Fake News on Parade

Once again, Russian military and tactical superiority foiled an attempt by Ukrainian Nazis to strike Crimean targets with munitions containing shrapnel for maximum numbers of civilian casualties.

According to Crimean head, Oleg Kryuchkov:

Regime drones “targeted civilian facilities.”

“One was shot down above a technical school.”

“It fell on the land between the school building and the dormitory.”

“There are no military facilities in the vicinity.”

“Other (regime drones) were downed over residential areas.”

“Apart from explosives, each (contained) shrapnel.”

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT defied reality as following, saying:

Ukrainian Nazis “hit Russian-held Crimea (sic)…set(ting) the stage for its own advance (sic) by making strikes deep behind Russian lines (sic), including what appeared to be a drone attack on a vital logistical hub in” Crimea (sic).”

The above rubbish is more fiction than fact.

Whenever Ukrainian Nazis attempt to strike Russian targets, its defenses foil them.

According to Wagner Group head, Yevgeny Prigozhin, (by) letter to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu:

Its forces “control about 70% of (Artyomovsk) and continue their offensive until total liberation.”

Based on “available information, in late March to early April, (Ukrainian Nazis intend) to begin (an attempted) offensive — what superior Russian and Wagner Group forces will effectively smash.

Roads to the town are cut off or unreachable by heavy Russian artillery fire.

According to Donetsk head, Denis Pushilin, regime troops show no willingness to surrender.

So they’ll be eliminated as Russia gains full control of the town and surrounding areas.

The empire of lies continues to use Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts as expendable cannon fodder for a lost cause.

Russian firepower is slowly, surely, methodically and expertly slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

MSM reports otherwise are based on Biden regime fake news talking points.

Virtually everything they report on all things Russia and Ukraine defies reality by trampling on truth.

4 thoughts on “Fake News on Parade

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  1. Will AZOV and the British/CIA operatives in Ukraine ever be held to account by the mighty righteous ICC for their involvement in the shooting down of the civilian airliner MH17 ?

    It was also an attack on Europeans as they were also on that doomed flight.

    Will the mighty righteous NATO enforce Article 5 for that, or for the time that Ukraine fired a missile into NATO member Poland killing Polish civilians ?

    (Article 5, an attack on any NATO member is an attack on all NATO members.)

    Probably not. It is only an outrageous heinous war crime when the enemy does it right ?


  2. As children we are punished for telling a lie.

    As adults we are punished for telling the truth.

    Evidence :
    Exhibit #1
    Julian Assange.

    Exhibit #2
    Chelsea Manning.

    Exhibit #2
    The general public speaking out about the scamdemic during “lockdown”.

    (Lockdown : a term used in prisons and the military).

    Ever get the feeling that this world is rigged to victimise the innocent while promoting the guilty folk ?

    MSM is only a peddler of State agenda propaganda. They print what they are told to print, told what to say and when to say it.

    MSM is full of PP, Propaganda Puppets on State editorial strings. It works the same in every nation.


  3. NEWS :
    I read a headline last night that Ukraine is in negotiations with the gangsters at the IMF for a $15 Billion loan !?

    I wonder what strings are attached to that ?

    Is this the reason they have been told to fight Russia ?

    Will Ukraine be paying off the loan with Monsanto GMO crops ?

    Is the IMF helping Ukraine launder all the foreign tax money being poured into the most corrupt country in Europe ?

    What is really going on here ?


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