Liberating Artyomovsk from the Scourge of Nazified Occupation

Liberating the strategically important town of Artyomovsk is key to freeing Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

It’s a major blow to the empire of lies and Western vassals, as well as to Nazi-infested Ukraine.

On Friday, according to Wagner Group head, Yevgeny Prigozhin:

Its units “surrounded” the town.

One road alone was left open for regime troops to lay down their arms and surrender, along with letting civilians flee from harm’s way, adding:

Russian and Wagner Group fighters earlier combatted regime troops.

“(T)oday (they’re) seeing more and more elders and children.”

Over the past year, Russian forces obliterated Ukrainian Nazified and conscript cannon fodder.

Citing the regime’s so-called general staff, MSM reported the following:

About 260,000 Ukrainian troops were killed.

Nearly 250,000 others were wounded.

Another 84,000 deserted their ranks to stay alive.

About 28,000 were captured by Russian forces.

In total, over 600,000 regime troops were wiped out, wounded, or otherwise taken out of action.

Yet with Artyomovsk about to be liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation, the NYT falsely claimed the following in its latest fake news edition, saying:

Regime “commanders s(aid) they pushed Russian troops back (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Artyomovsk “has limited strategic value (sic).”

A reality check by military expert Marina Miron minced no words saying the following:

Capturing the town will let Russian forces “control important roads, cutting off” supply lines to regime troops.

Russia is overwhelmingly outgunning, outmaneuvering and outwitting the scourge of Nazified and conscript Ukrainian forces.

Without exaggeration, Prigozhin stressed that “(t)he pincers are closing.”

In desperation, Kiev is sending inadequately armed teenagers and middle-aged men to frontline positions with little or no training.

It’s at a time when hegemon USA and its Western vassals cannot resupply regime troops with enough arms and equipment to sustain battlefield operations.

And Russia is accomplishing its battlefield aims without use of around 300,000 reservists activated last August.

In stark contrast, Ukrainian Nazis sent tens of thousands of cannon fodder troops in a failed attempt to maintain control over Artyomovsk.

Since its 2014 coup in Kiev, the empire of lies has been waging war on Russia.

Yet according to the mumbling, bumbling, stumbling detached from reality White House imposter, hegemon USA does not seek regime change in Russia (sic).

And this perversion of reality by the Biden regime’s national security council spokeswoman, Adrienne Watson, falsely claiming:

Vladimir Putin “has not shown any interest in ending this war (sic).”

“So we will continue to help Ukrain(ian Nazis)) succeed on the battlefield so they can be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table for when that time comes (sic).”

And this reality check last week from GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, saying:

Neocon extremists “Nuland and Blinken have a deeply rooted irrational hatred of Russia.”

They and likeminded lunatics infesting the Biden regime are pushing things toward nuclear war with nonthreatening Russia.

These monsters may “get us all killed.”

Gosar and likeminded GOP congressional representatives said it’s time “to stop sending billions more” aid to Ukrainian Nazis.

Days earlier, former FBI special agent, Coleen Rowley, said the following:

“The neocons’ hell-bent plans for ‘full spectrum dominance’ have been a long time in the making, having even been publicly announced decades ago, but now…we’ve truly reached the eve of destruction.”

The Biden regime is “far closer to catastrophic (nuclear) war than the (vast majority of) American(s) realize.”

Separately on Friday, Biden regime attorney general, Garland, showed up in Kiev to express support for the scourge of the Nazi-infested regime and US-installed puppet Zelensky.

On the same day together with the fake Biden in Washington, Germany’s Scholz said his regime is in “lockstep” with the US-installed puppet regime in Kiev.

Despite spending over $150 billion for war-making on Russia since 2014, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies failed to achieve its diabolical aims.

As the battle for control of Artyomovsk and Donbass nears its end, Russia is defeating the scourge of Ukrainian Nazis and their US/Western paymasters.

And this reality check:

Virtually everything reported by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents about all things Russia and Ukraine tramples on truth and full disclosure.

The hegemon USA-created Nazified regime and its greatly degraded military are near collapse.

A Final Comment

According to MSM reports, the empire of lies may train Ukrainian pilots to operate F-16 warplanes.

Given Russian control of Ukrainian airspace, hostile aircraft entering it will be targeted and destroyed.

Since day-one of its liberating SMO, Russian forces defeated the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine and its US/Western paymasters.

Are puppet Zelensky’s days numbered?

Is he too detached from reality to understand reality on the ground?

Will what’s left of regime troops stay the course and be wiped out entirely or surrender to stay alive?

3 thoughts on “Liberating Artyomovsk from the Scourge of Nazified Occupation

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  1. The U.S. is now a dangerous wounded animal, losing a war they expected to win, for a change. As Pompeo said, the US will lie, cheat and steal in its foreign policy. I am sure Putin has learned a valuable lesson from the Minsk Agreement swindle. So, it seems we have three women running the US war effort – Samantha Power, Victoria Nudleman Nuland & Janet Yellen. I saw the little female weasel Yellen hand Zelinisky a check for over 1,000,000,000 dollars (debt money & tax $). That was disgusting. We have morons, traitors, deviants, etc running the US government and it is surely heading for a cultural and financial collapse. It. Is impossible to imagine that the US is planning for global domination with such a stupid plan and idiots in charge, it is laughable while potentially deadly for US citizens. Trump claims he will end the war in one day if re-elected – his plan is to call Putin and threaten to bomb Moscow if Russia does not withdraw from Ukraine. Wow! I think he had help on that ingenious solution from his crazy pal Sean Hannity who recently said US should nuke Moscow. The U.S. insanity has no limit.
    Any sane president would not wish to push his country into an unnecessary war with the death and destruction it causes, but not the U.S. That is why Putin is taking his time and not making any major moves, he knows the US is running around crazy trying to figure out how they can possibly defeat Russia, and then China, and finally defeat Iran to pay back the campaign donations promise to AIPAC. Trump tried so hard, but Iran did not take the bait, even after Solemani was killed. And NK just kicked him out, along with Pompeo and built larger ICBMs to send a message.
    The main reason i switched from being an agnostic to atheism is because I just could not believe that the all loving – all knowing God I was taught about in Catholic Schools would create the rotten garbage humans we have “leading the US.” In his own image and likeness to boot. That really did it for me.
    Wow! Please forgive me for running on & on, I cannot help myself. The U.S. is the gift that just keeps on giving – disgusting crap that is.


    1. These are hard topics, in hard times, to deal with. It is not easy to sum it all up in one short post. I also try to keep it short but it is not easy. You made many valid points.

      Trump is just as guilty as the rest. He did nothing to stop Ukraine and the heinous war criminal CIA there. Trump had no issue to be the first to rip up existing missile treaties (Obama’s “to do list”).

      Reagan started this crap, every president and party has added to it ever since. Their favorite game is destabilisation and mass murder of civilians.

      Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, Trump and Biden, have all violated the Cold War and missile treaties.

      Then they accuse “aggressive” Russia of violations !?
      Rank hypocrisy at best.

      I agree, no sane God would allow this daily evil to take place. Is there a life after death, who knows ?
      But there sure isn’t any sane benevolent loving God in this universe and that is guaranteed.


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