The Scourge of Hegemon USA: Part II

Biden regime dark forces pressured, bribed and bullied 12 UN Security Council nations to abstain from blaming hegemon USA for destroying 3 of 4 Russian Nord Stream II gas pipelines to Germany.

The empire of lies is infamous for policies detrimental to the lives and well-being of the vast majority of people worldwide.

At war on nonthreatening Russia for nearly a decade, hegemon USA may destroy planet earth and all its life forms by its megalomaniacal rage for unchallenged control.

As long as it exists in its present form under either wing of its war party, the state of the nation is jeopardized and world peace is off the table.

As long as other Western regimes bend to the will of a higher US power, Russia, China and other independent nations will continue growing in prominence at the expense of the decadent, depraved West.

If nations had personhood, hegemon USA would be diagnosed as psychopathic, sociopathic and pure evil.

Its ruling regimes are demagogic, egocentric, cold-hearted, manipulative, ruthless, remorseless, callous, shallow, impulsive, ego-centric, dishonest, deceitful, dangerous, depraved and deranged by threatening everyone everywhere in pursuit of their rage to dominate by whatever it takes to achieve their aims.

A nation nominally led by a know-nothing mumbling, bumbling, stumbling White House imposter is a clear sign of a decadent, depraved society in decline.

Its ruling regimes blame other nations for crimes committed against them by the empire of lies.

The nation I grew up in long ago is unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of its people — ruthlessly exploited, not served.


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  1. For thousands of immigrants whom came to US for personal reasons it has been very disappointing to have realized how psychological evil US is. I may add that the American society is based on complete exploitation of its population.


    1. So true. The reality of America and American society is nothing like the images that people have when seduced by the marketing via media or Hollywood etc. It is a real eye opening experience to live there as a migrant, it quickly removes the illusion.

      America is all show and no substance, slumlords everywhere, toxic food and fake friends everywhere, everybody is out for themselves at your expense, you need expensive annual permit$ for everything in “the land of the free” (even less free if you are a native).


  2. The UN had always been in Americas pocket. It is part of the tyrant tool box to justify the crimes of the “elite” parasitical 1%

    United Nations sounds good but in reality, it is a phony front. Same with the COP and G meetings. All they do is have gangster style sit down meetings to discuss who gets to take what, and how much each. Just divvying up the loot pie.


  3. Clearly and sadly, the US is on a state of decay. After WW2, the US started on a plan for global domination, it had an enormous military base with scientific and technical support. It seems the plan was to use gunboat diplomacy and economic control of the worlds energy and food supplies to exploit the world. This WW2 bump lasted into the 1980s and then started to decline as other nations recovered and had modern manufacturing capabilities. This is a huge simplification. Now the US decline in economic, cultural and manufacturing areas is reaching a breaking point. Russia, China, Russia, Iran, etc know this and and are not going to subject their nations to a nuclear confrontation unless it is absolutely necessary. They will use advanced conventional warfare for defense as long as possible while waiting for the U.S. to complete its decay and self destruction. This is how I see the overall situation. The U.S. of my youth, many years ago, is marching into the trash heap of history. Where are the Patriots, most are older seniors now and are greatly outnumbered. Now with modern gov’t cyber weapons, any movements are easily penetrated and controlled. I see no solutions to our downfall, we need a new “Founding Fathers” movement to rebuild and that seems unlikely now, too late! Very sad.


    1. On point, well put,

      For a bit more detail :
      The League of Nations (now rebranded as the UN) created the foundations for Adolf & Co. to take power and the outbreak of WWII, why?

      To smash the international industrial might of the U.K. and Germany, (the direct competition to American industry). At the time, the two Euro nations were the worlds most advanced industrial engineers and pioneers. So, it was UK and German infrastructure that was air raided 24/7 and, reduced to inoperable rubble.

      Meanwhile, America was safe, conveniently far removed from all direct dangers of air raids or land invasion from Europe.

      It was going good for America up to around the creation of the US Petro Dollar, Vietnam and the bizarre refusal to update American industry to metric, which the rest of the world was changing to.

      Thanks to Nixon, the US Petrodollar value was now under the direct control of the Saudi, what could possibly go wrong there ?

