Illegitimate ICC

Ill and unable to write but very able to think and reason.

A quick rebuke of the empire of lies and forever wars for ordering the illegitimate ICC it controls to issue an illegal arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin — the world’s preeminent, democratically elected, overwhelmingly popular world leader.

The Kremlin justifiably called the illegal warrant “absurd and outrageous.” 

There’s no ambiguity about how the empire of lies and forever wars falsely blames nations free from its hegemonic control for its own high crimes.

The US-controlled Hague-based ICC has no legitimacy.

Russia justifiably considers its actions and related decisions null and void.

Hegemon USA is an unparalleled menace to humanity.

The same goes for its Western vassals.

Russia’s actions and standards are worlds apart different — in compliance with peace, stability, equity and justice it seeks.

I strongly support Vladimir Putin, his admirable agenda and worldview,  while condemning perpetual wars on humanity by hegemon USA.

I wish I had the energy to write more about what I consider the most perilous time in world history — at a time when my health is failing.


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  1. Sir, each of your consistent contributions to good journalism and sanity is warmly received and appreciated.

    I’m sorrowing to learn of your trials…shared by my 79 yo crippled body. Most fervent best wishes for comfort and satisfaction….

    Viva Russia! (and Viva my heartache: Palestine!)

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  2. Hello Mr. Lendman,
    Very happy to hear from you.
    Wishing you much improved health and well being.
    Thank you for your contributions
    Hola Sr. Lendman:
    Muy feliz de saber de usted.
    Le deseamos una pronta mejora de su salud.
    Muchas gracias por sus contribuciones

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  3. Dear mr Lendman, I knew something was wrong with you when you stopped writing . We all hope you ll get better soon , this fckn insane world NEEDS people like you , so hold on , don t leave us yet !! Thank you mr Lendman . Regards. Patrick

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  4. wishing that there was a magic formula to turn back the tides of time- you have brought the unsullied truth through the years which has been greatly appreciated by many- here’s to wishing you restoration of your health to continue bringing to light the realities of our times thank you, Mr Stephen Lendman

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  5. Mr Lendman,

    Not having you in my life daily is a challenging empty loss. Your words “ My failing health “ are so worrisome. As you always say “ The America I was born in is gone “. I don’t want to say “ The true brilliance of Stephens daily insights I have come to rely on are gone “. If there is any good left in Chicago let it shine miraculously on it’s favourite son Stephen Lendman !!! Like me this World needs your perspective daily !!!!!

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  6. “Hegemon USA & its western vassals are an unparalleled menace to humanity.”

    Further evidence that all western nations are controlled by Rothschild Jewry and their traitorous Shabbos Goyim. NONE of them are sovereign nations.

    The rest of the world is finally waking up to this and that the USA is the Rothschild Flagship. The world is pivoting to China & Russia and a multipolar NWO is thwarting Supremacist Jewry.

    Jew Britain & the City of London will catch the first Russian Nukes if Jewry doesn’t stop its destructive agenda and accepts that its time in power is over and that its insane desire to rule the world is absurd. ENOUGH of the Synagogue of Satan! Their mask has been torn off. What took so long?? The Human Mammal isn’t too bright, but it eventually learns.

    The world should be grateful to white, Christian Russia for crushing the illegal US Jew-Coup in Ukraine, along with the Jew-Marxist Globo-Homo/Third World Immigration cultural poisoning, intended to mongrelize the USA & proud Euro nations while destroying their history & heritage.

    Get well Stephan.

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  7. Stephen, you are a good man, I wish our message of PEACE and FREEDOM comes real soon! P.S. Get lots of fresh air and plenty of sunshine if you can. You have no idea how much I/we appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much, sir!

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  8. Prayers and much positive energy to you my friend. It’s the blind, leading the blind, with the Dems. Very sad state of our great Country. We are still strong…”Of the people, by the people, for the people”! Get well.

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  9. Thank you Mr Lendman for your time and efforts creating this valuable blog source.

    The Hague is a sick joke, That was confirmed 100% when they looked the other way from the notorious war criminals and human right abusers Bush, Blair, Thatcher, Reagan.

    They are very selective of which “criminals” they go after. It is almost as if they are organised crime themselves at the phoney courts. A weapon to use against anybody they don’t like, much in the same way they weaponised the World Bank & IMF.

    Let’s not forget the Nazis they let off the hook after WWII, Klaus Barbie got a nice job with the CIA (that explains a lot about the CIA), Dr Mangele was left to do his experiments in Sout America, the companies that did the horrific and fatal human experiments are still in business etc. Bayer AG being one of them (cronies of the evil Monsanto ilk).

    What of the many war crimes committed by America (name a year America was not being aggressive or committing crimes or coups etc.).

    Britain (Ireland, Falklands, Chile Pinochet, Africa, Indonesia 1970’s/80’s genocide uk Hawk jets )

    France, (Africa, Vietnam)

    Belgium (the Congo murders)

    The League of Nations (now called The UN) was the cause of WWII, it was those Allied gangsters and their “sanctions” (crippling siege on Germany) that gave Hitler a platform to start with.

