Reinventing Nazi-Infested Ukraine’s US-Installed Puppet

Judge him by his detached from reality remarks.

Installed by his US master, puppet Zelensky is worlds apart from leadership as it should be.

The no longer funny comedian, a buffoon serving his US master is worlds apart from “tenaci(ous)” as NYT fake news pretends.

Reading lines scripted for him to recite while hiding from public view, he’s perhaps unaware of Ukraine’s defeat by militarily and tactically superior Russian forces.

A political nobody masquerading as otherwise, Russia can eliminate him and others around him at its discretion in similar fashion to how it’s slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

On Saturday, Southfront explained how Russian Geran-2 drones are striking Ukrainian targets with precision accuracy.

Able to strike targets up to a range of 2,500 km, it delivers a 30 – 50 kg warhead.

Since introduced last year, along with a lighter Geran-1 drone, they’re inflicted significant manpower, arms and equipment losses on Ukrainian Nazis.

The US-installed regime has been unable to defend against their destructive strikes — delivered with precision accuracy.

On Saturday, founder of Russa’s Wagner Group private military contractor, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced the following:

PMC fighters “captured Yagodnoye north of Artyomovsk.”

The Nazi-infested regime “blew up a dam” in Artyomovsk at the Severny Stavok water reservoir, an act of desperation accomplishing nothing strategic.

Heavy fighting continues in and around the town.

To date, Russian forces liberated Kleshcheyevka, Podgorodnoye, Paraskoviyevka, Berkhovka and other communities near Artyomovsk.

Around 80 years after Russia liberated Stalingrad from the scourge of Nazi German occupation, Russia’s Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev explained the following:

“A year after the start of the special military operation, we celebrated yet another very important date in our history in February 2023: the 80th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Battle of Stalingrad.”

“It was the chief battle of the 20th century, after which the final rout of the Hitlerite armies became inevitable.”

“History repeats itself.”

“We are again confronted actually with a whole empire of diverse enemies: Ukrainian and European Neo-Nazis, (hegemon USA), other Anglo-Saxons and their” vassals.

Their attempt to “wip(e) Russia off from the face of the earth fail(ed).”

“We are stronger.”

It’s “obvious now.”

“The past year of the special military operation in Ukraine taught Russians many things and consolidated the country’s citizens in the fight against the common enemy.”

And it eliminated the illusion of democratic rule throughout the West. 

“What Russia gained over that year is its firm confidence in its own strength and in its victory” over the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Sounding more delusional than ever, puppet Zelensky pretended that overwhelmingly defeated Ukraine “will be victorious (sic).”

The US-installed buffoon is blind to reality on the ground.

Separately, Putin aide, Vladimir Medinsky, debunked phony claims about secret negotiations in Geneva, saying:

“Russian diplomats, representatives of the administration and government aren’t conducting any negotiations of high or any other levels” with Ukrainian Nazis.

On orders from his US master, puppet Zelensky signed a decree last fall.

It prohibits dialogue with Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials.

Representatives from both sides haven’t met since negotiating briefly last March.

The empire of lies rejects conflict resolution in favor of perpetual war on Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian troops.

Despite over half a million regime casualties in the past year — and no prospect of turning defeat into triumph — Ukrainians continue to die, become maimed or otherwise wounded for a lost cause.

In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, the empire of lies doesn’t give a damn about the human toll.

So perpetual wars rage in lieu of resolving things diplomatically.

Losing badly to Russian military and tactical superiority in Ukraine, will Biden regime lunatics go nuclear in a futile attempt to turn things around?

In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, will they risk destruction of planet earth and all its life forms ahead?

Is that where things are heading by the most ruthlessly reckless regime in US history?

3 thoughts on “Reinventing Nazi-Infested Ukraine’s US-Installed Puppet

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  1. OK, it is finally happening it seems, Russian military is in China for the delivery of Chinese weapons for use in Ukraine. I suspect Iran will do the same eventually. The battle lines are being drawn. US gunboat diplomacy is ending, the U.S. criminal warmongers are finally being confronted and this is good news for patriotic Americans who are also targets for destruction by the U.S. kleptocracy. It seems NATO is most likely heading into a crushing defeat, well deserved. The Russians have had enough and are going to force a showdown.


  2. The Zelensky puzzle.

    Does anybody know if Zelensky is an Ashkenazi by chance ?

    Why has nobody noticed something that’s a bit off beat regarding “Jews” and Nazis ?

    One can only presume that WWII and the “holocaust” was in large part engineered by the Ashkenazis, why ?

    In order to suppress their critics and accusers forever more, and to create Israel for the Zionists to use as a base of operations.
    Real Jews are not welcome to Israel ? Like the so called “refuseniks” for example. Who sold out Ann Frank ? Who decided which Jews were to be selected for a cull ? IBM issued the card reader machines for the infamous death camp tattoos, where is IBM based today, owned by who ? Just a few points to consider, there are many more.

    One WWII Nazi tried to recruit a famous Jewish film maker to make Nazi State films, when pointed out he was a Jew, the high ranking German Nazi officer stated “we decide who is Jewish and who isn’t”. How many Jews were employed by the monstrous Nazi party ?
    We all know Adolf’s family medic was Jewish, and Adolf refused to use any other doctor throughout the war period according to history scholars.

    Is this why they only killed off selected innocent Jews that were not Ashkenazi ?
    Reducing the legit Jewish population to control who could get a stake in the newly founded state of Israel by annexation of Jaffa and Palestine etc. ?

    Interesting that, UK politician Corbyn was kicked out of his party for “antisemitism” in the run up to a rigged national election, yet he never kicked any Jews out of the party. His successor, Starmer, on the other hand has exclusively expelled many non-Zionist Jews from the Labour Party yet, nobody is branding him an “antisemite”… How is this possible !?

    Is it not odd that Zelensky, a Jew, is happy to play with fascist, murderous, war criminal Nazis in Ukraine (the mighty righteous ICC don’t care). Keep in mind what the Nazis did to Ukraine in WWII. Keep in mind that, many of the targeted and murdered Russian civilians residing in Ukraine will also be Jewish.

    Who are the real antisemites in this evil criminal game where non of the real culprits are held to account ?

    Smoke and mirrors, nefarious rope-a-dope mind games, just keep supporting Ukraine and waving their flag, because that is what master orders us to do. Forget about the financial meltdown crisis that actually started just before the $camdemic scapegoat hit us all, forget about who really shot down MH17 murdering many civilians (just blame Russia regardless), forget about party gate, forget about the obscene profits the criminal energy companies are making at our expense, forget about Biden’s corrupt connections to money laundering via Ukraine, forget about state sponsored genocide during lockdown, forget everything that happened before yesterday… Live in Fear and OBEY Master Government in the “Land of Freedumbs”.

    Next fear tactic fodder is “global food shortages”.

    When will we burn down the out of control, lying, thriving thieving State monsters in the high castle ?

    Or do we just chew cud whatching while waiting to get bio weaponed or nuked ?


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