      Post war Vietnam opened up the American exploitation of cheap labor and manufacturing of high priced US goods, while America smashed its own industry infrastructure (traitor Mitt Romney made a fortune out of selling out Detroit).
      $300. Niké shoes cost less than $5. to make and ship from Vietnam to the US !
      Look at all the expensive US sport stadium store clothing, Made in Vietnam. Most of the coffe sold in America comes from Vietnam… Mmmm… agent orange flavor coffee. (Yes, it is still a source of serious pollution in 2023. DuPont has never been brought to justice over that.)

      All this noise about China is hot air. America and Europe sold out their own infrastructure and citizens to exploit cheap, fast manufacturing in Asia. They shut down all the factories in the West, made everybody unemployed, reduced wages, scammed pensions, robbed the poor, financial crashes, shipped in cocaine by the plane load etc. While creating the fake “war on drugs”.

      America intended to use the “clean air act” as a weapon. Who cares if Europe struggles or if all the visible pollution now happens in Asia because of the fake Act. The West only made their pollution harder to see with the naked eye, you can’t see cfc’s, they replaced that with hfc’s that were ten times worse for the environment they pretend to be so concerned about.

      The 1970’s and 80’s was devastating to the West, due to traitors within our own national governments. America say they don’t like China now but, they have happily been in bed with them since around the 1960’s/70’s.

      I wonder if Jimmy Hoffa has a link to this situation, did he know too much or say the wrong thing back in 1975, making waves for the national traitors and agents of national industrial sabotage ?
      Given he was a gangster himself, it is very murky at best.


    2. A few points I missed and are well worth remembering for the overall history of how we got here :

      How many presidents have been impeached, how many were actually punished for the crime, what are the actual legal punishments for being impeached ?
      (That will surprise a lot of people)

      Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler blew the whistle on an attempted fascist coup in America in the 1920’s 30’s. Some of those conspirators moved on to take office in the future, directly and indirectly.
      Most people don’t realize that it was in fact Butler that was the first to warn us all about the “military industrial complex”.
      Anybody thinking of joining the military needs to read his book “war is a racket”. He was the highest ranking marine of his day. Possibly the most medals too.

      The NFA (National Firearms Act 1934) was created only after the golden age of prohibition era gangsters had ended, not during. That was a violation were people should have risen as it violates at least the 2nd Amendment.

      Johnson knew about JFK’s pending doom and was part of the coup. Johnson was a “yes” man.

      Nixon willfully signed off the control of the US national currency to Saudi via the Petrodollar. He also conspired in election sabotage… Nixon “I’m not a crook” said the crook.

      Reagan (draft dodger) knowingly and wilfully traded with the drug cartel in the South, many of whom worked with the Nazi CIA.
      Reagan also helped support, train, arm, direct the newly formed Taliban in the proxy war with Russia (sound familiar?), The Dem’s helped him do both, especially the Clintons (look up pilot Barry Seal. Hillary admitting creating the Taliban on video). The Iran Contra bit Reagan on the butt in the end. How is Oliver “take the 5th” North these days ?

      No shortage of criminality from the Machiavellian Bush dynasty, grandpa Prescott in front of a tribunal for “aiding and supplying the enemy in a time of war” back in 1942 (found guilty but he received no penalty).
      George.H and all his cloak and dagger snakery (I suspect he was involved in the murder of JFK, the attempted assassination of Reagan), was Pol Pot a Bush project ? We know the Taliban and “ISIS” are (the Dem’s also supported that at the Senate). What is the Bush involvement in Iran Contra, Barry Seal, the invasion of Cuba etc. ?
      Bush murdered 1 million infants ! in Iraq with criminal sanctions before he illegally invaded Iraq on the first lie. Saddam was blamed for the infants deaths, (Most people don’t know Saddam was actually a low level crony and puppet of the West, until he made a similar mistake as JFK, then they toppled him.)
      George.W. (Draft dodger) who literally robbed and attract America in broad daylight then lied about it to start a 20+ year war based on the second lie. Traitor and murderous terrorist Larry Silverstein was laughing all the way to the bank. A relative of Bush “coincidently” ran the security company of the towers pre demolition.
      We have no idea how many civilians they have murdered over 20+ years since.
      Let’s not forget Jeb who actually had a competition with another governor to execute the most prisoners for an election popularity grab (Christians, thy shalt not kill ?). How many were innocent or political enemies of Bush ?
      “He’s a Hitler”, takes one to know one Bush.

