Reality Check Warning

Virtually everything reported by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents on major issues is fake news.

None of it can be taken at face value.

Since 2014, the empire of lies and its Western vassals have been at war on nonthreatening Russia because it’s free from the scourge of their control.

Since Russia launched its liberating SMO in self-defense a year ago, things escalated to global war.

Nuclear armed and dangerous USA, Britain and France are pushing things for war with these WMDs by using Nazi-infested Ukraine as a platform for perpetual war-making against nonthreatening Russia.

Virtually everything claimed in the West about Ukraine is a bald-faced Big Lie.

In 2014, hegemon USA replaced its democratically elected government with illegitimate Nazified rule to wage perpetual war on Russia.

At the same time since 2020, the empire of lies and its Western vassals have been going all-out to eliminate millions and billions of unwanted people by kill shots designed for this purpose.

The fake Biden, other undemocratic Dems, Western co-conspirators and their MSM press agents are more ruthlessly evil than history’s worst despots.

At this time, they’re pushing things toward humanity-destroying nuclear war.

Since 2020, scholar physician, Vernon Coleman MD, and other truth-telling experts, wrote extensively about the fake pandemic, toxic kill shots, and all else related to the mother of all state-sponsored health-destroying scams.

In April 2020, Coleman wrote the first analysis of the fake pandemic.

He explained the Great Reset’s “hidden agenda.”

He proved scientifically that virtually everything flu/covid related aims to destroy public health, while falsely pretending to protect and preserve it.

He minced no words calling flu/covid “the greatest (state-sponsored) hoax in history.”

He explained that US-dominated NATO virtually admitted launching war on Russia in 2014 by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers, and that US/Western regimes are at war on their own people.

He stressed that voting is a colossal waste of time.

No matter who wins when US/Western elections are held, wealth, power and privilege alone are served at the expense of the public interest.

At the same time, MSM misinform and disinform instead of the other way around.

Separately on Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

Its forces struck a Ukrainian electronic intelligence facility near Kiev, as well as a Western operations center in the former nation-state’s West.

Russian forces continue advancing along front line positions.

Over the weekend, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, said the following:

Expanding its liberating SMO “depends on weaponry…supplied” to Ukrainian Nazis by US/Western regimes.

Last week, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia will do whatever it takes to defend the nation and its people from the scourge of US/Western aggression by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers.

And this fake news by the Biden regime, saying:

Nazi-infested Ukraine has until fall to retake lost territory, what’s impossible to accomplish, or the empire of lies and its Western vassals will “pressure” the regime to negotiate with Russia (sic).

A state of perpetual war exists by the collective West against nonthreatening Russia.

The US-installed puppet in Kiev has no say over all things related to what’s going on.

As ordered by his US master, he rejected conflict resolution talks in favor of perpetual war to the last Ukrainian.

Separately on Monday, the US-installed puppet met with Biden regime treasury secretary Yellen in Kiev to receive marching orders face-to-face — focused on continuing perpetual war on Russia with expendable regime foot soldiers.

And this reality check on Monday by China, saying:

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, Beijing “promote(s) peace talks and a political settlement of the crisis,” adding:

“In addition to pouring lethal weapons into the battlefield in Ukraine, the (Biden regime) has been selling sophisticated weapons to Taiwan in violation of the three China-US joint communiques.”

And the empire of lies trampled on truth by “spreading disinformation that China would supply weapons to Russia.” 

“Who is promoting peace and deescalation, and who is fueling the tension and making the world more unstable?”

“The answer is (indisputably) obvious.”

And this from the US-installed puppet buffoon in Kiev, saying:

Ukrainian Nazis are preparing to attack Crimea.

According to militant Russophobe, Victoria Nuland:

“Russia turned Crimea into a massive military installation (sic).” 

“Those are legitimate targets (sic).”

“Ukraine is hitting them (sic), and we are supporting that (sic).”

In response to her support for perpetual war, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, slammed her comments, saying: 

“The American warmongers have gone even further.”

“They are inciting the Kiev regime to further escalate, to bring war to the territory of our country with direct strikes.”

Crimea is sovereign Russian territory, what its military will defend in similar fashion to other parts of the country.

And this Southfront reality check on Monday, saying:

Surrounding and capturing the strategically important town of Artyomovsk will force Ukrainian Nazis to retreat or be wiped out entirely by advancing Russian forces.

Separately on Monday, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, stressed the following:

Hegemon USA-dominated Western “strategy of strangling sovereign states is nothing but the revival of the old methods of colonialism” — what Russia forthrightly opposes.

“We see the consequences of Western interference in the affairs of” sovereign nations. 

“In North Africa and the Middle East, there remain hotbeds of tension they created in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other countries.”

US/Western regimes “spread terrorism” instead of combatting it.

Separately according to Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban:

“Europe is sliding into war (on Russia) step by step” by supplying Ukrainian Nazis with heavy weapons.

Will deploying their troops to Ukraine for perpetual war on Russia be the next shoe to drop?

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  1. The CDC just added the covid-19 vaccines to the routine immunization schedule for both adults and children, despite evidence showing that the “vaccines” harm immunity and pose new health risks to the population. By adding the covid-19 jabs to the already bloated and misguided immunization schedule, the CDC is causing more families and individuals to question the necessity, safety, and efficacy of the vaccines that are already on that schedule. —


  2. How did Washington become so insane? Where did all these psychopaths come from ? Does American society breed this filth? Does anyone have an answer please.


    1. It is nothing new, it has always been this way.

      Challenge :

      Name a year when America was not at war with anybody or, overthrowing other nations democratically elected governments or, annexing land from native Americans or anybody else for that matter.

      I heard that, since the creation of Euro-America in 1776 (247 years ago), it has been aggressive for over 90% of its existence as a nation. Interesting that America has so few home turf wars (independence war, the civil war, massacring native Americans, Mexican war ?).

      That got me thinking about it, I can’t name one year yet. Every year of just my lifespan alone they have been up to international mischief, terrorism, war and murder etc. (I’m over half a century years old)

      It is a very tough challenge so, many kudos to anybody that can answer that.

      As a bonus question, why is war still legal ?


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