Paramilitary Peacekeepers to Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Paramilitary peacekeepers are an occupying force in service to diabolical US/Western interests.

Wherever deployed, the local population is oppressed.

Will hegemon USA and its Western vassals send them to Ukraine?

Will they be used as additional foot soldiers in waging war on Russia?

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, “this is a potentially extremely dangerous discussion.”

“In world practice, such forces, as a rule, are used only with the consent of both parties.”

“In this case, it is potentially a very dangerous topic.”

Yet the empire of lies and its Western vassals apparently intend to take this step — to serve their own interests at the expense of peace, equity and justice according to the rule of law.

If sent as expected, it’ll make a bad situation much worse.

The only solution is elimination of the Nazi-infested Ukraine monster by smashing it.

Its long-suffering people need peace, not US-led forever war by use of its expendable foot soldiers.

Russia updated its foreign policy to include use of armed forces as needed in self-defense, as authorized by the UN Charter, Sergey Lavrov explaining:

“A provision has been introduced that armed forces can be used to repel or prevent an armed attack on Russia or its allies.”

“This is how we unequivocally state that we will defend the right of the Russian people to exist and develop freely.” 

“Important modifications have been enshrined in terms of conditions for the use of force for self-defense within the framework of unconditional compliance under Article 51 of the UN Charter.”

Russia will do whatever it takes to defend its territory, independence and rights of its people.

It won’t tolerate hegemon USA’s imperial rampaging.

At the same time, it’s building strong ties with developing countries in stark contrast to how hegemon USA goes all out to control them by brute force.

It’s gaining friends and allies while the empire of lies alienates non-Western nations.


2 thoughts on “Paramilitary Peacekeepers to Nazi-Infested Ukraine

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  1. Sounds like a setup.
    Reminds me of Americas CIA shenanigans in the former Yugoslavia region where “UN Peace Keeping observers” were really reporting targets to the CIA controlled ground units and to air units to illegally bomb, and in Syria with the fake White Helmets.

    Now they are messing around with China and Taiwan too. Insane lunatics, and we all sit back and let them !

    Who is more crazy, us or the State ?

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