The Scourge of Everything US/Western: Humanity’s Life Threatening Curse 

In a rational world according to the rule of law, governments are supposed to serve the interests, needs and rights of their people.

Throughout the US/West, ruling regimes go the opposite way in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

That’s especially how the empire of lies and forever wars operates. most of all under undemocratic Dems.

Yet Trump OK’d use of kill shots responsible for millions of deaths and other adverse events.

Most doctors throughout the US/West pushed them on unsuspecting patients with devastating results.

As scholar/physician Vernon Coleman MD explained, mass jabbing for flu renamed covid is a disastrous experiment.

And this indisputable fact:

“Anyone who promotes the wearing of masks is a dangerous idiot.”

They harm health, offering zero protection.

Promoters of mass-jabbing and all else flu/covid related are part of a criminal cabal that’s committed to destroying public health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

And imagine what should be unimaginable.

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, truth-telling on vital issues is being criminalized on the phony pretext of spreading misinformation and disinformation on what everyone needs to know.

Diabolical dark forces want real food eliminated in favor of lab-made toxic junk.

Coleman slammed puppet Zelensky, calling him the “first holographic prime minister,” a detached from reality buffoon.

And few people understand the reality of made-in-the-USA global war at risk of going nuclear.

Few understand that key banks will be saved by money-printing madness, as well as use depositor and account holder funds.

US/Western regimes are mortal enemies of people they’re support to serve.

They abhor peace and stability according to the rule of law in favor of perpetual wars on humanity.

The nation I grew up in long ago had opportunities for ordinary people like myself.

Ruthless state-sponsored oppression transformed Western and other societies into cesspools of what’s intolerable for most people.

Perpetual wars are waged on invented enemies to empower and enrich the privileged few at the expense of most others.

Throughout the US/West and related vassal states, peace, equity and justice no longer exist.

MSM are appendages of regimes they serve.

Politicians and bureaucrats are self-serving criminals.

Throughout the US/West, things are worst of all under deeply debauched and depraved leadership.

Today’s world is unlivable for the vast majority of people.

They’re ill-fed, ill-housed, ill-led and ruthlessly exploited.

The empire of lies and perpetual wars on invented enemies — in cahoots with its vassal states — are mortal enemies of most people everywhere.

Strengthening Sino/Russian unity is vital when most needed.

Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday to solidify it in talks with Vladimir Putin.

He and Russia’s leader are committed to remain on the right side of history against the scourge of US/Western imperial rampaging.


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  1. Pepe Escobar is good to follow. As exampled below, he calls the Dollar Empire the Empire of Chaos, Lies and Plunder.

    Twenty years ago, the Empire of Chaos, Lies and Plunder unilaterally unleashed Shock and Awe against Iraq, destroying a nation’s infrastructure and killing countless civilians directly and indirectly year after year. —

    It’s half past hell and the tyranny grows.


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