China and Russia Preeminent on the World Stage

In stark contrast to US/Western regimes in decline, China, Russia and other nations free from the scourge of imperial control are rising in prominence on the world stage.

On a purchasing power parity basis, China is the world’s leading economic power.

Russia is militarily superior to US-dominated NATO.

It’s the world’s most resource-rich nation.

Worth an estimated $75 trillion, it includes large-scale amounts of oil, gas, coal, iron ore, timber, gold, silver,  diamonds, titanium, copper, rare earths, aluminum, uranium, copper, palladium, platinum, nickel, and many others.

Its super-weapons exceed the best in the West, developed and produced at a small fraction of US waste, fraud and abuse to enrich its merchants of death and other privileged interests.

A new world order is emerging in plain sight following historic Sino/Russia agreements by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin at their just concluded summit.

And there’s nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to turn things around in their favor.

Deepening Sino/Russian unity marks the end of global dominance by hegemon USA and the collective West.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners tried and failed to sabotage Xi Jinping’s game-changing summit with Vladimir Putin.

In response to supplying Ukrainian Nazis with environmentally contaminating depleted uranium, cluster and other banned munitions by the Biden regime, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov accused the empire of lies of what’s been clear since 2014.

Hegemon USA is at war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazis and conscript foot soldiers.

Global war 3.0 is ongoing, what’s at greater risk of going nuclear than ever before throughout the post WW II period.

Noting what’s increasingly clear, hegemon USA-dominated NATO leadership is “incompetent,” noted military analyst Andrey Martyanov stressed.

The state of so-called Western civilization is “appalling.”

A “collapse is coming,” a bang to be heard round the world in a battle of good against evil in its worst form.

Permanently at war against invented enemies, the empire of lies is being outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by Sino/Russian unity.

Russia’s liberating SMO is smashing the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster.

There’s nothing that hegemon USA can do to turn things around in its favor — short of humanity-destroying nuclear war.

The empire of lies has been in decline for decades — at least since the humiliating defeat of its Southeast Asia aggression against nonthreatening Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Pax Americana no longer exists.

Yet both wings of the US war party continue going all-out to undermine good faith Sino/Russian efforts for peace, stability and cooperative relations among nation states according to the rule of law.

Historic Putin/Xi summit talks in Moscow revealed their preeminence over weakening US/Western power and influence.

All their huffing, puffing, grumbling and other hyperventilating can’t transform things in their favor.

Hegemon USA is in irreversible decline.

The myth of American exceptionalism, the indispensable state, an illusory moral superiority no longer exist.

What’s going on is the same dynamic dooming all other empires in history – a nation in decline because of its imperial arrogance, hubris, waging endless wars against invented enemies, and unwillingness to change.

America is a warrior state, both parties pursuing the same course, operating secretly, unaccountably, intrusively, and repressively, a self-destructive agenda.

The long ago founded republic no longer exists, replaced by the imperial state, military Keynesianism, and ruinous military spending, while vital homeland needs go begging, social justice disappearing.

Countless trillions of dollars for militarism, war-making and enriching its privileged few are indicative of hegemon USA’s fall from grace.

Unable to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan or Syrian resistance, US forces continue waging losing wars against invented enemies by hot and other means.

What’s unclear is whether the empire of lies will destroy planet earth and all its life forms by its imperial rampaging.

What’s crystal clear is that hegemon USA threatens everyone everywhere.

Its ruling regimes are an unparalleled menace on the world stage.

In pursuit of their megalomaniacal aims, they may kill us all.


14 thoughts on “China and Russia Preeminent on the World Stage

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  1. The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater. — Frank Zappa

    We are there- three years of injected death and rampant criminality, and having the mercenary Ukranians shooting captured Russians and civilians, and now the terrorism used on Nord Stream. The Wicked Empire of the west is melting. We’re melting.


  2. There is a German band called Rammstein that did a great satirical song and video called “we’re all living in America”. Their song “Benzine” is another great satire on the US addiction to gasoline and the facade of saving the world.

    America is a nation of ego, illusion and delusion.

    “It is called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it” ~ George Carlin

    I recommend looking up Carlin’s video “it’s a big club and you and I are not in it”.

    Empires don’t work, they never do. They only hold until the greed and corruption destroys them from the inside. Empires don’t make the citizens better off. In reality empires are parasitical, slavers, and run by criminals who will even sell out their own family to save their own skin. They exploit everything, anything and anyone.


  3. Your money is no good here, Pilgrim.

    The only Telegram channel I watch concerning Russia is “Slavyangrad.” The channel is blocked by WordPress. Slavyangrad/38622 is about Russian and Chinese currencies with a link to TASS.

    Yesterday, during the Russian-Chinese negotiations, President Vladimir Putin spoke in support of developing settlements in Chinese yuan in trade with countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

    Abandoning the dollar and other toxic currencies in international settlements in favor of the yuan and other national currencies creates new footholds for Russia’s monetary and financial system, according to experts interviewed by TASS.


  4. “Hegemon USA” = Flagship for Rothschild Jewry. The Jewnited States is a paper tiger; the rest of the west not even that. These Satanist underlings of RJ will pay for their allegiance to Cabalist Supremacist Evil. Problem is, it may get us all killed.

    Jew Communist Supremacy, intent on liquidating the Goyim & ruling the world, will catch an express ticket to Hell. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is rolling over in his grave! His program to rule the world has been crushed. Chabad Jewry is panicking behind the scenes.

    Israel is keeping a low profile in a vain attempt to ward off Russian & Iranian missiles. Their time of getting away with Genocide is coming to a swift end. Their illegal Nukes will do them no good. Russia will shoot them down.

