to flee, and forcibly deported many thousands of Ukrainians, including children, to Russia (sic).”

“Russia destroyed hospitals, schools, and energy and critical infrastructure, and left historic cities in ruins (sic).”

All of the above and what relates to it is how the empire of lies rapes and destroys nations free from the scourge of its control — worlds apart from how Russia operates.

Sounding delusional, Zelensky turned reality on its head and trampled on it, saying:

“We withstood (sic).”

“We started to free our land from Russian evil (sic).”

“We are in a return of security to international relations (sic).”

“And we know that our coalition of defenders of (Nazi tyranny) can become a coalition of winners in 2023 (sic).”

On Friday, the Biden regime said it’ll supply Ukrainian Nazis with another $2 billion worth of arms and equipment for perpetual war on Russia.

And it imposed new sanctions on Russian entities and individuals — even though unprecedented numbers of earlier ones achieved nothing strategic against the largely self-sufficient nation.

On Friday, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, stressed the following:

“We repeatedly said that we are ready for talks on how the goal of our special military operation could be achieved by peaceful means.”

“Naturally, schemes based on other scenarios will not be even looked at.”

“We already said it more than once this week that its is the collective West that is not interested in stopping combat operations in Ukraine. As we already know for sure.”

The (US-dominated) West did not let Kiev strike a peace deal in March-April 2022.”

Western merchants of death and human misery “earn lavish profits and have a testing ground (in Ukraine) for tests of new weapons.”

NATO’s killing machine “is getting rid of old weapons and is gradually rearming.”

And hegemon USA is “weakening its European rivals.”

They continue to demonstrate “unprecedented servility and impotence” to their US master.

They fail to accept reality.

“The unipolar world is in the past.”

“It is in our common interest to see to it that the transition to a multipolar world proceeds without shocks.”

In lieu of restoration of peace and stability to central Europe, EU regimes, Britain and their US master pursue perpetual war on Russia.

Bloc regimes approved a 10th package of illegal sanctions on Russian entities and individuals.

According to a bloc statement, new ones include “tighter export restrictions regarding dual-use and technology, targeted restricted measures against individuals and entities supporting the war, spreading propaganda or delivering drones used by Russia.” 

Separately, the Biden regime’s Commerce Department blacklisted  76 Russian organizations.

And this from Brussels, saying:

EU regimes “will not rest” until dead man walking, Nazi-infested Ukraine, prevails (sic).”

They’ll “continue to support Ukraine in political, economic, humanitarian, financial and military terms, including through swift coordinated procurement from European industry.”

They’ll “support Ukraine’s reconstruction, for which we will strive to use frozen and immobilized Russian assets in” breach of international law.

They prioritize perpetual war on Russia over restoration of peace and stability.

And make no mistake.

The empire of lies is a humanity destroying monster masquerading as a nation state.

Its ruling regimes caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than history’s worst despots.

The nation I grew up in long ago is worst of all when the scourge of undemocratic Dems run things.

One thought on “The US-Installed Buffoon in Kiev

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  1. My opinion: US leaders are delusional if they think Russia/China/Iran, etc have not figured what the US fantasy plan is. The usual US divide & conquer gunboat diplomacy is useless in this war. Russia et al are stockpiling weapons and making plans while the US is in a state of decay. Russia will be defending the homeland against a U.S. invasion, and that will be a great motivator for a Russian victory. Also Russian supply lines will be much shorter with uniform weapons and communications while NATO flounders in an alphabet soup!
    Russia will destroy satellites, supply lines and undersea cables disrupting NATO operations. This will not disrupt the Russian operations significantly. Putin will delay the confrontation as long as possible as the U.S. decays domestically and economically. I think the payback for the U.S. criminal wars against many countries will be enormous and civil unrest will prevent any chance of victory by the U.S. Hopefully nuclear war will not follow. It is very sad to see what the little hats and globalists have done to our Country. Hopefully they will be brought to full justice for treason. This is a brief summary of my thoughts.


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