      Remember that “election” where dubious John Kerry ran against cousin G.W.Bush ?
      How is it Constitutionally legal for cousins to even run in election finals against each other ?
      (the Kerry man publicly threw the election “I give it to you cousin, I mean err.. mr president”. There is also suspicion of what deals Kerry made with the Communists in Vietnam, he is not the only US politician accused of that.

      Clinton (Draft dodger) and their shenanigans, illegally invading, illegally bombing Yugoslavia as soon as the USSR was gone. We are now seeing a similar event in Ukraine. CIA training people to commit war crimes again for a hidden US agenda.
      Then we have Clintons sticky fingers in the kitty-box of charity coffers, their link to the cocaine pilot Barry Seal, their link to Epstein and Maxwell etc. (Maxwell, real name Hoch, was invited to a Clinton family wedding.)
      Lewinsky was just a planned diversion to distract the public but, from what ?
      “I did smoke pot, but I did not inhale”. Refuses to legalize pot when in office, interesting hypocrisy.
      B.Clinton was in the same school with Boris Johnson and David “F* a Pig” Cameron. There is a photograph of them all together at the “elitist” schoo for the 1%l.
      Clinton deregulated the Reagan era banks to create the mess we are now in. His buddy Bush destroyed the bank surplus.

      Obama was more of the lying murderous same. Bush created the anti American anti Constitutional “Patriot Act I”, Obama signed the “Patriot Act II”, making it valid to use drones on the American public… still, nobody is saying “there is a serious problem” or “maybe we need to act now before it’s too late”. I suspect that it is already toolate.
      It was the criminal Bankster’s that selected Obama as president for collateral damage control post Bush office, and they hand picked Obama’s entire office staff. This was also the start of the recent electoral lie of “I will stop this unpopular war” and “bring the troops back” voter manipulation.
      M.Obama is a hideous woman, Malcolm X would not approve of her at all. She actually promoted “education” debt slavery in her leaving speech.

      Trump (Draft dodger) then takes the batton, also promising to “end the war”, “bring the troops back” etc. and to “jail H.Clinton” (they have closer ties than they pretend in public). I shudder to think what Trump was really up to as he flooded the swamp. Hidden damage for now.

      Now we have the Biden (Draft dodger) snake. I wonder if his mumble stumble is a similar game to Bush playing the idiot clown for the public to swallow ?

      If a felon can’t have a gun (unconstitutional by the way), then why are draft dodgers even allowed to get any office let alone become presidents ?


  4. Thanks Billy! I have been following the slow degradation of the U.S. since 1980. I saw it first hand politically and professionally, and knew it would not end wellThe Friedman Chicago economics, accepted during the Reagan years was a first major step. Basically, corporations had only one major goal, to make as much profit as possible on a global basis, basically a Rand libertarian philosophy. No loyalty, morality, patriotism, etc, just profit. A volunteer military was also part of this to avoid another Vietnam, or so they thought. The Reagan democrats ruled, Greenspan was a major promoter and allowed the debt spending to grow. Then 2008, then 9-11-01 and the takeover of the US and the destruction of The Constitution, then the weaponization of the gov’t (eg. FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, DHS, FDA,) to control the citizens should they rise up, which of course they have not, so far at least. If the U.S. was an individual, it would be declared criminally insane and removed from society. But it seems a large controlling % of citizens are insane and so far are running the asylum as the saying goes.
    The Bush/Cheney traitors, along with AIPAC, were involved at some level with 9-11. This was an exceptionally well planned clever false flag type conspiracy followed by very clever psyops leading up to the illegal Iraq Invasion. At that point, the ruling kleptocracy of criminals and traitors clearly saw that Americans were easily manipulated and the road to a fascist dictatorship was paved. Bush clearly told Americans that he planned to overthrow 5 countries and export all of our labor to China (colonize) to maximize profits, etc – a direct application of Friedman economics. He said the US would transition to a service economy, no expensive manufacturing labor costs to maximize profits! The wars mainly benefitted Israel/AIPAC and the energy sector. In 2003 I had had enough and quit the criminal Republican Party, did vote for Trump 2x even though I do have strong doubts about him, makes stupid mistakes, maybe devious, but at least keeps some of the fake conservative base together. This does force him to make some beneficial moves. I am too upset now to even think about Biden etc.🤬
    This is my brief view of our situation. I would welcome any + or — comments.


