MSM’s Abysmal State

Noted investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is right.

MSM journalism as it should be does not exist.

Worst of the worst in print NYT is Exhibit A.

Operating as a virtual ministry of propaganda, truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues are banned in its daily fake news editions.

The Times and other major MSM are bribed by the empire of lies and forever wars to serve its interests.

“The class of people who believe in journalism…doesn’t seem like a class that exists today,” Hersh explained.

Ignoring a near-decade of US war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazis and conscript foot soldiers, MSM defy reality by pretending that things are the other way around.

In response to destroying 3 of 4 Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany, MSM ignored the high crime instead of forthrightly laying blame where it belongs.

The fabricated official narrative was exposed and debunked long ago.

Yet it’s featured in lieu of truth and full disclosure.

Even though the Big Lie is clear and unambiguous, MSM stick to it in support of the illegitimate Biden regime.

And this Hersh reality check:

Straightaway after 3 of 4 Nord Stream gas pipelines were destroyed, it was clear whose dirty hands were behind what happened.

Another Hersh reality check, saying:

“There’s a lot of journalism that isn’t going on right now, not just in America.”

“This is an international thing.”

“Many people around the world understand that they’re not getting…the kind of reporting they should get” on Ukraine and other major world and national issues.

“If you read the NYT you would think that the Ukrainian army is doing quite well” — even though the made-in-the-USA monster was slain by Russian firepower on day-one of its liberating SMO.

Russia could transform Nazi-infested Ukraine into a smoldering wasteland at its discretion.

Wanting civilians in harm’s way protected, Russian forces strike only military-related targets.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals massacre civilians in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

At war on Russia since 2014, they’re escalating things toward possible nuclear confrontation.

The empire of lies and NATO regimes it controls are an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Humanity may not survive their rage to control planet earth and its resources by brute force.


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  1. They learned the danger of independent journalists in Vietnam (eg John Pildger), and the several genocide events that came after that war that exposed Western involvement.

    In the first Gulf War (1990’s) the State and military took control of the media via “imbedded journalists” only. They threatened independent journalist that they would not be “protected” in the war zone. That was the day the military took over the media, it has only got worse over the years. Now you only see and hear what they want you to see and hear.

    Truth is a dirty word. As a child you are punished for lying, as an adult you are punished for telling the truth.

    In reality, America has been going after Russia since 1812 when they sent their hired thug Napoleon to try and overthrow Russia out of petty spite. The cause was, as usual, America signed a trade treaty with European nations (including Russia), the the US did the dirty traditional violation of the treaty. Russia thus pulled out of the violated treaty. The U.K. had good trade relations with Russia which was now under American and crony Euro blockade (sanctions). Now the UK was dragged into it.
    Sound familiar ?

    Napoleon failed, America tried again when their pet German Nazis tried to take Russia, they also failed. Both times they arrogantly assumed they were technologically superior to Russia so Russia would lose. Here we go again.

    Standard American/Israeli policy, attack a nation or people to loot or annex the nation, then claim it was their victims that were the aggressors. It is an old game. Nazi Cowards.

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  2. ““This is an international thing.” Of course it is because it is owned and operated by the international satanic/talmudic/ cabal from Satan’s Rothschild City of London HQ. Unless Jews such as yourself point that out (check Henry Makow’s site) NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. It is not one nation against another as too many of you always pretend, it is the OWNERS of those nations who can be quickly removed if people are properly informed as to who is their true enemy.

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