The Big Lie

According to NYT fake news, Russia needs Chinese weapons when reality is the other way around.

Russia is the world’s preeminent advanced weapons maker, producing what’s far superior to the best in the West.

Supplying them to China will make the nation far more formidable than already.

Sino/Russian unity against Western aggression neutralizes NATO.

Their hypersonic weapons can sink their fleet.

According to noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov:

Both countries are finalizing strategically important political, economic and military agreements — making it near-impossible to isolate either country on the world stage.

Sino/Russian talks in Moscow “delivered another death blow” to transform both nations into pariah states by the empire of lies and forever wars.

Mincing no words, Martyanov stressed the following:

US/Western MSM are “primitive propaganda outlets and tabloids. All of them, without exceptions.”

In print, the NYT is worst of all, operating as a ministry of propaganda for the empire of lies.

Along with other MSM on major world and national issues, everything reported is fake news — based on state-approved taking points.

Yet according to Times trash, China is supplying Russia with drones “that make their way to the front lines of its war with Ukraine (sic).”

Technologically and militarily superior Russia is self-sufficient.

It’s evident from how it consistently outguns, outmaneuvers and outwits inferior Western regimes and Nazified Ukraine.

Separately, Vladimir Putin is expected to visit China later this year for the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation — to further deepen bilateral ties.

Both nations call their relationship a strategic partnership that benefits them both politically, economically and militarily.

According to Xi on Monday, China made a strategic choice “on the basis of its own fundamental interests and the prevailing trends of the world” in pursuit of multilateralism worldwide.

Ahead of his arrival in Moscow, Xi said he intends to work for peace and strengthen bilateral ties with Russia — hegemon USA’s worst nightmare.

On Tuesday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin thanked Xi “for the great personal attention that you pay to the development of friendship and partnership between Russia and China.”

Making Russia his first foreign visit after reelection “demonstrates the unique nature of Russia-China relations, which are entering a new era,” Mishustin stressed.

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, said the following:

Hegemon USA has “no competence” to criticized Xi’s state visit to Russia, “and even less to shift responsibility” for years of US aggression against Russia onto China.

In stark contrast to Sino/Russia’s pursuit of peace and stability according to the rule of law, the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis pursue the other way around.

And China needs Russia’s superior weapons to defend against US aggression.

Both nations need each other politically, economically and militarily to effectively pursue their multipolar aims.


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  1. What is strange about the presstitutes is this, they are openly shouting out that the West has no ammo or weapons after giving it all away to Ukraine !? (as if the media would actually have access to such State secret level information of national munition counts).

    This makes no sense given their current attacks on Russia in the proxy war.

    It is either scare mongering their own citizens (fear tactics to forget about the scamdemic, in of itself a human rights violation) or, it is ridiculous bait for the Russians to swallow or, it is to justify another extortionate weapons contract with America & Co. That will result in another raid on the national tax treasury that they currently keep hitting the laundry jackpot on.

    Meanwhile they are sucking all the money out of the citizens who have to foot the bill as they protest against the criminal State in our fake “democracies”.

    Meanwhile the “1st world” citizens are subjected to serious levels of poverty, “food shortages”, a housing crisis, massive price hikes everywhere, low or frozen incomes, extortionate energy bills, an abusive medical establishment, even genocide by the abusive “care system” that refused to treat patients during the free for all $camd£mic etc.

    Citizens were locked up like animals and were refused access to elderly family that were effectively being culled, meanwhile corporations and politicians etc. sucked up tax handouts and partied beyond the laws dictated to everybody else.

    The presstitute media were more than happy to peddle 77th brigade psychological warfare on their own citizens. That in of itself started during the first 1990’s Gulf War, the military created “imbedded journalists” so that the military could control what was or wasn’t reported.
    They threatened independent journalist that they would not be “safe” if they were freelance in the war zone, aka “you will be a valid target for us to kill”, as seen in the more recent Chelsea Manning exposé of the AH64 murdering anTV crew. There were others assassinated over the years. They got away with it so that is how we got here. The days of real journalists in the MSM are long gone, the days of John Pildgers expisé on Vietnam are no longer tolerated by our facist State/military.

    Remember, it is only a war crime when the enemy does it.

    As for China and Russia joining forces, it was the West that refused Russia membership into the EU/USA trade treaties and NATO etc. They forced Rusdia to make deals with China.

    (NATO = Not Another Thug/Terrorist Organisation)

    Why do we allow them all to continue this criminality while we pay them protection money aka taxes ?

    We outnumber our self appointed masters a million fold, yet we do nothing to stop them !?


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