  5. Trump is a poor choice but, it was either that or Clinton. That is a bad situation no matter how you cut it. A loose or loose election. Trump did as he was told in office, any president being the “commander in chief” is only a facade for the public, JFK found that out the hard way.

    They are both psycho narcissistic gangsters. Amazing how many acquaintances of the Clinton’s are suicided, their links to Maxwell & Epstein too.
    Trump is just a liar and a crook, he is just as guilty for Ukraine as criminal terrorist Biden is. Trump won’t and did nothing to stop Ukraine, in fact, he helped make it worse ripping up missile treaties (Bush/Reagans original agenda ?). Not that H.Clinton would have done anything different. We still remember B.Clintons Yugoslavia crimes after the USSR collapsed.

    When people asked me at the time about the Clinton Trump “election result” I replied, “I’m so relieved that Clinton lost but, I’m very disappointed that Trump won”, that went right over everyone’s dimensionally challenged heads. I could see the short circuit sparks and smoke coming out of their ears while their eyes literally glazed over while trying to work out what I just said. That is a very dangerous society to be in, so I left and moved to Europe, frying pan to the fire. America controls Europe. I’m thinking of moving further a field in search of intelligent humans.

    It has been a very tough 23 years past, and the 90’s were nothing to brag about.

    A huge hole in the Constitution is the two term limit rule, it is heavily flawed allowing several violations of the safety measure. Clinton (or M.Obama) should not be allowed to run for office as her husband is already an expresident of two terms (also impeached but never punished). That is a sly way around the two term limit.
    Another major flaw is that, family members in general can run for office, (even families that have actual national traitors eg Prescott Bush who aided the Nazis in 1942). At that point you may as well have a monarchy.

    Our elections are totally rigged, but we can always conveniently blame Russia and China for that right ?

    If our “democracy” actually worked, it would be illegal.

    Partners in crime Reagan,(G.H.Bush snr. CIA), and UK’s Thatcher almost look like they were the real enemies of the West in retrospect.

    I too have been studying the state of decline, greed, antisocial behaviour and selfishness multiply exponentially since the greedy coke fuelled 1980’s. Rights slowly being chipped away over time to counter any public revolt. The rot was there before but it really excelled in the 1980’s, prices go up, quality and goods weight go way down, toxic food becoming more common, wages only go up when they have little to no value post inflation hikes (inflation = devaluation of national currency, but “inflation” doesn’t sound as bad!?). Get people into education to hide the unemployment figures, raises personal debts with no job at the end of it.

    Reagan and Thatcher let the bankster’s run riot robbing and looting everything they could. Then Reagan takes the order from the “fed bank” to regulate the banks, it takes until Clinton for the banks recovery !, Clinton then deregulates the bank for buddy Bush jr. to pull off his crimes, the banks then select bankster puppet Obama & Party for damage control after the 2008 international Bankster heist, Obama does whatever the banks tell him to, Trump is very good at laundry, as is the Biden family via the $camdemic and Ukraine.

    It is currently a money grabbing free for all if you are in the 1% clique. It’s ok, the public will pick up the bill as usual.

    Everything positive done in the Cold War to control weapons, lower hostility and make the world a safer place has been maliciously sabotaged by every president since Reagan, who made the empty promise to Gorbachev that he would not allow NATO to move 1 inch East.

    I suspect the financial mess we are now in is partly due the obscene financial cost fallout of the insane Cold War. Fair enough, Stalin was a psycho but, Russia began to chill after he died.

    There have been some 250+ wars since 1945, America has been involved in most of them, if not all of them. Russia has had very few, only Afghanistan comes to memory, there must be a few others but not many.

    One point I missed about the 1960’s 70’s was the Vietnam draft. That was also used to get rid of the soon to be unemployed masses in America, a cull of the surplus US labor.
    The draft is long gone now, it won’t happen again, why ?
    Because they have learned it can backfire to military train the people you exploit in peacetime. It is also a push button tech these days so the cannon fodder numbers are no longer needed. Surplus troublesome labor force usually ends in a cull of the public via a large war, eg WWI and industrial manufacturing automation machines taking jobs away.

