Reaffirming US Support for the Scourge of Nazism Infesting Ukraine

Having created the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia, the Biden regime reaffirmed it by Janet Yellen’s visit to Kiev on Monday.

She arrived at a time of growing anti-war protests in Britain, France, Germany and elsewhere in Europe against US/Western support for the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Her visit coincides with another $2 billion worth of arms and equipment by the Biden regime for US-installed Nazis in Kiev and more illegally imposed sanctions on Russia.

And it’s at a time when hegemon USA and its Western vassals most likely will use around $300 billion in stolen Russian assets to fund reconstruction in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin stressed the following:

“In today’s conditions, when leading NATO (regimes) declared their main goal (is to inflict) a strategic defeat on us, so that our people suffer as they say, how can we ignore their nuclear capabilities?”

Separately since 2014, hegemon USA transformed Ukraine from a nation-state to a self-destructive platform for perpetual war on Russia.

Over the past year, around 12 million Ukrainians either fled cross-border or relocated internally.

Over half a million of its best and brightest were killed, maimed or otherwise wounded.

The regime’s economy was destroyed.

Without continued US/Western military and related aid, the puppet Zelensky regime and its military would collapse.

US/Western support sustains Nazism infesting central Europe.

Ignored is a one-party former nation-state abhorrent of what just societies hold most dear under US-installed puppet leadership — governance of, by and for all Ukrainians equitably banned.

Proliferating US propaganda since established in 1942, state-owned and controlled Voice of America trampled on reality by comparing puppet Zelensky’s December appearance before Congress to Winston Churchill’s address to the body in December 1941.

According to NYT fake news, the detached from reality, bozo buffoon in Kiev “restored the idea of the free world to its proper place (sic).”

A neocon favorite, he banned opposition parties and press freedom, as well as human and civil rights as mandated by international law, including abolition of due process and the rule of law overall.

Last summer, his regime blacklisted critics, including prominent Americans, smearing them as “terrorists (and) war criminals.”

The Biden regime, its Western vassals, puppet Zelensky and other Ukrainian Nazis renounced peace in favor of perpetual war on Russia.

The US-installed puppet in Kiev is no “potential interlocutor” for discussions with Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed.

And this reality check by strategic analyst Paolo Raffone, saying:

Despite relentless anti-Russia propaganda, anti-war protests are widespread in Britain, France, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Growing numbers of ordinary people are concerned about potential nuclear war.

In Paris on Sunday, protesters displayed signs and banners “for peace, (for disbanding) NATO,” expressing concern about another world war, what could escalate to nuclear confrontation.

According to German AfD lawmaker, Christian Blex:

The Scholz regime sticks to fabricated “vassal war rhetoric” instead of the other way around.

Blex called for Berlin “to free itself from its sycophantic allegiance to the US” imperial rampaging, adding:

“Economic worries about suicidal sanctions are mounting.”

“Many are afraid that the welfare state will not be able to bear additional burdens caused by the large number of Ukrainians.”

“Added to this is growing concern that the transatlantic German government is leading us more and more into active warfare.”

“The majority of Germans are not willing to send their children to a foreign war for US interests.” 

On Saturday in Berlin, an estimated 50,000 anti-war protesters rallied against German support for Ukrainian Nazis.

Commenting on the large-scale turnout, Blex said the following:

“I am very pleased that, despite all the defamation, tens of thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations over the past few days, including high-ranking politicians from my party.” 

“In the other European countries, too, it is becoming clear that fewer and fewer citizens are following transatlantic pseudo-elite” support for war on Russia by use of Nazified Ukrainian foot soldiers.

While advocacy for peace in Europe hasn’t reached critical mass, things are heading in this direction.

A Final Comment

In mid-February, anti-war protesters rallied in Washington, DC.

Rage against the Biden regime’s war machine called for cessation of sending arms and equipment to Nazi-infested Ukraine for perpetual war on Russia.

A sign displayed by New York City Veterans for Peace in front of the Lincoln Memorial read:

“No to War, No to NATO!”

