The Scourge of Hegemon USA

The empire of lies is perpetually at war on invented enemies in pursuit of its diabolical aim to rule the world, control its resources and exploit its people unchallenged.

Its “rules-based order” flagrantly breaches the UN Charter and other international law.

Its ruling regimes are an unparalleled menace to everyone everywhere.

As long as the empire of lies exists, so does a permanent state of war.

A fantasy democracy from inception — the real thing not tolerated and banned wherever it exists —  Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev slammed hegemon USA, saying:

“Although proclaiming democratic slogans both opportunistically and inappropriately, (the empire of lies) long claimed top place in violating the sovereignty of states, in the number of wars and conflicts it unleashed, in the brutal and illegal pursuit of citizens of other countries.”

The prospect of hegemon US

“mov(ing) towards democracy and stop humiliating its vassal allies” is virtually zero.

The same goes for contempt it shows toward the UN Charter and other international law.

Its foreign policy is all about raping and destroying other nations to control them.

It’s about massacring millions in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

It’s about unparalleled genocide by health destroying kill shots.

It’s about exploiting the vast majority to benefit the privileged few.

It’s using expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder in a futile attempt to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

It’s using NATO vassals to advance its diabolical aims.

They’re training and arming Ukrainian Nazis to wage war on Russia.

And both wings of the US war party — especially undemocratic Dems  — “mislead its own population in the systemic crisis in which they find themselves.”

They target nations free from their control for regime change by brute force and other dirty tricks.

Throughout its history from inception, hegemon USA has nearly always been at war on one or more invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

Its ruling regimes exceed the lawless ruthlessness of history’s most despicable despots, especially throughout the post-WW II period.

Operating by its own rules exclusively, they’re pursued extrajudicially at the expense of peace, stability, equity and justice, according to the rule of law.

The illegitimately installed Biden regime is the most ruthless in US history — nominally headed by a mumbling, bumbling, stumbling imposter.

The US regime is infested with a criminal gang of society’s most evil miscreants. 

In stark contrast, Russia is led by the world’s most preeminent leader — why hegemon USA and its Western vassals revile him.

They’re pigmies compared to his stature on the world stage.

Launched by the empire of lies on Russia in 2014, things are at risk of escalation to nuclear war because hegemon USA is being outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by Moscow.

Today is the most perilous time in world history because of perpetual war-making by the empire of lies on Russia and other invented enemies.


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  1. The problem with the phony “UN” (“The League of Nations” rebranded), is that it’s the same deal as NATO. It is just a crony club controlled by the lawless international terrorist of America.

    These undemocratic “institutions” are given grandiose public image laundered titles but, they are nothing more than lowlife hired criminal cronies that support the criminal agenda of America.

    Let’s not forget, they were all happy to hire actual war criminal Nazis post WWII. They only executed the ones that were of no importance/use. Just for theatrical show of fake justice, “it’s OK folks we got them”, now forget about the war and move on to the next fear tactic… WWII economic recovery and the new enemy… the evil commies.

    Treaties don’t mean anything to America. They force everybody to sign them while America sign only part or none of the treaty, then America is the first to violate the treaty, then accuses the violated nation as “the aggressor”. Name a treaty that America actually honored to the letter ?

    “Kill shots”, nothing new there, anybody remember the Tuskegee Experiment or Gulf War Syndrome ?
    Nazi Dr Mangele & Co. may be long dead now but his type are still around, still murdering large numbers of “the herd” with zero accountability for the crimes.

    You can’t keep shouting “the undemocratic Dem’s”, the Rep’s are equally guilty of the exact same vilainy, eg. regarding “mislead it’s own population”, remember Bush and his hoax WMD’s, then the illegal 22+ year nefarious “war on terror” that followed ?

    How is that criminal, murderer, traitor Larry Silverstein these days ? (He got about the same insurance payout value for 911 as was the sum stolen in the Enron theft, just a coincidence right ?)

    Both the Dem’s and the Rep’s are the same beast, both as bad and guilty of the same crimes as each other. God forbid that the sketchy Greens should get a look in, they are very dubious also (too many evil rabid Zionists in the Green Party).

    Biden is not the worst president in US history, he is just more of the same. There are worse US presidents, but, expect worse to come, why ?
    Because the public let these gangsters get away with every crime they commit. Every crime they get away with inspires them to do worse in the near future.

    People need to wake up from this rope-a-dope scam. We are all in serious danger.


  2. Great article. Thanks.

    We are told the Italian Columbus discovered America. If Columbus had indeed discovered America, why is it named after the Italian Amerigo Vespucci? It would seem Columbus wasn’t first but just to fly the Maltese Cross and show the power of the Vatican.

    After the Pilgrims left England for North America to escape persecutions by the Vatican, the USA was created in 1776 by the Jesuits who were the military wing of the Vatican to suppress the Pilgrims.

    The first sign that all was not well was that many early Presidents were slave owners. Just look at the present majority creed of the US Supreme Court judges.

    The first color revolution was the French Revolution to destroy the French monarchy for banishing the Jesuits to Corsica. Napoleon was born in Corsica and later became Emperor of France. His portrait shows his right hand inside his vest – a sure sign he was a Freemason controlled by the Jesuits.

    Other color revolutions followed around the world even to this day. The USA is fully Jesuit-controlled and a big part of Mystery Babylon.


    1. Columbus is a popular myth/lie throughout the 20th century. They would destroy any teachers career if they claimed otherwize. So much for the “education” system.

      The Phoenician were allegedly in North America around the 4th century BC, then the Vikings definitely did land and settle around the 9th/10th century, then the Chinese landed and traded around (at least) the 14th or 15th century if not earlier. There were migrations between South America and Polynesia centuries before that !

      Columbus was a bit late to the party in 1492 (turn of the 16th century).

      “Looking for India and Lost” !? … lies, they knew there was land mass to the West at that time.

      Because the murderous crusades were at a stalemate in the Middle East (thy shalt not kill.. huh ?) because of the Muslims, Columbus was sent by the King of Spain West to take land for the Church.(thy shalt not covert thy neighbours goods goods.. huh ?). That way the King would win favor with the head of church for more land annexing power.

      Land = inherited crony wealth for the 1% minority, while the peasant masses are born into nothing but life long poverty, tyrannical land barons/slum lords etc. that are born with everything.

      Too stupid to figure out that we don’t own the land, the land owns us. So, here we are in this current mess that all started with land control for agriculture thus power. All these wars over resources that are wasted on cheap disposable consumer goods made to break, for mindless consumer zombies that don’t care about anything other than self gratification. Who cares how many environments were destroyed, animals made extinct, needless pollution created, act of genocide to steal the resources etc. Off to the Mart to just buy another one. No fast corporate profit in selling quality made products to last.

      I have heard rumour that the Egyptians were also in the Americas but I don’t know if there is any proof ?


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