    There is a major flaw in greedy consumer based corporate capitalism.
    If you are too greedy to employ and pay people a liveable wage, then nobody can afford to buy your crap products at the Mart. You effectively starve your corporate business to death, it is not sustainable economics.
    Now they blame this latest economic failure on “overpopulation” and the $camdemic rather than the greedy and resource wasting corporations/banks. The current “financial crash” started just before the “virus” scapegoat came along, nobody noticed.

    The world is not overpopulated, in fact, we are also about to have a massive decline in population as less people have children now. They will blame anything for the worlds problems so long as it is not the real cause.

    911 was blatantly a modified Operation Northwoods, I knew that the day it happened. That should have resulted in some kind of public revolt, the bs Patriot Act was a blatant direct attack on the US citizens and Constitution but, the public just roll over and take it every time.

    The State is just testing the waters to see what they can get away with, which is anything they want.

    Keep the people stupid and divided while we exploit them 24/7/365. It’s a very old game they play.

    (Transitioning to a service sector economy = that was Reagan and Thatcher but, Bush snr. was in Reagans office CIA at the time. Is that “service sector jobs for the locals, no. It is farmed out to overseas call centres that then sell your data to phone/internet scammer gangs)

    Sorry for the text wall, hard to keep this subject short.


  6. I did a Google search for “The situation is revolting” and got “About 9,560 results (0.75 seconds)” Seems like a good teeshirt to me, but nobody says it.

    Pepe Escobar has a good entry regarding Europe in revolt:


    In 1848 a big wave of revolutions hit all over Europe.

    In 1848 these were Liberal Revolutions; today we have Popular Anti – Liberal Revolutions (farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium, populists in Italia, Left and Right Populists combined in France, etc.).

    We may be witnessing a European spring.

    Europe may be shedding the yoke of Neoliberal Technocracy and its dictatorship of Capital and Surveillance.

    All media is technocrat-controlled – so you won’t see this discussion in the MSM.


    1. I have been suspecting a “European Spring” for a while, our turn in the West is coming for sure. However, what we need to keep in mind is that, the “Arab Spring” was a Nazi CIA coup operation to destabilize nations moving away from the US Petrodollar, and to loot their nations resources, Egypt and Afghanistan prime examples (oil and copper etc).

      We need to stop using brainwash soap terms such as “liberal” “neocon” etc. They are anything but liberal or conservative. Those terms are just psycho babble to confuse the herd so they don’t figure out the age old scam.

      We are in the exact same parasitical power structure system as the medieval period, no matter how they repackage the wrapping paper, it is the same turd. Only technology has changed since the evil dark ages, everything else remains in State structure.


  7. Ok, all of the above is an excellent summary of our history and how we got into this dictatorship situation. Bottom line is we now have a classic fascist government controlled by a kleptocracy of criminals, traitors, psychopaths etc who now have almost complete control of our lives. Why a classic fascist gov’t, because the kleptocracy simply purchased the gov’t through revolving doors, campaign contributions, money laundering, bribes, control over the alphabet agencies, etc. If our chief law enforcement agencies are weaponized, we have no way to enforce laws, they can violate The Constitution in many ways and we have no justice, well only for the elite. Fascism = government and corporations joining to form a dictatorship. One controlling kleptocracy.
    Now with AI, CBDC, censorship, etc the control is nearly complete. MSM control now makes finding out the truth almost impossible. We are in an extremely bad and dangerous situation. I have heard some say we must support “our men in blue” and I ask them – who do you think will be the first to bang down your door when you violate an unconstitutional mandate from a scumbag like Biden? The feds and local governments have SWAT teams ready. We have already had some examples of that during the lockdown and other events.
    The kleptocracy is definitely not going away, neither are the LGBTQ+, Antifa, BLM, groups. When we hear weapon sales are up, it is not all due to Patriots getting ready to defend their families, some of it is due to these criminal groups arming themselves. NPR is actually telling the trannies to arm themselves against white Christians. The U.S. is going insane for sure. The battle lines are being drawn!
    So, I think it is obvious where I am going with this and what the unavoidable most probable solution is going to be. Can the US be rebuilt from the resulting pile of rubble after the dust settles, assuming the Patriotic good guys will win? Unfortunately so far, Trump ( the israel first zionist) is the only major candidate keeping the so called conservative base together but many of them are Christian zionist traitors in my opinion and that is another problem.
    We are certainly in serious trouble! Any solutions out there? Maybe a MTG national divorce?