    Now they are going after Russia with a similar game plan.

    I lost family in WWII, they fought in the British military against Germany. I am livid that now the State and idiot public are supporting Nazis in Ukraine. Are we to now use our towns & cities war memorials as public urinals ?

    I will never forgive this treachery.
    America loves to crow about saving Europe in WWII but, it was in fact the Russians that saved us all.

    Germany lost the war but, the Nazis did not, they only changed venue.

    I have only found your blog site recently, it is good to know that some of us are still human and care about the truth.

    I hope you get well soon with a full recovery, if it is more serious (given your age) then look on the bright side… you are getting out of this hell.

    Life is a punishment and I look forward to my inevitable parole from these mortal shackles. I envy the dead.

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    1. Hmm — I’ve “Liked” you and your good, on-point words about Mr. Lendman, but: you’ve neglected “Zionism / Apartheid Israel / Netanyahu” in your roster of evil miscreants, as the Palestinians suffer knee-on-neck 24-7-decades torment. (“Torment” = much too much administered on my dime, and yes: that really gets me.)


      1. Thank you. I was trying to keep it short but yes, the evil zionists are equally involved.

        Interesting points that nobody realises : the evil narcissistic psychopath people in Israel are called ashkenazi, just a coincidence?
        They are such evil right wing fascists that even legit Jews are currently protesting against them !

        There is a vile “comedian” in London who was foaming at the mouth because Corbyn pronounced “Epstein” correctly (“making it sound “Jewish” and antisemitic, according to the facist “comedian”), that very same “comedian” just so happens to be an askenazi Jew. He is ok with the crimes of Maxwell (real name Hoch) and Epstein but not ok with a politician that pronounces their names correctly?

        Netanyahu is also a fake name, he is also an ashkenazi.

        For those reading this that don’t know the history, ashkenazi Jews are fake Jews, they are Europeans that converted to Zionist Judaism in the Late Middle Ages. They are the blood thirsty right wing fundamentalist types, the kind that think genocide against Semitic arabs is ok.
        Palistinians are Semites too, who has been murdering the legitimacy Jews and other Semites post WWII ?
        Who are the real antisemites ?

        Where is the ICC to punish Israel for their regular occurring war crimes and abuses of human rights against other Semites ?

        Ashke-nazi, mo-SS-ad, go figure.

        Again, I’m trying to keep it short but, the list of international villains and crimes are too substantial to list them all here.

        I’m not an antisemite, I have nothing against Arabs and all Arabs are Semites. It is a monstrous crime what they are currently doing against Syria and Palestine. Irony is that Palestine is full of legit Jews who are also targeted by the inhumane monsters ruling over Israel.

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  10. Billy, I assume this will be recorded as my reply to your 3-21, 8:38 am comment just read by me.

    For your overview: truly, truly I thank you. You get it. I’ve been suffering vicariously with the Palestinian people since 1964-5 when I was immersion-taught the Arabic language and culture. I’m sick and tired of the world’s capitulation to, silence regarding and thus complicity with settler-colonialist Zionism. (The ICC is just one indicator….) At my now 79 yo and on the way “out,” neither the Palestinians nor I nor we will find any surcease at least in my remaining time. Unjust. Unfair. Unacceptable. Cry for Palestine. [Palestine Is Still THE Issue!]


    1. The rabid psychotic dogs own insanity will result in its own destruction.

      Note how the UN (USA’s exclusive Cronies Club) only says “you can’t do that Israel”, meanwhile the UN actually do nothing about it.

      The UN is fake, it is just for a deceptive façade on the global stage to look good, and a weapon for America to commit its global crimes with zero accountability.

      Only America and Israel are above all laws they dictate to the rest of the world. Nobody gave their permission for that, there was no asking or vote. The US and Israel are self imposed global dictators and tyrants. They are insane and they are ultimately self destructive, they will take us all out with them if we allow it to continue.

      I support the power of boycott. I do my bit to starve the beast. It would speed things up if everybody did the same to all businesses and resources owned by America and Israel. Starting with the food stores and coffee shops etc. Dump that Apple products and Nike, don’t eat or drink that toxic fast food junk brands etc.

      The hypocrisy of the Christians and Jews regarding their vile treatment of Palestine is outrageously blasphemous at best. Muslims are not much better.

      Religion is used as a cheap excuse for aggression and, it is a recruiting tool to get the dumb cannon fodder to fight each other while the masters take all. They sure don’t follow their own Gods rule books.

      May the Arabs find a way to deal with America and Israel fascists. The Palestinians deserve better, as do all Arabs (excluding the murderous blood thirsty Royal Saudi psychos, why do the people of Saudi put up with it?).

      (Apologies for the many typos, the auto correct keeps switching itself on and changing my typing)

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  11. Yes, like the rest of your readers urge, please do take good care of yourself–having shared for many years your gifts of wisdom and sanity.

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