“Diplomacy Not War!”

The Biden regime shifted from war on Afghanistan to waging it against Russia.

According to former Senate aide, Tara Reade:

“The enemy is the military-industrial complex and a very corrupt regime, the Biden regime.”

Both wings of the US war party, especially undemocratic Dems, revile peace in favor of perpetual war on invented enemies.

At this time, lunatics infesting the Biden regime risk escalation of war on Russia to nuclear confrontation.

The only solution is popular revolution.

It’s cessation of US/Western support for Ukrainian Nazis.

Former Cleveland mayor, anti-war activist Dennis Kucinich stressed what’s indisputable, saying:

The empire of lies “leads the world in making enemies.”

It spends trillions of dollars for militarism and war-making on invented enemies at home and worldwide.

If its imperial rampaging isn’t challenged and stopped, US-launched nuclear war may kill us all.

6 thoughts on “Reaffirming US Support for the Scourge of Nazism Infesting Ukraine

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  1. NeoCons = NeoBolshevik Jews.

    Big Peace Demonstrations all over the place. The Sy Hersh bombshell on Nord Stream; Jew-owned western media is SILENT. Crickets.

    The Rothschild Jew agents in charge of the US send more Billions to the Ukranian Jew/Nazis. Nazis commanded by a wholly Jew government, installed by the Jew USA?

    Or are we seeing something unprecedented; Jews who are Nazis? The Ukranian governing Cabal, installed by the Jew US State Dept, is Jewish, top to bottom, yet they’re in charge of Nazis?? Nazis would allow Jews to rule them? Nazis would die for a Jew agenda? I thought they were mortal enemies. Apparently, Jews hate Russians more than Nazis.

    This doesn’t make a lick of sense. Maybe some of these Ukraine Nazis would like to move to Israel & fight for the IDF, killing Palestinian kids – it’d be much easier than fighting Russians! Nazis & Zionists are a lot alike, apparently. Who knew they were pals?! Jews & Nazis, allied against Christian Russia. Good luck with that.


  2. “There are already 20,000 servicemen from Poland fighting in Ukraine. About 2,500 of them died and lie in cemeteries in Poland. They died not in their homeland, but in Ukraine.” (says Douglas McGregor) — Slavyangrad entry #35560 Telegram link was blocked


  3. Unfortunately, unless the zioUS accepts defeat or at least gives up gunboat diplomacy and warmongering, I do not see how this can end without a major war. I always had some respect for German ingenuity, but it seems they are worn out and have given up. Japan and South Korea also, the US will get them all killed. NK has no intention of invading, they just respond to US provocations. Trump and Pompeo destroyed any chances of peace with NK. I think Trump’s foreign policy was a disaster for the US, it was all about AIPAC+ payback for campaign support. I think Tulsi Gabbard is the only member of congress to tell the truth about US foreign policy. We are lucky to have patriots like Stephen Lendman, Douglas Macgregor, Scott Ritter and Tucker Carlson to keep us informed. We need to replace our government, by ballot box hopefully, with new 100% American Patriots and stop picking candidates from the same two cesspools where we just get to vote for different turds. All we get is more wars and debt (that rhymes). We need a new 3rd party that respects the US Constitution.
    We need to restrict all federal elected officials to citizens who are 100% American, no dual citizenships allowed, they are only 50% American, and no lobbying or campaign funds from any foreign Nation. Also, congress must take back their declaration of war powers, no wars without a congressional vote as stated in the Constitution!
    But, unfortunately the swamp has the US by the throat and it might be too late now for major changes. I will not state here what I really expect to happen. I am along in years now but hope I last long enough to see the conclusion of this horror movie.


  4. TheEnemyIsWithin and Art :

    Not sure how much trust should be granted to Douglas MacGregor given his military service history. He was involved in the dubious Gulf War and worse, Kosovo.

    As for Scott Ritter, yes, he was a weapons inspector but, he was/is also military intelligence and that goes against him because, like the CIA, does anybody really leave intelligence ?


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