    1. Indeed Art, agreed 100%.

      We have a pattern of long standing criminal behaviour here. It has been sandbagging and digging in for a long time. It is like that face hugger from the Alien movies.

      Just read today :
      A woman in France is being prosecuted for describing Macron as “filth” in a Tweet (facing a fine of up to €12,000). Talk about a “snowflake”, poor Macron. Freedumb of speech, but watch what you say.
      Meanwhile, Macron wears a nice expensive watch (€12,000 worth ?) on TV while taking about taking away State pensions from the poor. Could be the end of gangster Macron, not that he will care after robbing the tax coffers etc.
      France is currently, protesting and possibly rioting, I can’t get access to events due to MSM/military/State censorship.

      We are citizens or slaves ?
      We are taken and owned by the State at birth, imprisoned in a “nation” without our consent. We have to ask permission to leave even for a vacation !
      Citizens are State property !

      We need to learn from the French public. Our societies used to have the same protest revolutionary motivation over the centuries.

      We should worry more about the puppet masters than their politician puppets on corporate strings. Even the President is only a puppet. The enemy is deep behind the curtain and we seriously need to rip that curtain down. We also have to be careful how we do that.

      The problem with State/government is that : it attracts and promotes criminals, it is not transparent, it is full of organised corporate crime (Bankster’s), it is not democratic, it is corrupt to the core. Most of them just so happen to be “lawyers”. Need a lot of money to become a criminal lawyer.

      State government does not, and never has, represented the people, it does not support the people, it does not care about the people, it does not protect the people, it only exploits the people (aka the herd). So, what is the point in government or voting ?

      I said during the Clinton V Trump fiasco, everybody needs to boycott the election in protest. It was the best solution to the problem. Naturally, the sheep did not care and voted anyway. How many times does the public have to get mugged before they realize, they are not our friends ?

      All State governments are funded by welfare hand outs from the public, (tax and permit fees etc.), that parasitically sucks the life out of the public who get nothing but trouble in return. What do the antisocial working/wealthy public do, cowardly blame the unemployed/poor for the pittance they get in welfare.

      It is a plastic democracy to keep the herd in line by fooling them 24/7.

      What we need to remember is that the original governments were created only for the 1% to vote, not for the peasants, not for women. That system, although now modified, is still only for the 1% and still exploits the lower classes.
      The system is designed to keep honest people out.

      We need the opposit of that. Trick is, how to remove the criminal element ?
      Transparency, remove all money, lobbyists, corporate bribes/favors/a seat on the board/cheap share options, life long bonuses/expenses or wages when they leave the position etc. No more world tour “conferences” or “private consultancy” to pick up the laundered bribes.

      These various groups BLM, LGBTQ+ etc. many start out with good legit intentions. Then they are infiltrated by State, sabotaged and psychologically weaponized for one purpose only, antisocial activity with a State agenda, divide & conquer by sowing seeds of division/confusion in society.
      It also turns people off from State crimes, injustices, compassion for their oppressed fellow countrymen etc. Psychological control and brainwashing.

      I have seen this in action before (1970’s 80’s State infiltration of political/protest groups).
      There have been recent court cases in the UK where their secret police have been caught out in fake relationships to infiltrate certain groups (eg. Green Peace, political protest groups and Animal Rights groups etc.). One dirty cop used a fake name and fake State issued ID (of a dead child), he married a woman under false pretences to infiltrate her protest group, lived with her, had a kid, left her when his dirty sly undercover job was done. She only found out years later, by accident/luck.

      I have noted that the No To Oil protesters attacking fine works of art in galleries etc. are in fact on the payroll of the oligarchs. Almost everything we see now is fake and staged by the puppet masters. It will get worse with CGI tech and AI.