    Unfortunately, Americans mostly remain clueless about who our enemy is: RJ.
    No matter; they’re finished. FINITO.

    Too bad we can’t round up the traitors for publicly broadcasted firing squads. Most of those maggots will get off Scott-free. Like Fauci & the CDC gang of murderers. Rats like Rev. John Hagee should pay for their Treason with their lives.

    Western Gentile cluelessness & collusion is proving to be their downfall. No second chances, scumbags. Being stupid may be dangerous to your life.


  5. If the west had real not corrupt law enforcement entities these criminals would be in prison.we as a population will have to decide how we want to live.a revolution will have to be considered in order to liberate us from these satanist criminals.


    1. That is unfortunately our only option now because, everybody allowed it to get this bad over decades of gradual erosion.

      The problem with “law” is this, it only pretends to be there to “serve and protect” the public, a psychological warfare tactic used on the general public. When in fact, it actually only serves and protects the State, no matter how corrupt and unlawful that State is.

      “Law” is organized gang crime in of itself, it exploits the public at every opportunity it gets, it even gets away with “lawfully” murdering people in 1st degree murder !

      Next problem is, what can be done to creat a safe revolution that does not end in genocide and/or replacing these crooks with more of the same, or worse (eg a Hitler or Stalin type) ?


  6. Slavyangrad/38895 on Telegram is a new form of reporting daily battle results. The report for the four army groups totals 645 lost Ukranians/Dollar Empire mercenaries. The West Group is the one near the Russian border and to its south is the South Group. and south agagain is the Center Group. The West Group is southernmost as in Odessa.

    Video of the land drones is starting to appear on Telegram. We are in the era of mobile miles. The only defense against drones (and maybe hypersonic missiles) is lasers. There was one reporting of the Russians using a laser back at the start of the SMO.


    1. Nothing is fast enough to track a hypersonic missile to even try to shoot it down. Hell, America could not even shoot down Saddam’s ancient Scud’s that were so old many of them fell apart in mid-flight or missed the targets by a country mile. How much is that useless “patriot” missile launchers per load fired ?

      Lasers are also pretty useless in bad weather conditions.

      The Russians do have laser tech that is used as a counter measure when targeted by enemy laser targeting systems. They have had that tech for a long time now. That tech will only improve with all the live testing this past year.

      Drones have their weakness too. Iran hijacked an enemy drone that violated Iranian air space. Drones also need good weather to operate efficiently.
      Russia has a number of anti drone tech at their disposal. They now have drones that fire anti drone missiles, or just smack into one with a plane.

      Napoleon arrogantly thought his infallible cannon tactics would crush Russia in 1812, Hitler arrogantly thought that German superior tech would easily crush inferior Russia too, now the ignorant Americans want another shot at it ?

      (Both Napoleon and Nazi Germany were funded by America, it is a centuries old grudge against Russia)

      They are only probing and testing Russia, other scams are afoot in Ukraine, international tax money laundering, weapon testing, black market weapon sales, Biden’s shady Ukrainian bio lab skullduggery, a huge IMF loan is being negotiated with the Zelensky puppet, Americas destruction and control over Europe, the criminal destruction of Nord2 and the knock-on connection to the dubious “global warming” agenda etc.

      We are constantly bombarded with distractions these days, in the hope that nobody notices (or remembers) what is really going on, as usual.


      1. I meant to say “mobile mines” above and the Group near Russia is the East group. There already were mechanical dragonflies before the GMO mosquitos showing up. Drones will be a platform for smaller drones. No telling how many levels of smaller they can get with the new carbon nanotechnology. Presently it is an expensive proposition to shoot down a drone especially when they are launched by the thousands. Off-the-shelf drones can be fitted to drop a hand grenade. It’s just a matter of time until the drone grenade brings better results.

        Ukraine is broke and the disabled veterans are losing funding. Soldiers are reported missing instead of dead, to save the Ukrainian budget.


    1. Ahh.. Mobile Mines.
      That is old tech, very old. I don’t know if they had them in WWI but they sure did in WWII. Remote mines and explosives were not uncommon. Usually in the form of a RC track vehicle for anti tank purposes.

      Did you know they even had guided missiles in WWII ? (effectively the first cruise missiles)

      The drone in the link you posted is not really anything new, that concept has been around for several decades now, the actual prototypes have also been around for a few years.

      We already have weaponized drones, however, I suspect that it will make drug smuggling for the CIA Black Ops much easier at the Mexican border and in American cities. They could call the drone fleets (Oliver “take the 5th”) North Fleet or (Iran contra “just say no kids”) Reagan Fleet or (Barry) Seal Fleet (Seal was a drug smuggler pilot connected to North, Reagan and Clinton) etc.
      The fake “war on drugs” is a classic State sponsored rope-a-dope scam.

      All drones have weak points, even swarms are easily dealt with.

      The biggest danger with drones right now is the amount of people that are about to lose their jobs to drones. Delivery/truck drivers, postal workers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, train drivers, pilots already do very little at the controls of the mostly automated plane (onboard pilots for safety backup), warehouse jobs, even take-out food joints can now be fully automated. That is millions+ amount of people to be made redundant soon. A flooded job market with no jobs in a very extortionate expensive rip off world, that is a recipe for very dire hard times.

      I refuse to use self checkout machines at the store, I insist on supporting the checkout workers. It is bad enough the little pay they get already, never mind losing their job to a machine.

      As a result, automation will not reduce costs but, it will ten fold increase corporate CEO bonuses and already excessive greedy profit margins.


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