      We have power but it means sacrificing luxuries in the short term.
      Want to take down a greedy Mart corporation, don’t use that chain store. Support local business instead.
      Don’t like the oligarchs, don’t buy oil products. Don’t like the animal cruelty, don’t buy meat or from puppy farms etc. Don’t like the liars, spies and scamming gangsters selling you tech, don’t buy their tech (Google, MS and worse if all Apple).
      They won’t last long if we control the money flow from our pockets.

      Boycott is very powerful in large numbers. eg. How long can an oil corporation or gas station last if you don’t buy oil for a few months ?

      Prices too high ?, don’t buy it and the prices will soon fall.

      We can boycott brands, stores, corporations, political parties, even entire nations. It is the old David v Goliath story. It will work but it takes effort and personal sacrifice, do nothing and you are the one $acrificed by them.

      Remember when Obama scammed the nation after the 2008 financial mess with the “gun ban” sales tactic, he sold more domestic guns than any other president in US history. No ammo, just the guns. Played like a fiddle. (I think Reagan was the first to use that tactic during his financial mess?)

      It is easy to generate electricity, we don’t need greedy energy companies robbing us all year, every year.

      Grow as much of our own food as possible, help the local community, F* corporate tax subsisted farms and their toxic junk food.

      We need to use their tactics against them. Change the system from within and from the outside. It is our society and our lives, not theirs.

      They are even colonizing our minds these days, the $camdemic censorship shenanigans being a classic example.

      You can’t do the drugs you want but, we insist you take these untested drugs !?

      Something is very wrong here. If we don’t act it could be the end of our species.


    2. “If our chief law enforcement agencies are weaponized, we have no way to enforce laws. They can violate the Constitution in many ways and we have no justice.”

      Did we ever have justice or, was it just State dictatorship all along ?
      When did we ever get to vote on any laws etc. ?

      Whatever happened to Posse Comitatus ?

      A sly move, “we can’t use the military on the civilian population (huh? Kent State?), so let’s militarize the police instead”.
      Europe is going the same way regarding the police, they are loaded with illegal weapons the public are not allowed to have (a huge RED Flag right there, I have seen planned massacres start that way).

      The danger is now evident, “mass shootings” are no coincidence here. It is all part of the State plan to become more dictatorial in the future. These armed State goons in Fed uniforms will be the next SS.

      Never blame the real issues regarding shootings.
      Blame the inanimate gun for the crime, instead of no State mental healthcare facilities for the dangerously insane or, the dangerous big pharma med’s that turn sick people into angry psychopaths. Just drug’em up and kick them out onto the street, what could possibly go wrong ?

      Another blatant violation of the Constitution is the so called “death penalty”, a direct violation of the 8th Amendment and, blatant hypocrisy. Only the State is allowed to commit illegal murder in the 1st degree ?

      Are the judges and lawyers not serial killers too ? What about the prison staff that do the States dirty work ?

      They even murdered an innocent 14 year old kid called George Stinny !
      (Poor kids only crime was the color of his skin)

      Most people don’t know how much money is made per execution, around $1 million last time I read.

      It is something like 1 in 8 executed prisoners were innocent, and or did not get a fair trial.

      They call that Law and Justice !?
      Just sounds like psycho medieval despot tyrants to me.

      When was the last time they executed an impeached president ?
      (Yes folks, that is a legal punishment for impeachment.)

      Do as we say! …not as we do.


      1. Error :
        “When was the last time they executed an impeached president ?
        (Yes folks, that is a legal punishment for impeachment.)”

        Apologies, that punishment is historical only, from Colonial times.

        The modern punishment is non existent. The worst they can do is only remove and ban you from office.

        This is the problem with the State, ZERO accountability or risk for their crimes.

        All politicians and law enforcement must be held accountable.
        We could start by handing Clinton over to the Serb’s. Bush & his poodle Blair, Obama and Trump to Iraq & Iran. Biden and Boris Johnson to the Russians or Ukrainian civilians that Biden ordered the murder of.

        It would be a good start.

        State must be held to account because for now, they literally get away with deceit, murdering, genocide and thieving vast amounts of “public money”and, endangering public lives.

        Give a man a gun and he can illegally rob a bank but, give a man a bank and he can legally rob the world.


  8. I applaud and compliment every person that has made a comment on this page. intelligent wise and logical. Well done.


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